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👩‍🎓 | "How many days is summer vacation?" "Is class late?" "School trip?" "Educational training?"


"How many days is summer vacation?" "Is class late?" "What about school trips?" "What about educational training?"

Regarding the new coronavirus, which has become more influential again, attention is focused on the response of schools and local governments, but the current state of education ... → Continue reading

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Bared (VaLEd.press) is a media that supports the future and curiosity of children together with their parents. Not only for parents who have children who will learn programming and STEM education from now on, but also for children who actually learn and the destination where they must be involved, and for those who want to open a programming class from now on. This refers to a portal site that can deliver information.

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Teaching practice

Teaching practiceWhat is (today)?Education staff licenseTo be awardedunitOr as the content of that subjectDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularDone inPracticeThat is.


LicenseTo receive the award ofunitNeed to get[1].. Institutions and school types to be implemented differ depending on the school type you are going to acquire, but in principlenursing teacherandNutrition teacherAll exceptSchool type-SubjectIs necessary in. However, it is possible to obtain a teacher's license for some licenses without conducting educational training based on qualifications and work experience.[2].

Teaching courseIs providedUniversity-Junior college-Teacher training instituteAs a subject, 1 credit is given for pre- and post-instruction, and 2-4 credits are given for training. To obtain a license, include prior and subsequent guidanceKindergarten-primary school-Junior high school5 units,high schoolRequires 3 credits. The implementation period of educational training is not specified in the law, andBoard of educationDepending on the opinion, it is generally 4 weeks in kindergarten/elementary school, 3 weeks in middle school, and 2 weeks in high school.

In addition, it is necessary for teachers of special needs schools to conduct "educational training for infants, children, or students with mental or physical disabilities" instead of educational practice.[3].. Similarly, a school teacher is a “school practice”.[4], Nutrition Teacher is "Nutrition Education Practice"[5]Need to do.

In 2015, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology issued a report that allows school internships (school experience activities) to be used as alternative units for teaching practice, and positions them as teaching courses at the discretion of each university from the revision of the Teacher's License Act revised in 31. Was decided[6].

Training school

As a general rule, educational training must be conducted in the school type of the license you are trying to obtain or in the school type adjacent to it.[1].. There are the following methods for securing training schools, depending on the university in which you are enrolled.

  • After the applicant for practical training negotiates with the practical training school and obtains inward consent, the university where the applicant for practical training is enrolled makes an official request.
  • Conduct at an affiliated school such as a university where the applicant for training is enrolled (National universityThen,National University Attached SchoolThere are many examples of going to. )
  • The university will provide training schools for those who wish to receive training.Board of educationTo secure by negotiating with[7]

Schools have no obligation to accept interns. In spite of the increase in work and risk, it is realized by the kindness of the school, so to speak, for the next generation teacher training. Therefore, each school has different acceptance criteria for trainees, implementation timing, and implementation details, and many schools accept only graduates.

Practical practice

The content of educational training is not stipulated by law, and the content of the internal training of the Board of Education and the accepting schoolhead teacherAnd guidanceTeacherSince it is decided by the local teachers, the contents of implementation will differ depending on the school or subject, but in many cases,classInstructionSubjectParticipate in almost all areas of educational activities such as teaching and school events. By law, subject guidance is not limited to subjects for which you are trying to obtain a license, but it is burdensome for both teaching teachers and trainees to take charge of classes in subjects other than those for which you are obtaining a license. It just happens, and not normally. However, in practice at junior high schoolSpecial subject moralsIs not this limitation.

  • Explanation, lecture
  • Classroom activities/Homeroom activities
    • In charge of reporting and reporting to children and students in classrooms and home rooms. In particular,Class teacherWith morning class activities and homeroom activities on the way homeLunch,cleaningAnd so on.
  • Classroom visitation
    • Visit a class under the guidance of a teacher.
  • Teaching material research
  • Subject instruction
    • Under the guidance of the teacher, the actual lesson,homework・Inspection of submissions・CorrectionI do.
  • Research class
    • Disclose the classes of the trainees according to the schedule specified by the school. Other faculty members, interns, and university faculty members may also visit.
  • Council
    • Conduct research discussions by summarizing and reflecting on research classes. Participants include principals, principals, teachers, and teachers who have visited the research class.
  • School affairs
    • Under the instruction of the teacher, the school may also perform necessary office work and work.
  • Other


For educational training in 2020,コ ロ ナSince it is difficult to carry out educational practice due to bruise,Ministry of educationIn May of the same year, it announced that it could be replaced by practical training and classes at the university until one-third of the practical training period. After that, on August 5, the same year, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced special measures to allow credits to be given instead of teaching practice as a substitute for teaching practice. Note thatKoichi HagitaIn principle, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology called for conducting educational training so that the quality of teachers would not deteriorate.[8].. (Similar measures were taken in 2021.)

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外部 リンク

New coronavirus

New coronavirus(Shingata coronavirus,English: Novel coronavirus, nCoV) IsCoronavirus familyOrthocoronavirus subfamilyBelongs toウ イ ル スOf these, it is a tentative name given to those that are medically and publicly important.[1][2][3][4].

In particularHuman coronavirusIt is often used in. (Human) Coronavirus against humanityEndemic diseaseIs believed to becoldCauses (common cold) -like symptoms,(English edition)Is prevalent as a serious infection, often accompanied by pneumonia[1][2][3][4].

Virus type

The following viruses were positioned as new coronaviruses before their official names were given.

Types of new coronaviruses that are pathogenic to humans
Formal nameOther namesSusceptible host[† 1]First discovery location (discovery year)Infection
SARS coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)[† 2][5][6]2019-Ncov

SARS virus 2

Human coronavirus 2019 (HCoV-19)

Bat,Scale armorChugoku-Wuhan(2019)New Coronavirus Infection (2019) (COVID-19)[† 3][4][7]
MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV)[† 4]Middle east virus

MERS virus

Camel flu virus

camel,BatSaudi Arabia-Jeddah(2012)Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)[8][9].
Human coronavirus HKU1 (HCoV-HKU1)New Haven Virus[Annotation 1]A mouseHong Kong (2005)Mild respiratory tract infection, rarely severe pneumonia
SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-1)[† 2]SARS virusChinese cabbage,BatChugoku-Foshan(2002)Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)[9]
  1. ^ (English edition)May not be succeeded.
  2. ^ a b This virus is not a different speciesSARS-related coronavirusIs considered to be one of the stocks of.
  3. ^ Synonyms include 2019 coronavirus pneumonia,Wuhan pneumoniaThere is a syndrome.
  4. ^ (English edition),(English edition)Including stocks of.

All of the above four viruses belong to the genus Betacoronavirus (betacoronavirus) Belongs to.

Currently confirmed and named virus name Alpha strain Delta stock Lambda stock Omicron strain Beta stock Gamma strain (As of 2022 year 1 month) 


Known for the "new" of the new coronavirusViral family classificationBelongs toIt means a new pathogen.That is, the new coronavirusCoronavirus familyIt means a new pathogen belonging to (or its subclass).There is no intention of a completely unknown new pathogen. The use of the word "new XX" was introduced in 2015WHOConforms to the new infectious disease naming scheme decided by[10][11][12].

Historically, pathogens have often been named after location, individuals, or specific species, but these practices are not currently endorsed by WHO.[10][11][12].

The permanent official names of viruses and diseases are, respectively.ICTVとWHO OfInternational Classification of Diseases (ICD)Is determined by.

Detailed explanation


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