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👶 | Children's train fare is uniformly 1000 yen! JR West "Summer vacation" Children 1000 yen! "Family ticket" released


Children's train fare is uniformly 1000 yen! JR West "Summer vacation" Children 1000 yen! "Family ticket" released

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Other trains and seats cannot be used, including unreserved seats.

In JR West, the price of children is uniformly 1000 yen according to the summer travel season, "Summer vacation" Children 1000 ... → Continue reading

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Unreserved seat

Unreserved seatWhat is (Jiyuuseki)?Passenger train,Transit Busな どTransportationSo, you can get on without specifying individual seats.seatOr all or part of it is served in such a formvehicle,Cruise ship,Movie theater,theater,MusicWhen a paid performance or screening is performed at a performance, etc., the format is issued without specifying the performance date and seat, or such a seat is called this way.

Basically, there are no restrictions on the number of passengers and visitors in non-reserved seats, and if the number of passengers exceeds the seating capacity, the excess passengers will not be able to take a seat and will be standing or refused to board. Will be done.

Capacity systemCan be said to be a form of unreserved seats in that individual seats are not set for users, but the date and time of boarding or performance, flight number, and car number are set for users, and use per flight, vehicle, and performance date and time. In that people are restricted and seating is guaranteedReserved seatIs similar to.



In Japanese railways, there is usually a classification of reserved seat cars and non-reserved seat cars for each vehicle, and different fares are set.[1](Additional charge is required to board a reserved seat car).

Railway operator OfPassenger trainUnlike reserved seats,local train(At JR passenger companiesRapid train(Including)Standard VehiclesOr a general car[2]In the unreserved seat ofFareBesides, basically there is no additional charge and it costs a feeHonor trainEven with non-reserved seats in ordinary cars, the total fare and fare is set at a lower price than using reserved seats in ordinary cars.

Former Japanese National Railways and JR companies

JRPassenger companiesShinkansen-Conventional lineLimited express trainUnreserved seats at the same distance using a regular carExpress chargeIs cheaper than the reserved seat limited express fare, JRExpress trainBut if you use a reserved seat in a regular car, the fareExpress chargeBesidesReserved seat feeHowever, unreserved seats on ordinary cars can be used only with fares and express charges. Part ofSmall and medium private railwayAs with the JR express trains, limited express trains that require the same fare require a reserved seat fare in addition to the fare and limited express fare for reserved seats, but can be used only with the fare and limited express fare for unreserved seats.

For special express trains including the JR Shinkansen2010Current,Sleeper train-Except for some trains where all seats are reserved for ordinary cars, many trains have reserved seats and unreserved seats for ordinary cars, and some trains have unreserved seats for all ordinary cars.

But this is1965Until then, it was an unusual measure, and until then, all vehicle seats were reserved (Tokaido ShinkansenAlso1964At the time of opening, all trains had reserved seats).Even now, as a remnant, the limited express ticket with seat selection is simply "Limited express ticketIt is clearly stated that the special express charge includes seat selection.A non-reserved seat fee is set separately for non-reserved seats, but it is written in the form of discounting ○ yen from the limited express ticket.

Incidentally,SleeperThen lie downSleepTo the user for the purpose of takingbedIt is essential to secure seats, and there are no unreserved seats (that is, unreserved sleepers), including the capacity system.

Green car

Japan National RailwayNot only in the (JNR) eraJRUntil laterGreen carThere were some high-class trains of the Japanese National Railways and JR that set unreserved seats, mainly express trains.

From the remnants of the old second grade system, for example, on the Tokaido Shinkansen, "echoThere was a time when not only reserved seats but also unreserved seats were set for the Green Car. However, at present, almost all green cars and green seats on JR Honorable Trains are reserved seats.

Since the time of the Japanese National Railways, the green cars of JR passenger companies have the same reserved seats and unreserved seats.Green feeIs applied[3]..However, it once existedSeikan ferryThere was a difference in price between reserved seats and unreserved seats for the green ticket.

If a non-reserved green car requires a green fee, but it is not a capacity system and seating is not guaranteed, but it is not possible to take a seat because it is full.Green car commuter passYou can get a refund of the green fee by issuing a certificate at the request of the crew except for the use in. Also, regarding the quality of seats, for exampleObservatoryIn many cases, the same quality is used except for differences in vehicle operation.

Private railway

Major private railwayThen, there are no trains with unreserved seats that require a fare for ordinary cars, and all major private railway honor trains that require a fare have reserved seats.on the other hand,Nagano Electric Railway,Toyama regional railwayAt small and medium-sized private railways, there are excellent trains that require fares as well as fares even for unreserved seats.

In addition, some private railways have reserved seat cars and non-reserved seat cars connected to one train in the honor train to meet both commuting demand and reserved seat demand.Nagoya Railway OfLimited express train(MuskyExcept) andNankai Electric RailwayLimited express train "SouthernThis corresponds to this, and reserved seats require a reserved seat fee in addition to the fare, but ordinary cars with unreserved seats can be used only with the fare.


In European railways, reservations are set for each seat, not for vehicles.[1].. In Europe, there is no distinction between reserved seat cars and non-reserved seat cars, except for reserved seats in all cars, and in principle, non-reserved seats are used except for reserved seats.[1].

The United States of America

Operates long-distance passenger trains in the United StatesAmtrakThen,Keystone serviceUnreserved seats are set only for a small number of short-distance trains[4], Most trains, including long-distance trains, have reserved seats only, so it is necessary to prepare a ticket that specifies the train in advance.[5].US West CoastOf long-distance trains that traverseCoast starlightThere are materials that say that ordinary seats are unreserved seats, such as[6], This means that "there is a seating capacity system and seats can be moved", which is different from the "unreserved seats" of trains such as Japan. Furthermore, even with this "Coast Starlight", the crew may specify (instruct) the seat to be seated at the time of boarding.[7][8] , It is necessary to pay attention to the instructions from the crew when boarding.


Passenger shipIn, go around the worldCruise shipPassenger ships going abroadpassportAll rooms must be reserved because it is necessary to check. Navigating only in coastal areasPleasure boat,Water-busIn many cases, the number of seats is set, but on ships with a setting, the number of seats and the number of seats may not match (Life jacketNumber ofLifeboatCapacity fits).


Since standing is prohibited on passenger aircraft, all seats are reserved by advance reservation so that passengers who exceed the seating capacity cannot be carried. ExceptionallyCommuter airlines-Cheap airlineIn many cases, seats are not designated in advance and seats are reserved for a limited number of people. AlsoShuttle flightIs a regular airmail with all seats as unreserved seats.


All seats on the fixed-route bus are basically unreserved seats.Express busOn long-haul (generally 150km or more) routes, many routes have unreserved seats or reserved seats. All seats are reserved for night trains for registration in the passenger list and verification of boarding.

For daytime flightsAirport busThen, the departure from the airport is a non-reserved seat with a seat capacity system on a first-come-first-served basis, but there are also routes that have a reservation system seat capacity system or a seat reservation system for city departures (ON liner,Horse chestnutFlexible settings such as Narita Line) are made.


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