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🎁 | Actually, autumn and winter are more dangerous !? “Care for rough skin and stress caused by masks” 3 points taught by beauty professionals


Actually, autumn and winter are more dangerous !? “Care for rough skin and stress caused by masks” 3 points taught by beauty professionals

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Especially in the fall and winter when the temperature and humidity of the outside air is low, it is easier for the skin to fluctuate in a harsher environment than in the summer, which can lead to rough skin.

A "mask" that is becoming a part of the face.It seems that we will continue to have a long relationship. ... → Continue reading


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Low autumn / winter

Autumn And Winter

"Autumn And Winter"(Shuto) isJoji NakayamaLyrics,Horie DojiIt is a song composed by.This is Nakayama's last work[1].


1980January,Joji NakayamaDied at the young age of 1, leaving behind his favorite guitar and a demo tape.ThatDemo tapeThe song that was included is "Autumn / Winter"[1]..I had a friendship at that timeHiroshi Sekiguchi,Toru Minegishi,Carousel MakiTogether, they produced 400 self-produced "Autumn / Winter" records, which have been secretly listened to.

1983, The "Autumn / Winter" boom triggered by Miki Tachibana's single release1984It was competing by several singers around the time.At that time, he said, "I want to hear what Nakayama himself is singing."RIV.STAR RECORDSThe original version was also released because of the request.It was produced by taking out only the voice from the demo tape sound source and combining it with a new performance.

1984,Takada MizueIsThe 35th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』, Played the seventh appearance in this song for five consecutive years, but the next1985Since he retired from the entertainment world in June, this was his last red and white appearance.

Joji Nakayama's single recording song

1980 edition

  • A memorial board produced by the above-mentioned independent production
  1. Autumn And Winter Lyrics:Joji Nakayama, Composition:Horie Doji

1983 edition(RIV.STAR RECORDS: 7RC-0017)

  • For both songs, lyrics: Joji Nakayama, composition: Doji Horie, arrangement:Tatsuzaki Takaji
  1. Autumn And Winter(3:46)
  2. Autumn / winter karaoke(3:46)
  3. '''' Sakurazaka


1983-1984 competition

Other covered singers

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Fukuyama Masaharu


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