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🎁 | [23 hand cream gifts] Covers classics, petit plastics, and luxury items!


[23 hand cream gifts] Covers classics, petit plastics, and luxury items!

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Feeling refreshed

"Feeling refreshed"(Kibunsokai) was released on January 1994, 1 by One Up Music (currently:Up front works) Was released byChisato MoritakaThe firstsingle.. The CD code is EPDA-1.


  • In addition to being recorded on the best album "DO THE BEST", another sound source is recorded on "STEP BY STEP".
  • Coupling "Clap your hands 2" is the album "LUCKY 7The second song of "Clap your hands" recorded in.

recorded music

All lyrics: Chisato Moritaka

  1. Feeling refreshed
  2. Clap your hands 2
    • Composer: Chisato Moritaka
  3. Feeling refreshed (original karaoke)


Feeling refreshed

  • Chisato Moritaka Drums, Chorus
  • Yuichi Takahashi Guitar, Chorus, Piano
  • Hiroyoshi Matsuo Acoustic Guitar
  • Masafumi Yokoyama ベ ー

Clap your hands 2

  • Chisato Moritaka Drums, Chorus
  • Yuichi Takahashi Guitar
  • Hiroyoshi Matsuo Guitar solo
  • Shin Hashimoto Acoustic Piano
  • Yukio Seto base

Video clips

1994May 11A collection of video clips of the same name was released on (VHS code: EPVA-2). From "Watara Sebashi" to "Wonderful birthday/My loved one (single version)In addition to covering the video clips up to 』, the TV commercial at the time of the single release is also recorded.


  1. Watarase Bridge
    A spot CM of the live video "LIVE ROCK A LIVE" will be played after the song.
  2. My summer
  3. Fly man (long version)
  4. Blowin 'in the wind
  5. Rock'n Omelette
  6. Feeling refreshed
    2 patterns of spot CM are recorded.
  7. Summer day
    Spot CM (2 patterns) and "STEP BY STEP』CM recorded.
  8. Lovely birthday
  9. My dear person
  10. ending
    A staff roll will be played according to the karaoke version of "Suteki na Tanjyo".



  • J League with Kumamoto City, the birthplace of Chisato Moritaka, as the home townRoasso KumamotoWhen he wins the home game, the song will be played in the stadium after "Cammon Rosso" (winning chant) with the supporters after the match.

The artist who covered the song


  1. ^ "Refreshing" self-cover for the first time in 20 years Chisato Moritaka CM re-pitched "surprise" - Sports Nippon 2015th of February 4


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