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💼 | "Getting a job as a former Duke's daughter-I submitted my resume to become a cook, but the goblins didn't do it-" ...


"Getting a job as a former Duke's daughter-I submitted my resume to become a cook, but the goblins didn't do it-" ...

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"Getting a job as a former Duke's daughter-I submitted my resume to become a cook, but I wasn't able to do it by goblins-" is on sale from TO Books up to Volume 3.

Published by TO Books "Employment of the former Duke's daughter-I submitted a resume to become a chef, but the goblins failed ... → Continue reading

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Ranobe News Online is a light novel general information site that delivers news related to light novels. The latest news about light novels such as works that are selling now, works that are attracting attention, works that are media mixing now, events in the light novel industry, etc. are delivered.

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Tea O Entertainment

T.O Entertainment Co., Ltd.(British: TO Entertainment, Inc.) Is a Japanese content production company.

moviesProduction / distribution / promotion /ProductionWas going on.


2003In 4 monthKadokawa ShotenHonda Takeichi and Shibata Iku, who were employees of Honda, were established independently.[2].. In October of the same year, TO Books label "Economic Revolution of Hanshin Fans"[3]Started publishing business at. Initially establishedAkita Sadanobu,OkataOf writers such asAgentI was doing business[4][5].

Video work


  • Room 1303(2007) --Production
  • (2008) --Production: Takeichi Honda
  • Robo geisha(2009) --Production
  • (2010) --Production / Distribution
  • Tsugaru Centennial Cafeteria(2011) --Production
  • Kunoichi Ninpocho Kagenotsuki(2011) --Production / Production, Distribution: TO Books
  • (2011) --Production
  • (2011) --Production, distribution: TO Books
  • (2012) --Production, distribution: TO Books
  • Killer Motel (2012)-Distribution: TO Books
  • Loan Challenger(2012) --Distribution: TO Books
  • Kishibe-cho strange story Exploration (2012) --Distribution: TO Books
  • Female College Student Mysterious Club (2012) --Distribution: TO Books
  • Goodbye debussy(2013) --Production
  • (2013) --Production, distribution: TO Books
  • Oh! Mai! Got! Gift from God-Production, Distribution: TO Books
  • Forget correctly (2010)-Distribution
  • Blue Ray (2014)-Distribution / Promotion: TO Books
  • Raia no Inori (2015)-Produced by: TO Books
  • PLAN6 CHANNEL9 (2016) --Production and distribution
  • Rockin Heartbreakers(2018) --Production: TO Books


TO Books

TO Books Co., Ltd. (T.O Books) is a Japanese company.Infomation.

Established a spin-off from T.O Entertainment in May 2014.

It publishes books such as light novels, comics, general novels, hobby / practical books, and sells video software (DVD).


WEB comic

  • comic corona


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