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🎁 | [Present] Marvel's latest work "Thor: Love & Thunder" will be presented with official goods not for sale!Avenja ...

Photo "Thor: Love and Thunder" © Marvel Studios 2022

[Present] Marvel's latest work "Thor: Love & Thunder" will be presented with official goods not for sale!Avenja ...

If you write the contents roughly
The dynamic "God Battle" where these two lightning bolts explode doubles the destructive power!

At the time of its release, it recorded the world's No. 1 box office revenue, and caused shock and excitement all over the world, "Avengers / En ... → Continue reading


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Destruction(Hakai) means that the shape, function, and properties of an object are lost when some force or influence is applied to the object.Also, the act that causes it.

AntonymIs "製造"Or"regeneration","repair"Such.


solidIngredientsIn the materialStrengthExceedsExternal forceThat the material separates into two or more parts when addedDestruction(British: fracture)[1]..Study material destructionengineeringAs a field ofFracture mechanics,Material strengthThere is.

When an external force that contributes to destruction is artificially appliedAgingIt may be spontaneous due to the characteristics of the material or the material, but especially for the structure, the phenomenon that the structure cannot maintain its shape spontaneouslyCollapse, For intentional destructionDismantlingSometimes called.Because it can't play a role for destroyed thingsDisposalIs often done.On the contrary, it may be destroyed (disassembled) for the purpose of dividing it into small pieces so that it can be easily disposed of when disposing of unnecessary items.

Also, materials andelectric circuitAbove a certain level電流-VoltageThe phenomenon that the characteristics of the material and the circuit are impaired when the above is added is also called destruction.As an example,conductorIsolate betweenInsulatorEspecially the phenomenon that discharge occurs through and the insulation is permanently lost.Dielectric breakdownCalled.

Computer virusDue toComputerupperDataIt is called destruction even if it is not accompanied by a material substance such as rewriting or erasing.[2].

地球The act of changing the natural environment of the natural environment far beyond the cycle of natural purification, depriving the necessary conditions for living things, or giving harmful conditions to living things.Destruction of natureOrEnvironmental destructionCalled,PollutionAnd creaturesextinction, Brings the birth of malformed creatures.

Mechanics and types of material destruction

Destruction of solid materials is largeBrittlenessDestruction(Brittle fracture,British: brittle fracture)WhenDuctilityDestruction(British: ductile fracture).

Brittle destructioncast iron-Glass-concrete-rock-Intermetallic compounds-CeramicsIt is caused by such things as load orstressAlmost when increasingElasticityState (stress σ andStrainLinearity of ε[3]) Is maintained, leading to destruction (Fig. 1, point 2).The stress leading to fracture is called brittle fracture strength (Fig. 1, point 1).Actually, it is slightly out of the perfect elastic state.PlasticityMay be accompanied by deformation.[1]

On the other hand, ductile destruction金属It is found in many of the materials.Ductile materials are elastic to the extent of low stress,SurrenderAbove the point (Fig. 2, point 2), a large plastic deformation (Fig. 2, region 4) is first seen in the material.During this time small in various parts of the materialcrackOccurs, it progresses and finally in Figure 2, Point 3Break(British: breaking).Ductile fracture is often referred to as including a series of processes from cracking to fracture.[1]

In addition, even if the stress is slightly smaller than the yield point of the material, repeated slight plastic deformation causes many microscopic cracks in the material, which develop and lead to fracture.fatigueDestruction(British: fatigue fracture) And[1], Due to the action of sustained stress, strain increases with the passage of time, leading to fracture.CreepDestructionThere is.

Often when investigating material destructionNumerical analysisbysimulationIs used, and the method isHooke's lawIt can be roughly divided into two depending on how to solve various basic formulas such as. One is a method of changing the dimension of the matrix, such as adding new nodes to express the fracture surface.the other one isDiscrete element methodIt is a method of expressing fracture by changing the rigidity matrix itself, such as expressing a solid with a rigid block and a spring and cutting the spring at the time of fracture.


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