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💼 | "Children OK Everyday wear OK" Employment guidance for moms in Utsunomiya


"OK with children, OK for everyday wear" Employment guidance for moms in Utsunomiya

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According to the visuals, while securing a labor force is an issue for many companies, the number of companies that want to actively hire women is increasing year by year.

On the XNUMXth, employment guidance was held in Utsunomiya City, which gathered companies that are easy for women to work for mothers raising children. … → Continue reading

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    Labor force

    Labor forceWhat is (Roudoryoku)?Goods-ServicesTo sayProductHuman ability to be put into making.It includes not only physical things but also intellectual things.

    In Japanese, the following two different loanwords are translated as labor force, so it is necessary to distinguish them.

    またLabor participation rate(Labor force participation rate, LFPR or economic activity rate, EAR) refers to the ratio of Labor force in the population.

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    Marx EconomicsIn, labor power refers to the sum of the elements of human labor capacity and the subject of productivity.The actions created by the labor forceThe laborIn Marxian economics, the two are strictly distinguished.

    資本主義In society, the labor forceProductsAnd,CapitalistWill be bought and sold in the market.Workers sell their labor to capitalists and receive wages.Working hours (produced by the labor force)value) Is greater than the value of the workforceSurplus valueOccurs, the capitalistexploitationAccumulate the surplus value as capital.

    The labor force is as valuable and useful as any other product.The value in use of the labor force is the creation of new value, and the value is the value of the means of living necessary for the maintenance and reproduction of the labor force.However, the labor force is different from other products in that it is inseparable from humans.

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