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🛋 | Cleaning the stove is easy!"Three Snow stainless steel trivet cover" that prevents dirt just by placing it


Easy to clean the stove!"Three Snow stainless steel trivet cover" that prevents dirt just by placing it

If you write the contents roughly
Thanks to the embossing applied to the surface, scratches and dirt are less noticeable.

good morning.It is a lifestyle shop "Style Store".The troublesome part of cleaning the kitchen is Ko… → Continue reading

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Morning magazine "morning time.jp" full of tips to enjoy the morning
Approximately 1 breakfast recipes, serialization of recipes by popular cooks, breakfast shop information, morning scenery reports around the world, yoga, beauty, fashion, hair arrangements, articles written by experts every morning. I will deliver it.

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Emboss(Emboss) is a metal plate, resin plate,paperProcessing to make letters and patterns embossed by adding unevenness to such things.In particular, the process of adding a convex surface is sometimes called embossing, and the process of adding a concave surface is sometimes called debossing.


In metal embossing, the metal base plate is pressed against the mold by pressing it with an uneven mold, and the base plate is pressed against the mold and processed into unevenness.[1]..For metal processingAutomobile OfLicense plateIs a typical one.


Credit card,Cash cardSuch as plasticcardIt is also used to display the card number, expiration date, account number, name, etc. (embossed numbering).Dedicated printer (when paying by credit cardImprinter) Is used to transfer the embossed characters to a slip or the like.CurrentlyMagnetic stripe,IC chipProcessing by is becoming more common, and cards that have not been embossed are now on the market.


PrintAmong the processes of embossing on the surface, the process of raising the pattern in a convex shape is called embossing (embossing), and the process of denting the pattern in a concave shape is called debossing (blank embossing).[2].

EmbossingCrepe processingAlso called.It has the effect of adding patterns to paper without using ink, improving the texture, and making it easier to peel off thin paper one by one.Also, by embossing the edges of the titles and illustrations printed on the cover of the book, it is possible to give a double effect of appearance and texture.

Documents may be stamped (embossed press stamp) using embossing.Office supplies that are embossed are called seal presses, embossers, etc.In order to make it difficult to forge the part where the embossed seal is stamped, it may be stamped on the photo field of the ID card from above the affixed face photo.

Kitchen paper,Toilet PaperIs embossed in the manufacturing process to improve performance and usability.

Pseudo emboss

Pseudo-embossing is a method that simulates the unevenness of embossing on a metal plate or resin plate by using a special paint or printing machine (UV printing machine, etc.).[3].

Image embossing

MapExpressions such as mountainous areas are also called embossing.Long time agoairbrushAlthough it was a manual work by, computer image processing makes it possible to easily perform precise embossed depiction.

ComputerbyImage processingThe software can convert image data into "reliefs"StringSome have functions such as expressing three-dimensionally, and the processing may be called embossing.

ComputerGUIThen, each element is given a three-dimensional effect by using this pseudo visual effect.ボ タ ンIf so, it is possible to recognize that the upper edge is bright and the lower edge is dark so that it is convex, and that it is pushed and dented by reversing it.


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