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👩‍🎓 | Five universities in the center of attention send out "in the middle of information" for the 5 entrance examination


Five universities in the center of attention send out "in the middle of information" for the 5 entrance examination

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In addition to delivering online, in 2020, we will hold a few face-to-face events (limited to 100 people) at the same time, aiming for "live cram school cooperation".

With a campus in the 23 wards of Tokyo, it is also ranked in the "Number of Applicants Ranking" and "Number of Applicants <Growth Rate> Ranking" ... → Continue reading

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This is a news site specializing in Japanese universities and education. We publish news related to universities such as research results and industry-academia collaborations, interviews with key people at each university, and columns by experts about student recruitment status and brand power.

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online(Online) is

  • Computer networkso,nodeIndicates a state in which is connected to the network and can enjoy the service.The antonym isoff-line(Offline).
  • Conversations, meetings, exchanges, etc. between people using communication equipment.


A node is online when it is connected to another node and can be serviced. With the terminalhost,clientとserverThere are various types of connection such as client and client.

bank OfAccount system,JR OfMars systemIllustrated inTrainな どTransportationSeat reservation system, connected to the serveronline gameAs their ownprotocolTo connect to a network hostComputer systemIndicates a serviceable state.

There were times when the word "direct connection" was used in the past,National Institute for Japanese Language The"Foreign language" paraphrase proposalAlthough it was called "line connection", it is currently withdrawn.

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