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👶 | It's not wrong, but Bimyo Papa, fried chicken is fine. |The days of Waguriya


You're not wrong, but Bimyo, Papa, fried chicken is fine. |The days of Waguriya

If you write the contents roughly
It's not a mistake, but Waguri-san's complicated feelings... I understand~!

The eldest daughter Mi-chan, the eldest son Ha-kun, Waguri Guri (@waguri_guri), the mama of the siblings who are 1 year and 7 months old ... → Continue reading

 Mama Square

"Mama Square" is filled with daily thoughts such as troubles, worries, fun, relaxed feelings, and things that we solved in this way.
I would be happy if it could be a clue to solving troubles to everyone reading it, empathy and hints for childcare

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Waguri-san's feelings


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