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👩‍🎓 | [Summer vacation 2022] A & D "Free research using electronic measuring equipment" proposal

Photo Do it with A&D products!Free research during summer vacation

[Summer Vacation 2022] Proposal for A&D "Free Research Using Electronic Measuring Instruments"

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Summer Vacation Free Research”.

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The educational environment, university entrance examination reform, and the environment surrounding children are undergoing major changes. Amid the changes of this era, parents' interest in the education and career of children is only increasing. Risemum will transmit accurate and useful information centered on educational information, as a medium that is close to the hearts of parents. We will promptly deliver information that parents are interested in such as education reform, international education, examinations, educational events, STEM education including programming.

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Free study

Free studyWhat is (Juyukenkyu)?Children-studentIs to study various matters freely, and has the following implications.

Current status

Long-term leave (Summer VacationChildren will leave teachers' guidance and methodologies for a period of 10 to 40 days,GuardianYou can conduct research in any way you like, even with the cooperation of. Especially during summer holidays (summer holidays), there are many days, so you can tackle a large number of tasks.

Originally, as the name of "freedom" does not force you, but sometimes parents or teachers have a strong intention to do it or do it for their own grades. In some cases, the school prepares a menu for the students to choose, or it may be assigned regardless of the student's intention. Also,Reading impressionsClear rules andQuotais often not set, so there are many cases where it is done in the name of "freedom" arbitrarily or jokingly.Furthermore, there are cases in which documents substantially created by parents are submitted under the name of the child/student.

At the end of the holidays, submit a research report in pictures, photos, and sentences to teachers,市町村It may also be exhibited at individual "work exhibitions".

Originally, "free study" is an inquiry-based learning that sets a theme by oneself and pursues it, and is a learning that can improve the skills from problem solving to putting together. Although many people recognize the importance of this, it seems that it may be disregarded as just one of their homework due to the weight of examinations and lack of teachers. On the other hand, some students have continued their research on the same theme from elementary school to high school, taking advantage of the award of the contest.

How to make

The Free Research Report is based on the following structure: It is advisable to create separate reports for specimens and crafts.

  • Free Research Theme
  • Research motives (why did you decide to do this research)
  • Method of study
  • Predicting results (It is important to predict the results first)
  • Result
  • Summary (Discussion of results, why did it happen if the results differ from expectations?)
  • Impressions after the research
  • References, acknowledgments, etc.

Many books have been published on the subjects and methods of free research.2000From the front and backPersonal computer,Digital cameraSince it has spread to general households, many well-organized reports have been submitted. On the other hand, in the reportインターネットThe number of frauds such as diversion of images and texts obtained via the Internet is increasing.

theme example


Scientific independent research that can be done at home

  • What happens when a rusty XNUMX-yen coin is soaked in seasoning?
  • Changes in oil and water (shaking, standing, etc.)
  • Difference between acidity and alkalinity


Research themes are all around us.

For example, when observing the emergence of cicadasDigital cameraYou can easily record with. It takes only a few hours to observe the emergence and a few days to put it together, so it is a free study in late July when there are many cicadas.

To investigate these in earnest,Picture bookAlthough the cooperation of experts and experts is indispensable, the accuracy may be within the scope of the child.


Insect collectinglike,Insects,plant,shell,rock,fossilAnd so on,SpecimenTo make.

  • Insect specimenIs a wing plate, insect pin,Deodorants,Insect repellentAnd so on.
  • Plant specimenAs much as possibleflower,sporeCollect the one with a sac and make a sample.PoaceaePlants andFern plantThere are some that even specialists do not know the type of leaves. In addition, there are some plants that turn black when used as specimens, so it would be good to have a picture of them when they were alive.
  • Specimens such as shells, rocks, and fossils are hard and do not rot, but it is difficult for experts to classify them depending on the condition.

Every specimen needs a specimen box to store it. Be sure to label each specimen with the species name, family name, collection site, collection date, collector, etc.Museum,Zoo"Classification" and "IdentificationIf you don't know the species name of the specimen, there is also a place where you can hold a meeting.

It should be noted that this kind of collection and preparation of specimens was a staple of summer vacation until the latter half of the Showa era. As a result, many new discoveries were made scientifically.


The theme and need for crafts are familiar.PET bottlesEtc.RecyclingOr something that is useful in the little things of daily life, traditional and highly scientifictoyIt is a good opportunity to make things such as.

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In fact, many children and parents are having a hard time, and there are many businesses that apply it. For example, a little scientific work kit,Piggy bankBefore the summer vacation, many items such as production sets will appear in the stationery department.In addition, educational magazines and other publications also have special features, and for that reason, many of the themes that have been picked up in such places will be seen at exhibitions that year.Insect collectingBy then, there were ready-made insect specimen sets.Morio KitaIn the book of insectsTaiwanInsect specimens from Japan have been submitted, and they are rotting as they are."

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