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🎁 | Natsuko Yokosawa praises baby goods salesperson! "It's seen through ..."


Acclaimed Natsuko Yokozawa, baby merchandise salesperson! "I see through..."

Imagination is essential to successfully recommend things to others!Before a child was born, I went to a store that sells baby goods ... → Continue reading


"Anan" has always created the "era", transmitted the "topics", and created the "trend" of women.
The web version of "anan" such as "ananweb" is aimed at women in the late 20's to 40's with great curiosity. We deliver "real".

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想像力(Sorry,English: imagination,French: imagination) Is a mental image,sense,conceptThey arevision,HearingOr othersenseIt is the ability to create when not recognized through.Imagination is the power to image経 験Tomeaning,realityToUnderstandingIs one of the basic abilities of human beings to understand things and phenomena. It also plays a complementary role in the learning process.

Basic for imaginationTrainingIs to hear the story of the story. This is because it is necessary to correctly evoke the world of narrative only from the story.

In a broader sense, imagination is the ability for us to meet all. The process of combining everything we touch and see and hear into an "image" can be considered imagination.

Imagination in psychology

Imagination is recognized as an innate ability/process that creates a partial or total area of ​​the individual within the mind from the elements derived from the sensory perception of the shared world. This wordPsychologyThen, the perceptual representation of the object previously given by sensory perception is used as a process to revive in the mind. This usage of the word is normal言语Because it collides with that of somepsychologistTries to call this process "imaging" or "imagery" or "reproductive" as opposed to "productive" or "constructive" imagination. It is said that the imagined image can be seen with the "eye of the heart".


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