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👩‍🎓 | Nanbu Motor Driving School's introduction of bus catch is released for free "Improvement of convenience for trainees" by introducing bus catch


Free release of examples of bus catch introduction by Nanbu Driving School "Improvement of convenience for trainees" by introducing bus catch

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We will respond to your request if you can do something like this with the shuttle bus.

VISH Co., Ltd. (Location: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Hiroyuki Tabuchi) manages operations for driving schools ... → Continue reading


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    Free shuttle bus

    Free shuttle bus(Muryo Sogei Bus)TourismFacilities andCommercial facility,工場Etc. are the closest to the facilityTransportationFrom passengers for the purpose of transporting passengers and employees between the facility and the facilityFareOperated without collectionCourtesy busIs the general term for.Shuttle busIt is considered to be one of.

    Case of Japan


    1955(Showa30 years)9/5ToAomoriHachinohe CityThere was "Cine computerThe private theater "Chugeki Theater" operated a free shuttle bus between Samemachi and Chugeki Theater in the city.same year9/4Attached "Daly TohokuIn the "Chugeki Theater" advertising article on page 3, "Come on!Japan's first servicePlease use it! "catch copyIs posted, and this is posted at the same facilityJapanIt was advertised as the first free shuttle bus.

    station,Bus stop,空港,HarborEtc. to the facilityWalkIt is often operated when it takes time and effort to reach the destination.Also, if there is extremely little transportation near the facility (in the suburbs)Wedding hall,banquet hall,Funeral hall,Hotel, Factories, distribution warehouses, etc.), and shuttle buses to distant stations with convenient transportation may be operated.

    Driving school,Fitness club,hospitalFor example, a shuttle bus that goes around the area on a regular basis is provided to facilitate the visit.Shopping center,hospital,hotel,Health landAs part of attracting customers, there are examples of operating shuttle buses and shuttle cars to the nearest stations and stations with a large number of passengers in the vicinity.Depending on the accommodationLimited express or ShinkansenAn example of running to a stopUrban areaExample of running to (Tokyo - Karuizawa, Tokyo- Shirakaba Lake, Tokyo- Spa Resort HawaiiansOthers), for the convenience of guestsTheme park,Ski resortThere are also examples of operating shuttle buses to entertainment facilities such as.

    Racecourse,Bicycle race track,Boat race,Auto racing track such asPublic competitionThere is an example of operating a free shuttle bus (sometimes called a "fan bus") between the nearest station and major cities in the suburbs in order to improve the convenience of visitors at the stadium.As a general rule, it is a round-trip operation, but in some stadiums, there are cases where only the outbound route is operated (one-way operation), only the outbound route is free, and the inbound route is charged.Also,Satellite hanshinEtc. in some remote areasOff-road bicycle ticket counterThere are cases where it operates even in such cases.

    Part ofsupermarketThen, in areas where public transportation does not pass, elderly people, etc.Traffic vulnerableForShopping busThere is also an example of operating as.Also, the local governmentSenior citizens,handicappedForWelfare busThere is also an example of a shuttle bus that has the character of[1].

    Operation form

    Private bus

    There are a wide variety of vehicle types used for shuttle buses, but if the facility itself operates it,MicrobusIs often used.Small scaleJapanese innIn such cases,Minivan,One box carEtc.Ordinary passenger carIs sometimes called a "shuttle bus".In the case of such an operation mode, it is attached to the facility to the last.ServicesBecause we do not collect fares as part ofRoad transport lawVehicles used that are not considered a passenger vehicle transportation businessPrivate car(White number), which is the driver'sDriver's licenseAlsoFirst-class driver's licenseIn many cases, it only has.

    Specific bus

    Besides that, there are facilitiesBus operatorConcluded a transportation contract withSpecific bus(Specified passenger car transportation business), There are many cases of operating a dedicated free shuttle bus.in this casePassenger car transportation businessTherefore, the vehicle used isCommercial vehicle(Green number), and for operationMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism(Regional Transportation Bureau) Permission is required and also for drivingSecond-class driver's licenseIs required.

    In the vehicle illustrated in the photoTokyu Department Store TheTokyu bus,Lalaport TOKYO-BAY TheKeisei Bus,The Mall Mizuho 16 TheSeibu General Planning,AEON MALL Hiroshimafuchu TheHiroden BusIs entrusted with the operation, so it is a green number.

    Shared bus

    Also generalShared bus(Transit BusIn), there is a case where the fare is not collected only when getting on and off at the bus stop closest to the specific facility, and it functions as a free shuttle bus.

    Toei Bus Product 93 lines(Meguro Station - Shinagawa Station - Oi Racecourse) Is usually a prepaid fare method, but you can board without paying the prepaid fare only when you board from the Oi Racecourse bus stop at a specific time on the horse racing date at Oi Racecourse and the off-track release date.It is not free on the outbound route because it is a prepaid system.

    Other2010(Heisei22) Until SeptemberOsakaSakai city - Sakaihama Seaside StageTo runNankai BusThe fare was free for both round trips when getting on and off the route bus at Sakaihama Seaside Stage Bus Stop except on weekday mornings.After October of the same year, the method was changed to distribute bus tickets for the return trip to facility users.

    The form of distributing bus tickets isKyoto Keihan BusAlso goKyotoJoyo OfSuper sento"Ikyu" usersKintetsuShintanabe StationとUjitawara TownIt is intended for those who get on and off the "Ikkyu Onsen Mae" stop of 62 systems (including derivative systems) that connect to.The ticket is "Ikyu"WebsitePrint it out and bring it with you.

    In addition, OsakaTomitabayashi OfPL HospitalThen, it arrives and departs in front of the hospital entranceTondabayashi StationfromKintetsu Bus,Kongo StationfromNankai Bus(Kongo East housing complexThe fare is free on general routes (via).If you do not collect the fare when getting off in front of the entrance, get a free boarding pass if you board from the front of the hospital, and put the boarding pass in the collection box of the bus when you get off.[2].

    Singapore case

    SingaporeWhen the shopping festival "Singapore Big Sale", which is an annual event, is held, a free transportation service by car is offered.[3].


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