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👩‍🎓 | Move the robot in just 4 lines ── "Physical computing" that creates "dialogue" between reality and computer ...


Move a robot in just four lines ── "Physical computing" that creates a "dialogue" between reality and a computer ...

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In addition, by handling sensors, not only the inclination of infrared rays and acceleration, but also gravity and gravitational acceleration can be an opportunity for children to become interested in them.

At Maehara Elementary School in Koganei City, where Professor Takashi Matsuda was the former principal, IchigoJam (IchigoDake) and Cam ... → Continue reading

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Bared (VaLEd.press) is a media that supports the future and curiosity of children together with their parents. Not only for parents who have children who will learn programming and STEM education from now on, but also for children who actually learn and the destination where they must be involved, and for those who want to open a programming class from now on. This refers to a portal site that can deliver information.

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Acceleration of gravity

Acceleration of gravity(Juryokukasokudo,British: gravitational acceleration) Is重力Caused byAcceleration.


Simply putHow fast an object will be per unit time when droppedIt can be said that it is the amount showing.As a general rule, the movement of an object on which only gravity acts isEquivalence principleTherefore, it does not depend on the mass of the object.In other words, it has been proved that both heavy and light objects fall at the same speed, but this falling speed has the property of gradually increasing.[1]..Therefore, gravity can be expressed by acceleration.

unitIs the same as accelerationMeters per second squared (Symbol: m / s2) Is used.However, the force applied per mass (g = F / m) From the interpretationNewtoneverykilogram Some argue that (symbol: N / kg) is more appropriate.The numerical value is the same regardless of which unit is used.Gravitational acceleration means gravityEnglish: gravity Take the acronym g It is represented by.Gravitational constant Of G It is usually written in lowercase to distinguish it from.

Considering a spherically symmetric celestial body,rotationIf you do not consider the effect ofThe mass of the celestial body M, Radius R Then, the magnitude of gravitational acceleration near the surface of the earth isgravityFrom the law ofGravitational constantThe G As

It can be expressed as.RadialUnit vectorThe er given that

It is expressed as.By rotationCentrifugal forceConsidering the angular velocity of rotation ω=ωez As

Becomes here φ Is the observation pointlatitudeIs.The magnitude of gravitational acceleration varies with latitude, the smallest at the equator and the largest at the poles.The direction also deviates from the center of the sphere.

Earth's gravitational acceleration

地球Near the surface of the earth, any object receives a force (gravity) toward the ground, and its magnitude is that of the object.massIs proportional to.This proportionality constantAcceleration of gravityIs.This is the objectfree fallMatches the acceleration when

Standard gravitational acceleration

Since the value of gravitational acceleration varies from place to place,Standard gravitational accelerationIs set and the value is used all over the world.The original definition of standard gravitational acceleration is "International Bureau of Weights and Measures(Paris) Is the value of gravitational acceleration, and the numerical value was not specified.1880 As "the value of gravitational acceleration on the sea at latitude 45 degrees north", 9.80619920 m / s2 I decided.1901 OfInternational Weights and Measures General AssemblyAccurately set the value of standard gravitational acceleration in 9.80665 m / s2 Since then, that value has been used.

Gravitational acceleration as a unit

Gravitational acceleration is also used as a unit of acceleration.In this case, it is written as G in capital letters and read as "Gee".Same acceleration as gravitational acceleration 1.0 G It is expressed as. G isSI unitNot included in JapanMeasurement LawIs not allowed to be used in commercial transactions.

  • 1.0 G = 9.80665 m / s2

Gravitational acceleration other than the earth

Gravitational acceleration differs depending on the celestial body.For example, in the moon 1.622 m / s2 And about one-sixth (6%) of the earth.


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