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🎁 | Matsuyama City "Let's go to eat" The first is an economic effect of XNUMX million yen [Ehime]


The first "Let's go to eat" in Matsuyama City has an economic effect of XNUMX million yen [Ehime]

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The city has extended the campaign period until the end of December, and expects to expand its use through synergistic effects with "GoToEat."

Matsuyama City's original campaign to support local restaurants in a difficult situation with the new corona has an economic effect of about XNUMX million yen so far ... → Continue reading

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Synergy(Synergy,synergy,British: synergy) Is要素By combining with other factorsSimple substanceIncrease the results beyond what can be obtained with.

Due to the synergistic effect, the overall efficiency is demonstrated.Economy,社会This effect is measured in various fields such as. It is mainly used as a good meaning and is not used in accidents or disasters.

Examples of synergies

Supposed to have umamiamino acidIsGlutamic acid-Inosinic acid-Guanylic acidand so on. A stronger taste is felt by ingesting two or more kinds at the same time than ingesting them alone.

"7 customs』, is defined as "the total sum is greater than the sum of each part", "men and womenThe connection ofchildrenIn addition to "to bring to the world", the following examples are given.

  • twoplantBy planting close to each other, it grows better than growing them separately.
  • TwowoodIt is possible to support a larger weight than the sum of the weights supported by each one by stacking.

Business (Synergy effect)

Most of the synergistic effects of activities between companiesSynergy effectIs called. As a methodAnd so on. Business owners do not have surplus labor and equipment, do not need to grow from the beginning when starting a new business, can also expand the scope of use by diversifying the company owning technology and skills, mutual use of rights We expect various effects such as becoming.

Types of synergies

Integration of past strategy, operational and management experience for new business.
Joint storage of raw materials,CompanySimilar betweenProductIntegration of research results.
Operational synergies
OpponentCompanyFor example, bulk purchasing of raw materials or common use of facilities.
distributionRoute orProduct OfAdsIntegration of sales promotion activities such as.


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