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👩‍🎓 | Stop hiring researchers, science council advocates cooperation of related organizations to solve problems


Researcher hired, science council advocates cooperation of related organizations to solve problems

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Universities and research institutes are individually working to deal with this situation, and while there is a uniform movement to allow conversion to indefinite contracts, there are also movements to stop hiring in order not to allow indefinite conversion.

Thousands of researchers with fixed-term contracts with universities and research institutes could be suspended at the end of March 2023 ... → Continue reading

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Indefinite conversion

    Stop hiring

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      Stop hiringWhat is (Yatoidome)?Fixed-term employment contractAtemploymentWhen the period expiresuserWithout renewing the contractWorkerIs to quit[1].

      For example, if there is a contract or oral explanation such as "hire as a full-time employee after 3 years", or "treat as a full-time employee" or "increase salary", you may quit before renewing the contract for the third year. If you do not renew your contract, it will be treated as a "stop hiring" and will be treated as a labor issue.

      Hiring stopPermanent OfDismissalIt's a different concept, but several times beforeAgreementIs renewed, and if the employer says or acts to expect continuation, it is no different from dismissal for the worker who expected the contract to be renewed.for that reason,PrecedentAdmits that there are cases where employment is guaranteed by analogy with the dismissal right abuse doctrine.[1][Annotation 1].


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      1. ^ Even when the contract expires for the first time, it is not possible to stop hiring against the normal treatment of temporary hiring.Good faithContrary toInvalidThere is a case law that states that (Ryujin Taxi Case, Osaka High Court, January 3, 1).



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