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👩‍🎓 | Utilizing T point data for town development, Kanazawa University, etc.


Utilizing T point data for town development, Kanazawa University, etc.

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Associate Professor Fujio said, "T point data has not only movement information but also information on new aspects of purchasing.

C of Culture Convenience Club (CCC) Group, which develops marketing solutions business ... → Continue reading

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T point

T point(Tee point) isCulture Convenience Club(Hereinafter, CCC) developsPoint programIs.Also, as a subsidiary of the companyT-point Japan Co., Ltd.With (T Point Japan)T-Point Co., Ltd.The former is a company that operates the service, and the latter is a company that manages deposits associated with the service.


1 piecePoint CardA service that allows you to save and use points at each partner with (T card).また、Tカードを提示して購入した個人情報をデータベース化し商品開発等のために提携先に販売する事業In addition, a business that creates a database of personal information purchased by presenting a T card and sells it to partners for product development, etc.[2]. 201411/1There was a change in the rules that would automatically allow unconditionally unless the usage status was rejected again.[3]..It sells a variety of information to its business partners, from video rental history to online shopping purchase history.

At the beginning of the service, when the rental membership card of TSUTAYA was presented at the partner, T points that can be used at TSUTAYA were given, but now the partner also completely shifts the conventional point service to T points and cooperates. There are also places where points are shared among the destinations.

Culture Convenience Club OfMuneaki MasudaAbout the origin of the name of T point "Often T point isTSUTAYAIt is said that it comes from, but it is not. TポイントのTは、デザインが「T」はキレイ、それで「T」がいいんじゃないかと、直感(で決めた)」と説明したT of T point, intuition (decided by) that the design is "T" is beautiful, so "T" is good. "[4].

The point award rate and point return rate differ depending on the partner, but most partners give 100 point for every 200 yen or 1 yen paid and 1 yen for each point used.The expiration date of points is one year from the day when the points change (the day when points are accumulated or used).

T points cannot be given to T cards issued at some stores, such as stores that are not members of the T card common service.

In order to use this service at the store, it is necessary to show a credit card or membership card with a plastic point card or T card, but if you set "Mobile T card" in the smartphone application, some partners You can use the point service by scanning the barcode displayed on the app with.Also,Mobile walletFor mobile phones and smartphones that supportRakuten EdyTheInstallHowever, if T points are set to be accumulated in "Point setting with Edy", T points could be given when paying with Rakuten Edy of Osaifu-Keitai at stores that have introduced Rakuten Edy, but 2020 In November of the year, the service for accumulating T points was terminated.

On May 2012, 5, it was announced that the number of members using T points exceeded 10 million.[5]..なお、ライバルの共通ポイントIn addition, common points of rivalsTipEarlier, it was announced on February 2012, 2 that the number of members exceeded 5 million.[6]..ただしTポイント会員数の公式発表は、Tカードを複数枚持っている人を名寄せし、重複を除いているHowever, the official announcement of the number of T point members identifies people who have multiple T cards and eliminates duplication.[5].

Strategic comprehensive alliance with Yahoo! JAPAN

Establishment of new company and business transferYahoo! JAPANWas based on a strategic comprehensive alliance with[7]..The aim was to make the alliance, which had already started in 2010, comprehensive, and to concentrate business resources on the strengths of both companies.

And 20136/4Both companies announced in the press7/1Instead of transferring Yahoo! JAPAN's unique points to T points, the ID in the T point web service will be transferred to the Yahoo! JAPAN ID.[8]..また両社が強みとする分野を生かし、Tポイントの利用を広げることも目指すWe also aim to expand the use of T points by taking advantage of the fields that both companies have strengths in.[7].

How to get a T card

The first four digits of the membership number are assigned to each card issuer.

The T card can be used immediately after enrollment and acquisition, but it may not be available at other stores for several hours after enrollment.

Depending on the partner, you may need to fill out the application form when issuing the card, or you may need to issue the card on the spot at the time of application and register the information later. In the latter case, the information registration will not be completed. Functions other than point addition are restricted.

TSUTAYA store (0000)

Until March 2004, a card was required for each store, but after April 3, one card can be used.
This service can be used even with a TSUTAYA membership card issued before the start of the T point service in October 2003 if the card is valid. Depending on the issue time and store, it may be a 10-digit number instead of a 0000-digit number starting with 16.
By 2005, a product sales point card without a rental function was added, and it became possible to join without paying an admission fee or presenting identity verification documents.
Membership card without rental function
Currently, many T cards that do not have a rental function do not have a sticker on the product sales point card to distinguish whether or not they have a rental function, and as described later, the rental function is automatically performed when the rental member expires. Since it is a membership card without a membership card, it is often impossible to confirm the existence of the rental function without confirming the rental expiration date printed on the back of the card.
No ID or rental registration fee is required to issue a T card that does not have a rental function.
An ID card (those with a face photo can be used alone) to issue a T card with a rental function.Student card(Student handbook) AndInsurance cardIsUtility chargesReceipt / Postmarked mail with address printed /Resident card,Seal certificateAny of the documents with the current address such as) ・ Rental registration fee set by each store ・ Annual membership fee is required depending on the store.
For registration of rental function to T card issued by TSUTAYA without rental function, T card issued by affiliated stores that can issue T card other than TSUTAYA, and re-registration of rental function to T card whose rental expiration date has expired Also requires a T card to add a rental function.
At TSUTAYA, you can choose whether or not to have a rental function even for a T card that does not have a credit function, so you will be notified of whether or not you have a rental function when you join. First of all, at the TSUTAYA counter, tell the T card membership and whether or not there is a rental function, and fill out the membership application form on the spot. You can use it by putting out the written membership application form and necessary items at the counter, listening to the membership agreement, rental card explanation, and signing the card.[9].
Even if the rental expiration date of a T card with a rental function expires, if the T card is valid, it can continue to be used as a membership card without a rental function, but if there is no change in points for one year, the points will also expire. If the card has not been used for more than one year after the rental expiration date, the card will be invalid.
Even if you use an invalid T card at many T card affiliated stores, points will be displayed, but points will not be accumulated. The receipt of the affiliated store may indicate that fact.

Partners issuing T cards

Some affiliated stores other than TSUTAYA will only issue T cards that do not have a rental / credit function, so if you want to attach a rental, go to the TSUTAYA store and bring the card and what you need to issue a T card that has a rental function. There is a need to.

Camera Kitamura (9012)
200610Issuance started in the form of transferring the conventional Kitamura point card.
Fuji Citi (9170)
Available at Fuji, Delido, and Full House stores operated by Fujicitio in the Kanto region from August 2007[Note 1].
TSUTAYAFranchiseBut also.
Eye City (9188)
Issuance of T cards and granting of T points started on September 2009, 9.
20107/1Issuance and handling started.
Issued at the time of shopping (online or at a physical store).
(9023) *
20118/1Issuance started.
Mainichi Newspapers Naruhodori T Card *
Earn 30 or 39 points each month depending on your subscription address.
Suruga Bank
For bank loan (reserved plan) users, points can be accumulated with a loan and points can be used for repayment.
With the debit T card issued at the T point branch of the Internet branch, 200 point will be earned at a later date for every 1 yen including tax.
Welcia Pharmacy-Takiya-Shimizu Yakuhin-Marudai Sakurai Pharmacy(Hapicom,Welcia Group)
From March 2012, 3, "Welcia T Card" will be issued and handled at "Welcia" stores in the Kanto area.
The old "Drug Terashima" store has also issued T cards at any time since the introduction of T points.
Old from October of the same yearWelcia KansaiOperated by the store, old from July 2014, 7Takada PharmacyIt was introduced sequentially at each of the operated stores.
In addition, as Takiya and Shimizu Pharmacy, which participate in the same Hapicom, joined the Welcia Group on March 2015, 3, Takiya introduced the system from June 1 of the same year, and Shimizu Yakuhin introduced it from July 6 of the same year. ..
From September 2017, 9, the introduction of Happy Drug, Drug O, and Happy Dispensing Pharmacy operated by Marudai Sakurai Pharmacy, which became part of the Welcia Group, began on September 1, 2017.
Became a member of the Welcia Group from March 2018, 3Ichinodate[Note 2]では2018年2月からTポイントカードの発行を開始。 以前のポイントカードは2018年3月2日から2019年2月28日まで貯めたポイントを1ポイント1円換算で割引いて購入出来る。
ENEOS (9005) *
Issued from April 2012, 4[Note 3].
You can refuel at the ENEOS T card member price.
MADO shop
Issuance started in 2011 except for some stores.YKK APA franchise remodeling shop developed by.
Drug store mac (9025)
Issuance started in 2011. The old mac card was switched to the T card on September 2011, 9. The T point service has started at stores in Kochi prefecture on September 15, 2011.[10]
Drug Yutaka (9053)
Published in June 20127/2More points have been added.
Along with this, the conventional Yutaka point service will end, but until December 2012, 12, it was possible to handle it at stores as a "return period".[11].
201211/29Started issuing point services and T-cards with Maruetsu specifications at some stores[12].. By February 2013, 2, the introduction was completed at all "Maruetsu," "Maruetsu Petit," "Rinkos," and "Uoetsu" stores, except for the fresh fish specialty store "Uoetsu Kojiya." The conventional "Maruetsu point card" introduced at some stores can be given points until the day before the service starts. 20133/31Will be abolished.
Mommy Mart(9133)
Issuance of Mammy Mart T-cards started on September 2014, 9[13].
The conventional point card can be given points until the day before the service starts, and will be abolished on November 2014, 11.
Orion Books
201412Started issuing T-cards with Orion Books specifications.
Softbank (9655)
From July 2014 usageSoftbankWith the change of brand voice contract points to T points, issuance began in June 2014.
SB payment service (9656)
From February 2015, with the start of the prepaid service affiliated with VISA, it will be issued to SoftBank brand voice terminal users of SoftBank Mobile.
20154/20Started issuing T cards. Although EDION's original EDION card and Anshin Guarantor card are still available, points can only be accumulated on one of the T card, EDION card, and Anshin Guarantor card.[14].
Tobu store
20159/24Started issuing T cards with Tobu store specifications[15].
Tobu Store's original point card can be given points until the day before the service starts, and will be abolished on March 2016, 3.[16].
Introduced T point service at all "Shimachu" and "Homes" home improvement stores from September 2017th to 9th, 5[17].. In addition to Shimachu's T card without credit function,Pocket cardWe will also issue a credit card type T card affiliated with.
From July 2016, 7, T point service and WonderGOO group specification T card will be issued.AplusWe also accept issuance of T Card Plus. In addition, Shinseido had a franchise agreement with TSUTAYA for a while, and from 2007 to 2008, it issued T cards and provided T point services at some stores.
FamilyMart(9072, issued in 2014 from July 7, 5) *
From November 2007, 11, FamilyMart participated in the "Tea Point Program" and became a subsidiary of FamilyMart.Famima Credit(CurrentlyPocket cardIssued by "Absorption-type merger"Family Card"T card" is integrated with ""Famima T CardAnd new issuance started.
Until July 2014, 7, as a general rule, only Famima T Cards with a credit function are accepted, and only applicants (including minors) who cannot issue credit cards are Famima T Cards with a point function only. However, from July 4, 2014, Famima T Cards with only the point function can be issued at FamilyMart stores regardless of whether or not a credit application is made.
Famima T Cards (point cards) issued by July 2014, 7 have a 4-year expiration date, similar to credit cards, but members who do not have the expiration date or the Romanized name stamped at the time of renewal. You will receive the same Famima T Card that can be issued immediately at the store with only the number stamped.
From October 2015, 9Japan Net BankIn partnership with, we have also started issuing "Famima T Card (cash card with Visa debit)".
The issuance of "Famima T Card (cash card with Visa debit)" was terminated on May 2019, 5, and the issuance of Famima T Card (point card) over the counter was terminated on May 20, 2019.We will continue to accept applications for Famima T Cards with credit functions and to give and use points for issued cards ("Famima T Cards (cash cards with Visa debit)" have already been issued, and theft and loss are the same. The card can be reissued. In case of theft or loss, everything except the account number will change. The card face remains the same, but the tie-up with FamilyMart has been canceled, and the tie-up partner is only CCC.)
Since October 2019, some stores have issued regular T cards (without credit function) instead of Famima T cards.

Cards issued at affiliated stores marked with * do not enter personal information at the issuing store, and members are registered on the Internet site.that time,Yahoo! JAPANAccount is required.

TSUTAYA's franchisee, which issues T cards

Since TSUTAYA Sumiya is currently a franchise of Culture Convenience Club, the card number starts with 0000 like TSUTAYA.
We also issue the TSUTAYA Aplus W Card (described later) with a credit card.
T-cards are not issued at stores other than TSUTAYA Sumiya.
Oh Entertainment(9 digits)
The WAY CARD, which has been issued by TSUTAYA WAY, is linked with T Point.
In recent years, we have developed a unique OE card that gives points even when purchasing books, and OE cards that can only be used at TSUTAYA WAY stores do not give points.

Affiliated company that used to issue T cards

Like other T cards, T cards issued by these affiliated companies can be used by anyone other than the issuer even after the end of the alliance because the expiration date will be extended if they are used within one year of the card expiration date. Yes (if the issuer has finished handling it, it will be a T card that cannot be used by the issuer but can be used by other companies).

Warner Mycal Cinemas
20096/27With this, the issuance of T cards and the handling of T points are completed.
Book off (9092)
200710/1More introduced. The Book Off membership card issued until then is the day before the transition9/30The service was terminated for a limited time (the points held in the Book Off membership card disappeared without being transferred, so it was necessary to use them up). As a result, the discount with the service ticket was changed to the discount with T points. If you already have a T card, you can transfer it as it is and you cannot issue a Book Off T card.
Immediately after the transition, it was discovered that multiple cards with the same number were issued during the card manufacturing process, and in 200711/3The new card issuance was stopped until the 11th.
Due to the expiration of the T point contract with the Culture Convenience Club, the issuance of T cards and the handling of T points at Book Off ended on September 2010, 9.
Motivation switch group
As of April 2016, 4, the handling of T cards and T point grants has ended.[18].
Issuance of T cards and handling of T points will end on March 2011, 3.
ア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グ
Three F ・ q's mart ・ gooz
Card issuance and point awarding started on December 2008, 12.
When issuing outside the Shikoku area, the parent companyFuji CitiAnd the Three F logo are lined up.
Lawson Three FStore isTipAndd point clubIs not eligible for T points because it provides.
As of January 2018, Three F and q's mart stores have disappeared, so T points are no longer available. The gooz store also terminated the T point service by switching the POS system.
Queens Isetan
20168/1Started issuing T-cards with Queen's Isetan specifications[19].
In addition, Queen's Isetan's original point card can be given points until the day before the service starts, and is valid until December 2017.[20].
The T Point service will end on March 2018, 3.[21]
Doutor coffee (9116) *
Issuance of T cards and granting of T points started on September 2009, 11.
There were two types, Doutor and Excelsior Cafe brand.
End of handling T points on April 2019, 4
Red cabbage
20129/1More points have been added[22].. Along with this, the conventional Red Cabbage reward card was abolished on August 8, the day before.
By acquisition of fixed assetsMaxvalu Kyushu(CurrentAEON Kyushu) With the transfer of operations 20203/20By the end of the handling of T points at all stores.翌3月21日よりFrom the following March XNUMXstAEON groupSwitched to WAON POINT.

How to use T points

Used for shopping

Actual stores that have T points as partners with 1 point = 1 yen,Yahoo! ShoppingOnline shopping includingLOHACO,GYAO!な どYahooCan be used with related, netoff, Mynavi, etc.).Yahoo! Easy settlementThe transfer price can be used in the same way.

Used in exchange for goods

You can exchange miscellaneous goods at the T site and use T points to participate in the lottery.


If you wish to withdraw from the T card, you need to print out the cancellation application form on the CCC official website, enclose the identity verification documents, and send it by registered mail.[23].. Canceling a T-site member from the Web does not mean canceling the entire T-point.

expiration date

The expiration date of the T card is one year from the issue date (for those with an integrated international brand card, until the expiration date stated on the card), the expiration date of the T point is one year from the last use date, and the expiration date of the T money is the last use date. It has been 1 years since then.

The expiration date of the T card is automatically extended for one year if it is used even once in the past year. If you register for rental (including re-registration) at TSUTAYA, it will be changed to one year from the date of registration. The rental expiration date is not automatically extended, and if you do not continue the rental procedure, you will be treated as a product sales member as it is, and you will need to register for rental again in order to use it for rental at TSUTAYA.

If the expiration date of the T card has passed without any change in the points even after the T points have expired, the card itself will expire and points cannot be accumulated.

Convert to cash

100 points = 85 yenJapan Net BankCan be cashed through. However, there are various conditions for cashing.

Donate with points

T point donation
It is possible to donate to various donations via the Internet in units of 1 yen for 1 point and 1 yen.
Yahoo! Internet fundraising
As with T point donations, you can donate from 1 point to various donations.

Information recorded by the T card

The T membership agreement published by CCC states that the following personal information will be acquired and retained.[24].

  • Name, gender, date of birth, address, phone number, email address
  • Questionnaire contents
  • Usage history at partner companies (product name, amount, date and time, location)
  • T member net service registration status and T card suspension / withdrawal status
  • Information about points and electronic money
  • credit card number
  • What can identify the individual by image or sound
  • Usage of services for T members
  • Internet access information (browser type / version, operating system, platform, browsing history, service usage history)
  • Contents of opinions, requests, inquiries, etc.
  • IP address, mobile device information and its location information
  • All other personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Law

T card with credit function

In the case of a membership card with a credit function, the expiration date of the card will be the expiration date of the membership card, and the renewal card will be sent before the expiration date, but the renewal card may not arrive depending on the usage record of the card.In the past, the membership card, which had to be renewed every year, is automatically renewed, and there is no cost such as product security fee at that time.

However, the rental function is only for cards with a membership number issued by the rental shop, and for other cards, it is necessary to re-conclude a rental contract.Furthermore, regardless of whether it is used inside or outside the TSUTAYA store, the points for payment with this card will be T points (return rate is above) and can be used at TSUTAYA etc.[25].

In addition,VISAThe T-money function has been abolished from November 2018, 11 for T-cards with branded credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards.

In addition, although the main ones will be explained below, many T cards with credit functions are issued in addition to the following, so please refer to the T site for existing credit cards.[26].

T card plus

T card plusThere are three types of credit card companies, Aplus version, Orico version, and pocket card version.

The TSUTAYA version is available at TSUTAYA stores (FranchiseThe affiliated cards differ depending on the company) (pocket card versions cannot be created at stores that have contracts with APLUS). There are other versions of Aplus and Orico besides the TSUTAYA version. You can choose between two types of cards, blue and white, and TSUTAYA's services such as free TSUTAYA rental renewal fee and half price for birthday month rental are the same. Also free for the first year. From the second year onwards, the annual membership fee is 2 yen excluding tax, but the conditions for exemption from the annual membership fee and benefits are different for each card company. Also, the colors on the back side are all different.

T Card Plus (Aplus version)
Ltd.AplusCard issued by.
It is the successor to the W card and has been issued since the latter half of 2010. The annual membership fee is free for the first year. From the second year onwards, it will be 2 yen including tax, but it will be free depending on the conditions.
You can join at the TSUTAYA store and online.
Initially, it was only the JCB brand, but since June 2011, the VISA brand has also been issued. As will be described later, W card owners issued by APLUS will be able to switch their renewal cards to T card plus after 6.
There are two types of T Card Plus with different annual membership fee free conditions depending on the time of new issuance or switching from W card (the card design is the same).
Cards issued by around April 2013 will be free for card payments of 4 yen or more per year. Cards issued after that will be free if you use the card payment at least once a year.
All have the same design and benefits. In addition, each card cannot be switched, and a new application is required after canceling the possession card once.

In addition to the TSUTAYA version, there are cards that have the most partners. See Aplus version and light blue below.

T Card Plus (Aplus version, light blue)
Published by APLUS Co., Ltd.
Like the Orico version, there are cameras such as Kitamura and Fujicitio, as well as other FamilyMart, Nissen, Drug Eleven, Red Cabbage, Contact Eye City, Doutor Coffee Shop, Excelsior Cafe, Welcia / Drug Terashima / Welcia Fujii, Gyu-Kaku, There are points, book-off groups, Warner Mycal Cinemas, etc.
Members who have issued T-cards and T-cards whose numbers start with "9100", "9190", and "9200" can join only online.
The service conforms to T Card Plus (Aplus version) issued by TSUTAYA. JCB brand only.
T Card Plus (Orico version)
Ltd.Orient CorporationCard issued by. JCB brand only. Besides the TSUTAYA versionCamera Kimura Studio Mario Camera Kitamura,Fuji (Super) Delido Full HouseHowever, T Card Plus exists and the annual membership fee is free for many years. Both can be applied online,"Camera Kitamura"Is required to enter the Kitamura T card membership number.
T Card Plus (Pocket Card Version)
Pocket cardA card issued by a corporation. JCB brand only. The annual membership fee is free if you use the card payment at least once a year.
Like the Famima T Card, it is a revolving credit card at the beginning of the contract, so it is necessary to change the contract to make it a general credit card.

T card plus α

T card plus αIs issued by Aplus.At the time of application, 20 to 25 years old, T card holders issued by TSUTAYA and new members can join only on the WEB.The annual membership fee is free for 5 years.The first update will switch to T Card Plus (Aplus version), and subsequent services will be based on T Card Plus (Aplus version). JCB brand only.

T Card Plus Photo

T Card Plus Photo TheT Card Plus Photo --TSUTAYA onlineA credit card issued by Orico in. You can design your pet's photo as a credit card (depending on the content of the photo, it may not be accepted). Information was posted on T-SITE on September 2011, 9, and applications will be accepted only at TSUTAYA stores from October 30 (only some stores will accept applications). T card holders issued by TSUTAYA and new members can apply. The annual membership fee is free for the first year. From the second year onwards, the annual membership fee is 10 yen. Currently, W Card and T Card Plus members must cancel the contract and then apply for a new one, and the points of the cancellation card cannot be transferred to the new card. JCB brand only.


TSUTAYA W cardIs a TSUTAYA membership cardcredit cardWith the addition of.Known as W card.Long time agoJacks,GCA partnership card was issued with, but as of August 2010AplusandFamima Credit(CurrentlyPocket card)JCBHe was issuing branded cards. The annual membership fee of the card is free for many years.

With the start of acceptance of T Card Plus issued by TSUTAYA, membership acceptance for both of the following two companies has ended on September 2010, 9 (end of August at the store). The issued W card can continue to be used, and T card plus will be issued at the time of renewal for Aplus-issued W card members who will expire after 27. The current APLUS-issued W card members may be free of annual membership fees for five years after the T-card plus is issued, and the relevant members are notified in writing, but inquiries can also be made by telephone.

TSUTAYA W card (Aplus version)

Until the end of 2007, the APLUS version of the TSUTAYA W card was billed at a 10% discount from the transaction amount by paying the rental fee at TSUTAYA with this card.

On a card with these benefits 2006As of the end of December, about 12 million people have joined, and in 408 alone, about 2006 million new members were acquired (according to CCC announcement). This accounts for more than half of APLUS's membership (the number of valid APLUS credit card members was about 100 million as of September 2006).

In addition, since the W card that was issued so far was issued by TSUTAYA, the rental function was given, butTSUTAYA SumiyaThe W card issued in is not given the rental function. To use the rental service, you need to bring your identity verification documents at the rental member TSUTAYA store and fill out the application form to apply, or apply online from the TSUTAYA website.

TSUTAYA W Card (Famima Credit Version)

The Famima Credit version of the TSUTAYA W Card also had a web page opened in April 2008.As a result, Famima Credit has issued two types of credit function T cards.Official site[27]The card issuance procedure was available on the Web, but the Famima T Card owner could not register.

Famima T Card

Famima T CardIs a credit card issued by Pocket Card Co., Ltd. from November 2007, 11, with a T card function (including those under the age of 20 including high school students, points without credit function that do not require credit examination) Cards anddebit cardThere is also).ThisFamily CardIssuance was abolished.Compared to Famima Card, Famima T Card has half the credit points and no IC chip.[28], The trouble of withdrawing points has been eliminated. Unique features of the Famima T Card include triple credit points for credit card payments on FamilyMart card days (every Tuesday and Saturday), and the ability to buy products with the "Now Deals" label at member prices. That is. However, the benefits will change from March 3, 2010, and the card day (every Tuesday and Saturday) will be "T point double day", and the above card day member discount and credit triple point will be abolished. Then, the T points (3 point for 2 yen) that you normally earn will be doubled (2 points for 3 yen) (the privilege of purchasing products with the "Now deals" label at the member price will continue as it is. ).

Enutas T Card

Enutas T CardIs Nutas Co., Ltd., which is funded by Nagasaki Bus Co., Ltd. and Kyushu TSUTAYA Co., Ltd.[29]Issued byNagasaki MotorIn a groupNagasaki smart cardIntroduce as an alternative toPrepaid Cardticket[30].. The IC card balance is called "Nutas Money", and it is possible to use transportation science fiction on Nagasaki buses and electronic money for shopping at affiliated stores in the Nagasaki area.[31]In addition to Nutas Money, T-money can also be charged.[32][33][34].. The feature is that you can collect T points regardless of whether you have a credit card function. The ENTAS T card with credit card functionOrient CorporationIssued by[35],Coco color cardAlso serves as a substitute for[36]When getting off the bus, when paying the taxi fare, when shopping is settled[37] OfAuto chargeAlso supports[38].. If there is no credit card function, both the registered and bearer types will be sold for 500 yen including a deposit of 2000 yen.[38].. In addition, the maximum amount per charge is 1 yen, and the upper limit of the balance is 49000 yen.[39].

The point return rate is 100 point for every 1 yen for bus use and 200 point for every 1 yen for taxi use, and will be applied to welfare transportation services in collaboration with Nagasaki City in the future.[31].. You can exchange accumulated T points to charge Nutas Money[40]. Also,Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum,Nagasaki Museum of History and CultureThen you can get a discounted rate by using Nutas Money[41].

20198/1Started recruiting members[35].. The official website for credit cards[42]You can also apply from.

As an IC card ticket, 20199/16More Nagasaki BusTrafficStarted to be used by two companies. For this reason, Nagasaki Bus and Saikai Kotsu will sell the Nagasaki smart card the day before.9/15Ended with, the same year12/27It was abolished with. In addition, of the same Nagasaki Bus GroupShimabara Railway-Goto MotorSo far, the Nutas T card has not been introduced, especially on the Shimabara Railway. 20206/30After the sale of the Nagasaki Smart Card ended and it was abolished on September 9, the same year, the IC card itself will not be usable.[Note 4], Both companies say, "We will consider introducing it eventually."[43].

20202/16From the "Nutas T Card" area is "SUGOCAIt is included in the area and has begun to be introduced by businesses other than the Nagasaki Automobile Group in Nagasaki Prefecture.nagasaki nimocaIs affiliated with SUGOCA10 companies nationwide transportation IC card(Suica, Nimoca, etc.) is also available.However, the Nutas T card cannot be used in the "nagasaki nimoca" area or "SUGOCA" area.

Main partners

T Point is affiliated with various fields and industries[44].. The following are some of them.

Video / Music / Books (newspaper)

Entertainment service

Hotel / travel related

Camera / Photo / Material


convenience store

  • FamilyMart(If you register the T card information in the "FamiPay" app on your smartphone, you only need to show the app at the store and you do not need to show the card separately.)
  • Three F(By January 2018Lawson Three FConverted to, and can no longer be used sequentially from the converted stores[47]) →Tip -d point club Change to saddle.
  • Lawson(Although it was a partner from the beginning of T point, it ended on March 2007, 3) → Switched to Ponta d POINT CLUB via My LAWSON POINT.


Department store

Drug store

Home center

Consumer electronics

online shopping

Food and drink related


  • Delivery hall(Ended November 2020, 11) → Change to LINE points.


Glasses / contacts

Internet synthesis


Car related


Home delivery / moving / real estate

  • Yamato Transport(Ended March 2021, 3. From April 31, 2020, Kuroneko Members who registered T card information will be given 4 points or 1 points under certain conditions. After the same day, show the T card Even so, points are no longer awarded.)
  • Mini mini
  • at home(End June 2015, 6[56])

Energy (electricity / gas)

Home / living

Financial institution

Payment / financial services


Of the courtWritInvestigative agency (separate from the case of promulgationPolicemen,Prosecutor's officeIt was reported on January 2019, 1 that the member information was provided even when) was issued.[57][58].. CCC acknowledged this fact the following day[59].. Previously, membership information was provided only by a court warrant, but since 2012, membership information has been provided even when an inquiry form for investigation-related matters is issued. In addition, CCC revised the personal information protection policy (confirmation of the current situation) on the same date based on the change in its handling.[60].


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