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👶 | [XNUMX] Hey... the reason why my husband stopped me from talking.Sudden noise trouble | Nekojima Momi's fun one-op life


[XNUMX] Hey... the reason why my husband stopped me from talking.Sudden noise trouble | Nekojima Momi's fun one-op life

If you write the contents roughly
I wonder if the only solution to the noise problem is to move house.

Last story Last time, the husband downstairs seemed to be upset when it was pointed out that he had called the police and banged on the door... → Continue reading

 Mama Square

"Mama Square" is filled with daily thoughts such as troubles, worries, fun, relaxed feelings, and things that we solved in this way.
I would be happy if it could be a clue to solving troubles to everyone reading it, empathy and hints for childcare

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noise(Noise,English: noise pollution) IsTypical seven pollutionIt is one of the above and affects human health and living environment.

Noise is unpleasant and unpleasantsoundHowever, it is undeniable that there is a subjective aspect.[1].. For exampleOxford English DictionaryExplains the definition of noise as "undesirable sound."Also, when dealing with noise problems internationally, it is a problem that the nuances of the meaning of "noise" are slightly different in each language.[2].

There are two types of noise regulation laws: one that regulates the action of producing a specific sound that disturbs the public, and the other that regulates a noise evaluation method and its reference value based on the physical characteristics of the sound. The former is a method of dealing with traditional noise problems that existed before the quantitative measurement of noise became possible, and can be said to be a qualitative regulation that includes rough public opinion.[2].. The latter is based on a quantitative evaluation that "loud sound above a certain level = noise"[2],JapaneseNational Institute for Environmental StudiesAccording to the survey, undesired sounds are referred to as "noise" regardless of the volume.ComplaintCan be subject to[3].

Violent noise is caused by the human body, especiallyHearingDamage to.Occupational safety and healthFrom a medical point of view, quantitative standards for noise have been established around the world since the latter half of the 20th century.[2]..In addition, regarding environmental noise such as traffic noise, the morbidity and prevalence of environmental sleep disorders and heart diseases are increasing.who[4]And WHO European Secretariat[5]Has established guidelines.

Noise classification

Noise pollution is classified into factory/business site noise, construction work noise, automobile noise, railway noise, aircraft noise, and other (living noise, low-frequency noise, etc.) depending on the type of source.[6].. Vehicle noise, railway noise, aircraft noise, etc. are also classified as traffic noise.

Example of classifying noise other than traffic noise as environmental noise, such as factory/business site noise, construction work noise, and household noise.[7]Can be seen. However, internationally, all noise that affects residents is environmental noise (Community Noise).[4], Noise It is distinguished from noise at work (Occupational Noise).

Traffic noise

Noise generated from cars, railways, aircraft, etc.

Major cases and trials involving aircraft noise

Major cases and trials concerning railway noise

Factory/business floor noise

Noise generated from machinery and equipment in factories and business sites, automobiles and work vehicles running on the factory grounds[6]

Construction work noise

Noise generated from machines and construction equipment used for construction work, automobiles and work vehicles traveling inside the construction work place[6]

Neighborhood noise

Neighborhood noise refers to operating noise (sales equipment such as karaoke equipment, loudspeakers for commercial advertising and elections), noise from equipment installed outdoors such as air conditioning equipment at business offices and homes, etc. Noise other than the above[6].

Business noise

Commercial promotion in stores and residential areasLoudspeakerAbout use, in 1989 (Heisei XNUMX)Former Environmental AgencyNotice[8]According to regulations, volume and usage regulations are set by each prefecture.[9]..In recent years, touring residential areasWaste collection vehicle,Mobile sales vehicleThe number of noise complaints related to loudspeakers is on the rise due to the increase in noise levels, and in fiscal 2009 it increased sharply by 27.7% from the previous year.

Daily noise

The Tokyo Environmental Bureau classifies the following five types as noise in daily life.[10].

  • Noise from household appliances-noise from refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, etc.
  • Noise from household equipment and housing structures-door opening and closing noise, etc.
  • Sound from audio equipment-sounds from piano, karaoke, stereo, TV, etc.
  • Sounds associated with daily activities-talking, tableware, etc.
  • Other- Automobile(Mainly horns, engine noise, tire road noise, etc.), pet meows, wind chimes, etc.
Road tribe

People playing on the road in a residential areaRoad tribeIt is reported that the number of posts complaining about noise damage is increasing on SNS etc.It is said that there are cases where the noise damage was a pain and the home was parted.[11][12][13].

Children's facility

In recent years, the number of complaints from neighboring residents about complaints such as "the voice of children is noisy" is increasing for nursery schools, kindergartens, elementary schools, and other facilities that take care of infants and children.[14][15][16][17][18][19].

Even in Germany, there was a problem that the voice of the child was noise, but on May 2011, 5,German Parliament"Proposed amendment to the Federal Immigration Prevention Act" granting privilege to children's noise generated from infants, child care facilities and children's play facilities." Before this, similar ordinances have been approved at the municipal level, such as Berlin City.[20][21][22][23][24].

On March 2015, 3, the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly unanimously passed a revised bill for the Tokyo Metropolitan Environmental Security Ordinance, which excludes children's voices from the numerical regulations of the Tokyo Metropolitan Noise Ordinance.[25].

Disaster prevention radio

MunicipalitiesOperatesDisaster prevention radioThere are cases where noise complaints come to us.Because the disaster prevention radio is loud,Time signalBecause of that, the baby wakes upNight shiftSome have even been tried, such as disturbing the sleep of the dawn.

Low frequency noise

Low frequency soundIs a sound in the low frequency band below 200 Hz or 100 Hz. The Ministry of the Environment sets low-frequency sound to 100Hz or less, but it is set to 200Hz or less in some countries, and there is no international definition. In the case of noise in which low-frequency sound components are predominant, various resident influences are greater than noise in which mid- and high-frequency bands are predominant, so stricter standard values ​​are required.[4].

Sounds below 20 Hz, the lower limit of the adult audible frequency range, are internationally defined as infrasound. However, humans can perceive even sounds below 20 Hz at high sound pressure levels. Also, upper semicircular canal space syndrome[26]When the inner ear is damaged, the perceptual characteristics in the low frequency band are more sensitive than those in healthy people.[26].

Tohoku ShinkansenEven in the low frequency effect of2014Due to the timetable revision in MarchE5 Shinkansen-E6 ShinkansenAfter traveling with 320 cars with a maximum speed of 17 km/hMiyagiOsakiFurukawaFurukawa StationIs the closest station to the ShinkansenJR EastThe news that demanded measures against noise due to poverty, saying, "I have become a hindrance to my life."2017It was done in September.From the residents, the sound of the ground is remarkable when driving at night, and when the water in the glass on the table shakes greatly, it comes from a phenomenon that did not exist before the timetable revision.According to a survey by the Miyagi Prefectural Government, a value exceeding 9 decibels was found, but the JR East side has a policy of passing it with a standard of 70 decibels as "it is difficult to clear the environmental standard for noise of 75 decibels or less only by sound source measures". Was[27].. Two months later, in December of the same year, low frequency results showed that one out of two private houses 2 meters from the viaduct had a relatively large value of 12 decibels outdoors and 4 decibels indoors. This exceeds the low-frequency reference value (2 decibels) applied to fixed sound sources such as water heaters, and the caretaker of the representative of the inhabitants said, "We found that low-frequency effects are also possible. I want to go"[28].. Low frequency confirmation was also mentioned by Etsuko Yokoyama, a member of the Osaki City Assembly.[29].. Noise and vibration for Tohoku Shinkansen on March 2019, 3A test vehicle that will run a test next timeAre also requesting for. Although noise reduction work was carried out by installing a sound absorbing plate in the relevant section, the average value was reduced by only 1.6 decibels and it is said that the improvement of vibration from residents is not felt.[30].. On the 20th of the same month, we plan to collect data in Osaki City, Miyagi Prefecture.[31].

Major cases/trial cases related to neighborhood noise

  • 1974 : Piano noise murder case
  • 1989: Osaka District Court Judgment on August 8, Cases in which a claim for damages was recognized for mental damage due to noise and vibration of subway construction[32]
  • 2005
    • Nara noise injury case: A prison sentence of one year and eight months for the so-called "Noisy Aunt".
    • Shibuya City Noise Incident Regarding Demolition of Building[33]
  • 200810/25: "Noisy footsteps" arrested by cutting a man with a knife[34].

Noise evaluation index

Noise is justPhysical quantityIsSound pressureCannot be evaluated.How the sound feels to the human brain and hearing (A characteristic) Is weighted and is a psychological quantityLoudnessEvaluated as (loudness).And finally the noiseSound pressure levelAsDecibelExpressed in (dB) units.In the past, the unit was "HongWas also used, but in JapanMeasurement LawBy19979/30Obsolete.

Further, since most noise fluctuates with time, a method of averaging the fluctuating noise level by some method and adopting it as a noise value is adopted. In the "Environmental Standards for Noise", the equivalent noise level (L), which is the average energy value of fluctuating noise.Aeq) Is used as an evaluation index[35]. Aircraft noiseIn the case of , the index "WECPNL”Has been used, but in response to international circumstances, etc.the material moisture meter shows you the Migrated to.Another psychological weighting index is annoyance.[36][37].

Noise regulation

who(WHO) published "Environmental Noise Guidelines" in 1999, and referred to heart disease caused by traffic noise.[38].

European WHO Secretariat published "European Night Noise Guidelines" in 2009 and "Environmental Noise Disease Load" in 2011[38].

In Japan, noise pollution isBasic Environmental LawDue to air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, vibration, ground subsidence, and bad smell, it is included in the typical seven pollution[1].. In 2014Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsIn the pollution complaint investigation by, the number of cases exceeded the air pollution and became the most cases.[39].. However, the total number of complaints by the Environmental Dispute Coordination Committee is for complaints received by local governments, and does not include complaints handled by the police. In addition, complaints against the same source are counted as one.[40], Does not reflect the total number of noise complaints in our country. For example, the number of complaints about aircraft noise is said to be about 300 each year, but about 5,000 noise complaints are sent to the municipalities in Kanagawa prefecture every year based only on the number of complaints to the Atsugi Navy Airfield (only in Kanagawa prefecture).[41].

In addition, Noise regulation lawIn, regulatory standards are set for business establishments that use specific facilities and specific construction work, and required limits are set for automobile noise.

Regulation of specific acts

  • 1976Launched fromPassenger planeIsConcordeNoise exceeds the upper limit of about 110 dB that the human ear can withstand,thunderIt reached a sound pressure close to about 120 dB. As a result, many countries have banned or restricted the entry of the Concorde, one of the causes of commercial failure.[42].

Effect of noise

Effects of noise on the human body

Effect of noise on ecosystem

Regarding the installation of wind power generation facilities, countermeasures against the deterioration of the bird's habitat due to noise and the escape / reduction of bird food resources due to noise have become issues.


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