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👩‍🎓 | Keio University, aiming for ethical livestock industry, cooperation agreement with Minamiaso Village, etc.


Cooperation agreement with Keio University, Minamiaso Village aiming for ethical livestock industry, etc.

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Breeding cattle are grazing in the grasslands of Minamiaso Village.

Keio University Graduate School of Media Design is in Minamiaso Village, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefectural Livestock Agricultural Cooperative Association and "Kumamoto Aka Beef" ... → Continue reading

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Breeding cow

    Minamiaso village

    Minamiaso village(Minami Asomura)KumamotoNortheast,Mount Aso-Aso CalderaMinamiaso area in the south ofNango Valley) Located invillage..As a villageOkinawaExcludingWest JapanHas the largest population in.In the villageShirakawa water source,Takezaki water sourceThere is a group of springs in Minamiaso Village, and it is known as a famous water village.


    With Aso Godake, the southern part of the Aso calderaOuter ringIt is located in Nango Valley, which is sandwiched between.Flowing from east to west in the centerShirakawaMost of the residential, commercial, and cultivated land spreads out on both sides of the area, creating a rural landscape with a view.Most of the altitude above 600 m is occupied by forests and wilderness, and the north is separated by a line connecting Mt. Aso, Kusasenri, and the crater field.Near the Tateno crater in the west is the entrance to the caldera at the break of Mt. Aso Sotowa, where ShirakawaAsoyaFlowing from the northKurokawaAnd go down to the Kumamoto Plain.The south is a slope north of the South Outer Ring Mountain Divide, which extends to the plateau area of ​​the western Tawarayama area, and the lowlands have an elevation difference of about 300 m from the eastern water source area to the west. In 2008, 10 springs in Minamiaso Village said, "Heisei famous water XNUMX selectionsHas been selected[1]..In the springs of Minamiaso Village,Takezaki water source,Yoshida Castle tribute pumping ground(Gokenjokumiba),Myojinikemeisui Park,Shirakawa water source,Myomi Shrine Pond(Myomigaike),Koike water source,River ground water source,Pond river water source,Wakisawatsu water source,Terasaka Water Source,Shioisha Water SourceIs included[1]..There is also "Kumamoto Famous Water XNUMX Selections", and Shioisha water sources are not included in the selection.[2].

    • Mountain: Mt. Aso
    • River: Shirakawa

    Adjacent municipalities

    Place name

    • Ichinoseki
    • Kain
    • Kawayo
    • Shimotsuke
    • Shirakawa
    • Tateno
    • Nakamatsu
    • Nagano
    • Hisaishi
    • (I.e.
    • Both


    Merger of municipalities

    200210/10Established the voluntary council "Minamiaso 3 Village Merger Promotion Council" in the above-mentioned Choyo Village, Hakusui Village, and Kugino Village.2003On April 4st, the legal council "Minamiaso 1 Village Merger Council" was established.20046/11Signed a merger agreement for the three villages.same year7/2Submit the merger application to the Governor of Kumamoto Prefecture20052/13Merged with.

    Great Heisei mergerThis is the first time for a new "village" to be established in Minamiaso Village (later).FukuokaAsakura-gunToho Village,NaganoHigashichikuma-gunChikukita VillageFollowed by).Total population is adjacentTakamori(Approximately 7,000 people, 17Census) More than 5,000 people. The reason for choosing "village" is to value the image of being in nature.[3].


    • Village head: Seiichi Kira
    • Until March 2017, 3, the village office was a branch office system.[4].. The new government building of the village office opened on April 2017, 4, and the operations performed at the three government buildings were integrated into the new government building.[4]..The locations of each government building before the integration are as follows.
      • Kukino Government Building (Location of the government office under the ordinance): 145-3 Kain, Minamiaso-mura, Aso-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture
      • Choyo Government Building: 3574 Kawayo, Minamiaso Village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture
      • Shiramizu Government Building: 1495 Yoshida, Minamiaso Village, Aso District, Kumamoto Prefecture



    Population distribution of Minamiaso, Kumamoto, Japan.svg
    Population distribution by age in Minamiaso Village and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Minamiaso Village (2005)
    ■Purple-Minamiaso Village
    ■Green-All over Japan

    Changes in the population of Minamiaso Village (corresponding area)
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


    There is no public high school in the village.Students in the village are from Takamori TownTakamori High School, Aso cityAso Central High School, Of Ozu TownOtsu High SchoolGo to high school in Kumamoto city.




    Transit Bus

    Previously Sanko BusIs Ozu Town (Otsu Station) As a starting pointMinamiaso villageViaTakamoriI was operating a fixed-route bus that connects to, but due to the depopulation of the railway lines and the slump in passengers due to the spread of private cars.2009(21)9All lines were abolished on the last day, and there are currently no fixed-route buses.As an alternative, from the next dayCommunity bus(Loose bus) Will be operated by the village, and the operation will be outsourced to the Sanko Bus.In addition, the express bus "Tateno Station-Takamori Town" connecting the same section in parallelNango LinerThere are also two flights a day.

    Intercity bus


    General national road
    • National Route 57(Bungo Highway)
    • National Route 325 --A national highway that crosses the foot of Mt. Aso in Nango Valley.There was a narrow section along the Minami-Aso Railway, but the convenience was improved by the completion of the Choyo Hakusui Bypass in 2002.[5].
    Main local road

    Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

    "As a former pension welfare corporationGreen pier"Minamiaso" was closed in May 2003. Resumed operation as "Hotel Green Pia Minami Aso" in July 5.

    XNUMX selections


    Person with connection


    Terrestrial television broadcastingSouth Aso Relay StationReceives radio waves from, but has a master station in the Tateno area, etc.Mt. KinpusanReceived from the sender.NHK Radio First BroadcastOnly receives radio waves from Ozu Town.


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