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💬 Coconala | For those considering buying a home!Active sales advises sales experience for newly built condominiums and detached houses ...

For those who are considering buying a home!Active sales advise

Is it the sales experience of a newly built condominium / detached house?

For those who are considering buying a home!Active sales advise

Based on the sales experience of new condominiums and detached houses, we will consult with you neutrally!
Home/rental/purchase consultation
Real estate information is flooding the Internet these days, and people who are wondering what should be believed?
By the way, for those people, I used to work at a condominium gallery and now I am a (former) real estate developer who is doing second-hand brokerage business.
by Miriko
1,500 Yen
→See more in detail in the skill market “Coconara”


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