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👩‍🎓 | Challenge the traditional “Machida-yaki” of Mizufuchu in Ibaraki / Hitachiota

Photo Students who challenge Machida-yaki under the guidance of potter Ito Gyodo (right) = Machida-cho, Hitachiota City

Challenge the traditional "Machida-yaki" of Mizufuchu in Ibaraki and Hitachiota

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Currently, as a Machida ware lovers' association (representative of Mana Kawakami), he continues to work at the "Koshiraekan", a facility for preserving the local culture of Kegano-cho in the same city.

■ Teaching procedures for potters, making matcha bowls June 6 at Mizufu Junior High School (Principal Toshihiko Nemoto) in Machida-cho, Hitachiota City, Ibaraki Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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    Machida Yaki Lovers Association (Representative of Mana Kawakami)

      City local culture preservation tradition facility


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