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👩‍🎓 | Osaka Nazotoki Street Walking Game "Mystery Solving Metro Trip" Revival Held

Photo Nazotoki Street walking game "Mystery Solving Metro Journey" Main Visual

Osaka Nazotoki street walking game "Mystery solving metro trip" revival held

If you write the contents roughly
The revival mystery-solving kit does not come with a one-day ticket for Osaka Metro, so if you purchase it separately at the Osaka Metro subway station, you can fully enjoy walking around Nazotoki.

SCRAP's tour-type real escape game "Nazotoki Street Walking Game" Mystery Solving Metro Journey "" will be released in 2020 ... → Continue reading


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ticketIs generallyPassenger transportationAgreementBased ontransportCan claimrightProve orTableDo (ieTransportationTo use)SecuritiesSay.


For the carriage of passengers,TransportationBetweenAgreementTie theFareIssued by paying. Collectivelyprepaid card(Boarding card), etc., in which case you can use transportation without purchasing a ticket.

During transportation, it is obligatory to carry a cell phone, and when a staff member requests it, it is obliged to present it without delay.

Tickets are mainlyTrain,Transit BusSuch as landPublic transportIs a term used inboatIn Case ofBoarding ticket(Josenken),AirlinesIn Case ofAirline ticketIt's called.

Incidentally,JR OfFerry OfticketIs treated as a railway ticket even though it is a shipping route, and is not called a "boarding ticket" because it is positioned as "a transportation system integrated with the railway network."

Travel clubHere, all JR tickets ("JR tickets") and non-airline tickets are collectively referred to as "Shipping ticketThere is something called "Senshaken", but this is the amount paid by the travel agency.checkThere is also a similar existence, and there are cases where passengers cannot get on the bus without redeeming it.

Type of ticket

There are many types of tickets that correspond to the differences in the contents of transportation.[1].. In addition, the ticket is a security related to the right to sit and carry,Express ticket-Sleeper ticket・In many cases, securities related to the right to be transported in a specific state, such as seat tickets, are provided separately as special fare tickets (fare tickets).[2].

Normal ticket and discount ticket

Regular ticket(Ordinary ticket) means a ticket issued at a standard fare rate.[3].. Local tickets are also translated as ordinary tickets, but they have different meanings.[4](See below).

"Reduced ticket" means a ticket that is sold at a somewhat discounted standard fare.[3].. Discount tickets are provided for various purposes such as passenger fare burden, public interest, and soliciting passengers by discount[2].Commuter pass(commuter pass),Number of tickets(Coupon),Group ticketAnd so on.

One-way ticket and round-trip ticket

A one-way ticket to the destination is called a one-way ticket, and a ticket in which an outgoing ticket and a return ticket are consecutive is called a round-trip ticket.[5].

Shared and charter tickets

A ticket used by a large number of people for mixed rides is called a shared ticket (ordinary ticket), and a ticket for renting a room or a vehicle is called a charter ticket[5].

Ordinary ticket and solidarity ticket

Ordinary ticket (Local ticket) means a ticket that is limited to transportation on the same route (own ticket)[4].

An Interline ticket means a ticket (carriage ticket) whose transportation spans several routes (or shipping routes).[3].

Planning ticket

Ticket material

Hard ticket

Hard ticket(Kouken) is a ticket made of hard cardboard, which has been used for a long time as a ticket for railways. The definition is vague, but softer hard tickets are sometimes called "semi-hard tickets".

It was necessary to prepare a ticket in which the departure station and the arrival station were printed in advance, and it was necessary to prepare a great variety of tickets. A storage device for preparing a hard note is called a hard note difference (also called a hard note holder). For stations where demand is not expected so much, some destination stations are pre-printed on the ticket side, and semi-permanent tickets that are used by cutting off the lower part of the station, and supplements with blank departure and destination stations The type ticket was also seen.

When you put the date on the ticket,Dutch machineThe date was set using a machine called. However, nowadays, many companies use stamps because of time-consuming maintenance and cost reduction.

Tickets were numbered one by one at each arrival station, issued in numerical order, checked the youngest number of the remaining tickets, and checked the number of issued tickets by comparing it with the number on the previous day.

1836Was the stationmaster of Milton Station on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway in EnglandThomas EdmonsonWas devised together with the above sales method. It was a rational method at that time, and it spread to Europe including England from the 1840s.

In recent years, due to the rise of automatic ticket vending machines and ticketing terminals,2019(Heisei 31) JR Hokkaido, whose in-house production ended in April[6]Finally, JR companies have canceled regular sales, and other businesses are also tending to lose their tickets.However, even now, companies that have not introduced ticketing terminals and companies that cannot purchase admission tickets at automatic ticket vending machines sell hard tickets on a daily basis, and even companies that do not usually sell hard tickets can set them as commemorative tickets. It may be released.

In Japan, there are basically four sizes: A type, B type, C type, and D type.

Soft ticket

Soft ticket(Nanken) is a ticket that uses thin and soft paper. It was used as a ticket from the beginning of the railway, and after the ticket spreadCommuter PassIt was used for tickets that are not suitable for hard tickets, such as tickets that are not collected at landing stations, tickets with many entries, tickets with special handling, etc. ing.

Currently variousRefill ticket,Regular ticket(Tickets and limited express tickets printed in advance at the factory[7]) Etc. can be seen.

Roll paper

Automatic ticket vending machineThen, I set the roll paper and print it on the printer when issuing a ticket. The paper quality is thinner and softer than hard notes, but slightly harder than soft notes.

Automatic ticket gateIn areas (businesses) where is introduced, most of them have a magnetic recording surface on the back side, and the information necessary for ticketing at automatic ticket vending machines and Mars terminals is recorded, and automatic ticket gates andAutomatic checkout machineEtc.

Prepaid Card

1997, as a new generation card that replaces magnetic cardsYoubus cardAppeared. Then in 2001SuicaIt is becoming popular as a starting point. A plastic card is passed through the ticket gate by touching the IC terminal of the ticket gate. Unlike conventional single-use cards, the biggest feature is that you can use it over and over again by supplementing the fare when the balance in the card runs out. On the other hand, the balance is not printed on the card, and there is a demerit that the balance cannot be confirmed except at the station or a dedicated terminal.

Other materials

America,TaiwanOutside Japansubway,TramIn public transportation such as, it is not a paper ticket, but collected and used many timesPlastic,金属Made ticket,tokenThere is a place to use a special coin called (token).

Japanese ticket


In the case of Japanese railways, the "ticket" islocal train OfStandard-sized carUnreserved seatFreight usingFare) Is forExpress trainAnd to use special vehiclesSpecial express ticket-Express ticket-Green ticket-Sleeper ticketIt is distinguished from "special car ticket" etc. (so-called "fare ticket").JRIn the passenger business system, officiallyTicketsIs called (Admission ticketIs not included), in generalticketIt is called "(Kipp" written in Hiragana on the JR sales guide)[8].

Old JapanJapan National Railway(JNR)1872から1969Up to the same as the long-distance ferry and international ticket described laterGrade system(19601969st, XNUMXnd, XNUMXrd class and XNUMXst and XNUMXnd class until XNUMX), there were differences in fares and limited express/express fares themselves.

recent years[When?], Due to the rationalization, even in the railwayOne-man trainIs increasing, and when getting offFare boxTo farecashThere is a case where the issuance of a ticket at the station is omitted by directly inserting the ticket.1971ToHitachi Electric RailwayIt started in 2005 (the line was abolished), and now JR and manyRailway operatorHas been introduced in.

The size of the ticket is almost the same for each company station, and there are roughly five types below.

  • 3 cm x 5.75 cm
    The United Kingdom OfT. Edmonson Hard ticketThe size adopted when the device was devised (1 3/16 inch x 2 1/4 inch)[9] Ticket of "Type A ticket" or "Edmonson ticketAlso called. The most popular ticket size, and even todayAutomatic ticket vending machineWidely used for business.
  • 2.5 cm x 5.75 cm
    PrewarInvented to save paper. Also called a "B ticket," it is now used by many private railways for tickets and admission tickets (if both are hard tickets).
  • 6 cm × 8.75 cm
    It is also called a "C ticket." It used to be used as a ticket that combines a limited express ticket and a sleeper ticket, but now it is only used by some private railways.
  • 3 cm x 8.75 cm
    It is also called "D ticket" and is now used for round-trip tickets, commemorative tickets and entrance tickets at some private railways. In the 40s and 50s,Reserved seat ticketIt was also used for sleeping and sleeping tickets.
  • 5.75 cm x 8.5 cm
    It has a general size as a commuter pass, and is defined as "Special designated common ticket type XNUMX" by JR. Also,MARS(Mars)Of the tickets issued at the terminal (so-called "Mars tickets"), the shorter one has the same size (here, "special designated common ticket type XNUMX").
  • 5.75 cm x 12 cm
    The longer one of the "Marusu tickets", which is defined as "Fifth Special Common Ticket." "Youth 18 ticketPlan tickets such asSleeper ticket,Part ofPrivate railwayIt is used for connecting tickets.

In addition to the above, various sizes of JNR/JR are stipulated depending on the application, but due to the abolition of tickets and the integration of ticketing at MARS terminals, special designated common tickets (XNUMXth (XNUMX types), it is rarely seen today. There are various sizes and shapes of commemorative tickets released by each company station.

Transit Bus

GeneralTransit BusIn the case of, it is rare to issue a ticket when boarding (in many cases, the fare is directly cash or coupon ticket when getting on or off,Bus cardTickets are not so common because ofNishitetsu bus,Hokkaido Central Bus,Toyotetsu BusEtc. in the mainBus terminalTickets are sold from the first ride at the ticket counter or ticket vending machines. This is a smooth disembarkation by making advance purchase andExchangeHas the effect of reducing Also have a tourist spotTokai Busgroup,Hakone Tozan Bus,Alpico TransportationSo, for passengers who are unfamiliar with boarding a bus with a fare system to the kilometer, they are calling for passengers to buy a ticket as a guide as well. For other bus use in tourist areas, issue at a travel agencyCouponThere are kinds. Long mileageExpress BusIn many cases, tickets are issued.

In addition, on some reserved highway buses,インターネットAfter booking, go to the boarding page displayed by web paymentcomputerConnected toprinterPrinted withconvenience storeでMulti-function terminal(Lawson,FamilyMart) And agency storage service (Seven-Eleven) To pay the fare,cash registerIn some cases, the ticket issued at is the ticket.

Basically, it is issued for transportation of the section to be used, but for seats such as highway buses that have designated seatsReserved seat ticketIt may have the same function as. In addition, on some route buses, in the case of railroadExpress trainThere is a case that a bus equivalent toExpress chargeMay be

Ticket laws and regulations

Below, we mainly deal with railway tickets.

Legal nature

Prove or represent a claim for transportation under a passenger transportation contractSecuritiesIs. Normally, an unsigned ordinary ticketSecuritiesTherefore, the securities are required for the transfer and exercise of rights. However, since the ticket after the start of use (shears) cannot be transferred,Evidence securitiesIt is understood that it is nothing more than.

Railway business lawIs prohibited for passengers who do not have a ticket, except where otherwise provided (however,Hyogo OfHojo RailwaySince they do not issue a ticket, they take payment at the station where they get off.

Also, according to the above, the ticket will be valid regardless of where it is used, and as a rule,TochugeshaIs possible. However, exceptions are allowed if the railway operator makes other provisions. For details, see the section on getting off the bus.

The contents of the passenger transportation contract areConditions of carriageIsPassenger business rulesIs determined by. Each private railway company has its own similar conditions of carriage (Example:Kinki Nippon RailwayThe validity of the round-trip ticket at the round-trip ticket is twice as long as the one-way ticket only for refurbishment), but in some cases, it is substantially compliant with the contents of the passenger business rules of JR companies.

Refund policy

The fare is a consideration for shipping to the destination, and no refund will be given no matter how much delay there is if the purpose is completed. Refunds are basically limited to travel cancellations (JR Passenger Business Regulations Article 282-Article 289).

  • If you cancel the trip because the train is not operating before the start of the trip, all fares and charges will be refunded without charge.
    In addition, if you separately travel in a non-stop section by means other than JR passenger railway, you will receive a non-ride certificate in advance, and the fare for the non-stop section will be refunded after the trip.
  • After the start of travel, if the arrival is delayed for more than 2 hours, or if the train to the destination is lacking connection for more than 1 hour due to delay, or if it is certain that the trip is canceled, the departure station or intermediate station You can get repatriation without charge (if you do not stop). In this case, the fare will be refunded in full when returning to the departure point, and the difference minus the fare from the departure station to the alighting station when returning to the intermediate station.Number of ticketsIf you want to receive a free repatriation to the departure station, you can cancel the use and use the ticket again.
    The fee is not refundable, but you can board a vehicle of the same class when you repatriate. In addition, if the arrival of an express/limited express is delayed by more than 2 hours, the express/limited express charge will also be refunded.
  • Commuter pass・If the ticket includes a section that has been closed for five consecutive days or more, the validity period will be extended or refunded for the number of non-delivery days. You can receive).

Handling of illegal use of tickets

According to the passenger business rules, JR and private railwaysKissel rideIf you illegally use your ticket or have escaped the special fare, you can collect your ticket as invalid, and if you know the boarding section, if you do not know the section The following fares and fees will be charged for the separately defined sections.

  • Ordinary ticket: Regular fare and double the fare (including the fare and double fare if the price is included) = (ordinary fare + charge) x 2
  • In the case of a commuter pass: A normal fare and twice the fare (if the price includes the fare, the fare and the double fare are included) assuming that the trip is made once a day from the valid day to the day of discovery. = (Normal fare + charge) x number of days x 2 x 2

In addition, if you are doing habitually or if you are malicious, you will be asked for damages,FraudYou may also be punished for building intrusions (sometimes considered unauthorized access to station facilities).

Handling of lost tickets

If you lose your ticket, the following measures will be taken based on Passenger Business Regulations Chapter 7 Section 3 Subsection 3 "Lost Tickets".

  • If the clerk can confirm the fact of loss: Collect the normal fare for all boarding sections.
  • If the clerk cannot confirm the fact of loss: The same treatment as the illegal boarding in the previous section will be applied, but the fare will be tripled only from the boarding station to the current station.

If you pay the fare again, you can request a re-collection certificate at the travel end station, and if you find a lost ticket within a year, you can re-collect with the found ticket. By presenting the certificate at the station counter, it is possible to refund the reissued ticket.

As mentioned above, it should be noted that the loss of the ticket may require payment of a higher amount than the fare of the actual boarding section. As an example,East Japan RailwayIn (JR East), enlightenment on prevention of loss of ticketsPosterWarns, "You may have to pay three times the fare from the departure station." If the ticket is stolen, it will be treated as if it had been lost.

Commemorative ticket

In commemoration of events that will become milestones for operators, such as the opening and opening of new stations and new routes, the introduction of new vehicles, improvement of facilities, the abolition of routes, and social celebrations such as the New Year. Tickets to be issuedCommemorative ticketSay. "Commemoration issued for the same purpose and reasonAdmission ticketThere is also.

Some tourist routes are issued as "commemoration of boarding" and "commemoration of tourism". There is also a "commemoration of boarding" of a capacity event train.

In most cases, it is issued as a regular ticket, but mainly on the JNR1970 eraAroundExpress ticket-Limited express ticketThere was also an example issued with a toll ticket. As an extremely rare case,Commuter PassHave also been released in[10].

From before the war1960 eraUp to one ticket was often sold as a ticket equivalent to the first fare, but after that, more and more tickets were sold as a set, and it tended to become expensive. From the 1s, unique sizes, shapes, and designs appeared, and materials other than paper were used, and even three-dimensional models were released and sold in combination with pin badges and other commemorative goods. There is also.

1990 eraWhile the number of sales will decrease,Boarding cardWith the spread of, the number of cases issued in the form of commemorative cards has increased. Transportation system since the 2000sPrepaid CardWith the abolition of magnetic cards due to the spread of, there are cases where paper commemorative tickets are issued again. Also, due to high manufacturing costs, the number of cards issued is small, but some companies are issuing memorial IC cards.

Although the number of tickets sold has declined as described above, the trend of higher prices has been maintained, and in recent years, in particularAdmission ticketThe products that are set in large quantities stand out.

Lucky ticket

Admission ticketAuspiciousstation nameTickets that combine the two may become popular. Typical ones are as follows.

British ticket

In addition to tickets for London subways and buses, there is also a "travel card" that allows you to ride the subway or bus for one day, and a prepaid magnetic card called the "Oyster Card."[11].

Tickets for London Underground are purchased at automatic ticket machines (Oyster cards can also be charged at automatic ticket machines)[12].. The London Underground does not have a transit check-out system when getting off, it is necessary to definitely purchase a ticket to the destination and fines will be imposed if you get over[12].

French ticket

French railwayFares are set in detail according to the season, day of the week, departure time, etc., and there are several discount fares.[13].. Tickets for French National Railways are valid only for the train that has reservations (such as seat reservation), and for tickets without seat reservation within 7 days (until 24:XNUMX on the last day) from the stamping on the stamping machine. Has become[13].. Note that no stamp is required for E-tickets purchased on the French Railways website.[13].

Italian ticket

Roman subwayThere are one-time ticket (BIT), one-day ticket (BIG), three-day ticket (BTI), and one-week ticket (CIS)[14].. Tickets for the Roman subway are sold not only at ticket vending machines and counters inside stations but also at Tabaki (tobacco stores near stations)[14].

Austrian ticket

Vienna subwayTickets for (Woburn) can be purchased at automatic ticket vending machines installed at each station.[15].

Austrian public transportation requires you to stamp your ticket at the ticket gate or in the car, and you will be fined if you have the wrong ticket when checking the ticket inspector.[15].

Boarding ticket/air ticket

Boarding ticket

boatFor long distanceferryIn the case of long-time voyage routes, such as the open sea route and the open ocean route, a grade system is often adopted that differentiates the facilities onboard the ship from special, first, second, etc. In this case, it is in the form of special fares, first fares and second fares, and there are gaps in the fares themselves.Green ticket,Sleeper ticketIt is a different form from the form that includes additional charges such as.

Railway ferryincludingferryin the case of,AutomobileWhen shipping thedriverIf you want to use the advanced cabin, if you have an empty seat in the advanced cabin, you can change to the advanced cabin by paying the difference between the 2nd class fare and the 2st class/special fare is there.

However, if there is no grade system such as short-distance ferry or ferry, the ticket will be the same as a train or bus ticket. In some cases, the so-called bribe fee (meal fee) may be included.

Some routes issue boarding tickets with perforations on the face. Cut half of the pieces when boarding the ship and collect the stubs when disembarking. For short-distance ferry, there are some routes that directly collect the fare and do not issue a boarding ticket.

Generally, the issuance form is the same as other forms, but in the case of a ferry, there are cases where the "shiping instructions" are used to replace the boarding ticket. Also, except when using the short-haul shuttle route,An infantIt is necessary to list all of the accompanying persons including. this isJapan Coast GuardIs required by the notification ofDistressIt becomes difficult to confirm your identity. Therefore, the "boarding ticket"Airline ticketSimilarly, "SecuritiesCan be said. By rail ferrySeikan ferryCorresponds to this, and it was obligatory to fill in the boarding list.

Air ticket/boarding pass


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