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🎁 | "Yokai Watch Punipuni" has exceeded 2,500 million downloads!You can get Y points for up to 11 consecutive gashas...


"Yokai Watch Punipuni" has exceeded 2,500 million downloads!You can get Y points for up to 11 gashas...

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Save (computer)

saveWhat is (save)?Computer OfProgramIn, work contents and variousDataTheStorage mediumTo save to.

In a computer program电源It is done for reasons such as measures against unforeseen circumstances such as running out, interruption / end of work, and wanting to read with another device.

There are several other synonyms, but manyBASICIn the environmentSAVETo saycommand(CultureThe expression "save" is popular because it was not).[Source required]

ShogiThere is a time limit by playing alternately such asボ ー ド ゲ ー ムIn the case of, interrupt without showing the last hand to the opponent when saving the game contentSealerMay be used.It is fair because it is not possible to think about the next move at the time of interruption.

Computer games

Computer gamesIn, when interrupting play, saving the current progress state and processing so that it can be resumed from that point when playing next time is called save.Mainly among children, this saved data itself is sometimes called "save" (such as "save disappeared").

The method of implementing save differs depending on the application (game), and there are multiple methods.

  • The platform on which the application runs stores the memory state.It is called a state save.The same kind of computer concept including state savesnap shotCall.
  • Items that can be called at any time from the game menu regardless of the progress of the game.
  • Items that can be called from the menu, but the parts that can be used are limited (such as those that can be used only while moving the field).
  • Things that are built into the world of the game (conversations in churches, inns, etc., things that sacrifice in-game status, etc.).

and so on.

As the times progress, "auto save" that automatically savesGame softwareHas also increased.

In addition, the 2010sTo multiplehardwareSave data withTotalcan"Cross saveA function will also appear.

In many cases, the save data can be deleted by the user himself, but depending on the game, the save data played so far may be forcibly deleted if certain conditions are met.

Save point

Save point(Save point) refers to a point where the progress can be saved if there is a limit to the place where the progress can be saved in the computer game.Checkpoint,Intermediate point("Super mario maker] Etc.).

Action games,Role playing gamesToplayerTo increase the tension ofProgramFor the above reasons, there are some that limit the places that can be saved.In such games, a point for saving is provided, and this point is called a save point.After saving at a save point, if you continue the game and then interrupt it, the state will be returned to the save point when restarting.Even games with limited save points can be saved freely on the world map, but in this case, the world map is not called a save point.

Savepoint is a concept used in games such as action games and role-playing games where operating characters can move freely on the field screen, or stage-based games.puzzle game,Music games,ボ ー ド ゲ ー ムGames that do not have a field screen, such asSports games-Racing gameGames that can only be moved within a limited area, such as, do not have this concept basically (in this case, save on the menu screen or save automatically).

Also, even in action games and role-playing games, there is no concept of save points if you can save at any time from the menu screen or if you save automatically.

The place where the save point is set differs depending on the work, in the dungeon, the stage selection screen,townEntrance,(I.e.,innIt is installed in such places.There are various forms,LightThose that can be saved by standing in the area indicated by, etc., those that call the save screen by touching some object, specific person (of the church)PriestAnd the owner of the inn) to talk to them and ask them to save.

Bungee OfGame designer,(English edition)Listed the following points as to why he set savepoints in his game:[1][2].

  • If you can save anywhere, you may save in situations where you cannot recover.
  • If you can save anywhere, you tend to save on an ad hoc basis.In addition to the previous paragraph, it is valuableItemMake players think about things they shouldn't do before saving, such as consuming.
  • By setting savepoints, you can add another level of difficulty adjustment.
  • By greatly returning to the save point when restarting,Game overShould be avoidedMotivationdo.


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