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🛋 | A luxury bike stand that "makes a bicycle an interior" in collaboration with Karimoku is now available


Introducing a luxury bike stand that collaborates with Karimoku to "make a bicycle an interior"

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Another name for this cherry tree, "Yamazakura," is a heavy, hard-to-wear wood suitable for furniture, and is characterized by its warm color, durability, and excellent water resistance.

Maruhachi Koki will officially sell the road bike stand "iWA5 Takumi Honzakura" (14 yen) from May 1th ... → Continue reading

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waterproof(Bosui) is from the outside worldWedProcess so that it does not get in.waterproof(British: waterproof) Also.


Generally, as a term to describe the degree of waterproofing,Completely waterproof(Kanzenbousui)Life waterproof(Seikatsubosui),日常生活 防水Terms such as (Nichijosei Katsubousui) are used, but these terms are not based on any standard.

Japanese Industrial StandardIn (JIS),IP protection rating from the outer shell of electrical machinery and equipment # Protection rating against water ingressOf (JIS C 0920)Protection class against ingress of waterWaterproof performance from 0 to 8 is specified as (commonly known as JIS waterproof protection grade or JIS protection grade) (for details, see#Waterproof standardsas well as the IP protection rating from the outer shell of electrical machinery and equipment # Protection rating against water ingressreference. ).In recent years, instead of the terms completely waterproof and daily life waterproof, the indication of JIS waterproof protection grade is used, and the indication of daily life waterproof and the indication by JIS waterproof protection grade are often written together.

Also, in the construction industry, measures to prevent rainwater from penetrating from the roof of a building to the lower floors and measures to prevent groundwater from penetrating into the living room on the basement floor are also called waterproofing.In the civil engineering industry, these are called still water, but the idea is the same.


Since ancient times, waterproofing has been considered to protect homes and human bodies from rain.For example, a tarpaulin coated with Roman oil.(English edition Tarred with specularia and used by 18th century sailors and fish processors(English edition, Oiled shoji, oiled Japanese paperOil paper, Coated with plastic(English editionThere is.

Waterproof grade

Completely waterproof

Completely waterproof literally refers to the function of completely preventing the ingress of water.Products with this function can be used even if they are submerged in water for a long time.Currently, the term "completely waterproof" is rarely used by manufacturers, and is generally used for products such as JIS waterproof protection class 8 in magazines and websites that introduce products.

For completely waterproof products, use a specially thick outer panel, andO-ring,gasketIn many cases, the internal structure is processed to prevent water from entering through the gaps in the product, and the water pressure is increased.

Life waterproof

Daily life waterproof or daily life waterproof is a simple waterproof function used in electrical products.to wear腕 時 計Or carryカメラ,Mobile phoneIt is processed so that it can be washed with water even if it gets wet with light rain or gets a little dirty in daily life.Not suitable for use in water.

Unlike completely waterproof, it is still used by manufacturers to describe products, but it is often indicated with JIS waterproof protection grade.Most mobile phones that claim to be waterproof are grade 7 and can be washed with water, while many products that claim to be waterproof are grade 4 and cannot be washed with water in this case. If it is not labeled with JIS waterproof protection grade, the exact interpretation of waterproofing for daily life differs depending on the manufacturer, so it is necessary to contact the manufacturer for details.

Standards for waterproofing

Electric appliances

IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) 60529:2001
Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)
JIS C0920: 2003
Protective grade by IP code(IP code)
(The content is the same as IEC 60529: 2001)
As an IEC (or JIS) protection grade product label,IPX (grade below)Is displayed.
As an example,Apple WatchHas IPX7 grade waterproof performance[1].
Protection classmeaningTypes
1Protected against vertically dripping water.Drip-proof type I
2It is protected against water dripping vertically even if it is tilted within 15 °.Drip-proof type II
3Protected against watering.Rainproof type
4Protected against splashes of water.Anti-matsu shape
5Protected against jets.Jet-proof type
6Protected against storms.Water resistant type
7It is protected so that it will not be affected by immersion in water under the specified conditions.Immersion-proof type
8Protected against use in diving conditions.Underwater type
-Those that can be used in humidity with a relative humidity of 90% or more.Moisture-proof type


  • ASTM: D3393 (American standard)
  • JIS L 1092: 2009 Waterproof test method for textile products[2]
    • Hydrostatic pressure method
      • Method A (low water pressure method)
      • B method (high water pressure method)
    • Water repellency test (spray test)
      • Grade XNUMX: Those showing wetness on the entire surface
      • Grade XNUMX: Wetness on half of the surface, indicating that small individual wettings penetrate the fabric
      • Grade XNUMX: Shows small individual water droplet-like wetness on the surface
      • Grade XNUMX: Those that do not wet the surface but show the adhesion of small water droplets
      • Grade XNUMX: No wetness or water droplets on the surface
    • Rain test (shower test)
  • JIS L 1099: 2012 Moisture permeability test method for textile products
    • A-1 method (calcium chloride method)
    • A-2 method (water method)
    • B-1 method (potassium acetate method)
    • B-2 method (another method of potassium acetate method I)
    • B-3 method (another method of potassium acetate method II)
    • C method (sweat hot plate method)


ISO 2281 ISO 6425 Diver's watchStandards JIS B 7021: 2013 Water resistant mobile watch for general use-type and waterproof performance

A watch that meets the requirements can have the following display in an easy-to-see place on the main unit.
a) Type 1 water resistant watch
Waterproof for everyday life, WATERRESISTANT (or WATER RESIST)
b) Type 2 water resistant watch
Reinforced waterproof x bar for everyday life, WATER RESISTANTx bar (or WATER RESISTx bar)
However, the displayed pressure value is "atmospheric pressure" or bar, and is expressed as an integer value of 4 bar or more.
Example (reinforced waterproof 5 bar for daily life, WATER RESISTANT 10 bar, WATER RESISTANT 10 BAR, etc.)[3]
JIS B 7023: 2014 Diving mobile watch-type and performance
A diving watch that meets the requirements shall be marked with one of the following in an easily visible place on the body.
a) In the case of a type 1 diving watch
Type 1 diving clock L m, air diving clock L m, Diver's Watch L m for Air Diving, Air Diver's L m
L is either 100, 150 or 200. for Air Diving and Air may be omitted.
b) In the case of a two-kind diving watch
2 types of diving clock L m, mixed gas diving clock L m, Diver'sWatchL m for Mixed-gas Diving, He-gas Diver's L m
For L, 200 or more and every 100.Describe the composition of the mixed gas used for the test in the instruction manual.[4].


The entire house is waterproof.A child with a coating such as tar or polyvinyl chloride that keeps rain out and keeps the inside of the house from rotting.


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    ColorWhat is (Iromi)?Print,ImageFine shades in media such as[1].

    Especially in the case of printed matter, it is easily affected by the color of the finished product due to factors such as the plate making process, the characteristics of the output machine, the temperature and humidity at the time of printing, and the paper used.Color proofAt the time ofart director,グ ラ フ ィ ッ ク デ ザ イ ナ ーIf the finish is not as intended,ColorIs different. "

    Also, in the video fieldTriquiriThe colored screen of "Color","Blackness(Kuromi) ".


    1. ^ Digital Daijisen

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