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🛋 | Kyotango City Beach Simultaneous Cleanup Operation


Kyotango City Beach Simultaneous Cleanup Operation

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It has been certified as a "San'in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark" and has been cleaned all at once every year since eight years ago as a beach visited by many people before the opening of the sea.

At the beach in Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture, a large cleaning of the sandy beach was carried out before the opening of the sea next month.From Kumihama-cho, Kyotango City ... → Continue reading

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    Sea opening

    Sea opening(Umibiraki) is in each yearBeachAnd that day[1]..The event held on the day of opening is also called the opening of the sea.Sea biraki,Opening the beachTomo.


    At beaches, the opening period is usually set, and within that period,Lookout,Life saverPlacement of[2]Take safety measures such as installing shark protection nets, jellyfish prevention nets, and booms, open parking lots, changing rooms, showers, toilets, etc., and open shops and restaurants such as seaside houses.[3]We provide convenient facilities such as.Opening a beach every year is called opening the sea, and many events are held on the first day of opening the sea.[4][5].

    The opening of the sea as an event prays for prosperity and safety during the season,PriestDue toShintoismAnd often hold safety prayer festivals[5].

    It is irrelevant to the timing restrictions on swimming at the beach, and unless there are special restrictions, swimming is possible even outside the opening period.However, there are many cases where the above-mentioned safety measures are not taken or convenience facilities are closed except during the sea opening period.


    JapaneseHonshuThen.7/1It was often done in[6]In recent years, it is often held from early to mid-July.[4][5].2016IsChibaKujukuri TownAs the "earliest Honshu" sea opening ceremony on the central coast of Katakai4/29The beach was opened in July, but the beach was opened in July.[7].WakayamaShirahama OfShirarahamaThen, since 2012, the beach has been opened "the earliest in Honshu" on May 5 every year.2017From JulyMarine DayI changed it to the first day of the three consecutive holidays.It is said that the Wakayama Prefectural Public Safety Commission requested the placement of security guards, etc.[8][9].

    warmishOkinawaThen, there are many beaches that open from March to April.[10].Ogasawara Islands OfChichijimaThen, from 1982 (Showa 57)[11], As "Japan's earliest seaside"New YearThe sea is open to the sea.again,HahajimaBut likewise, the sea opens on New Year's Day[12].


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