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🛋 | [Great if you can read] Menjo, Fukozu, Senryo ... Aichi Prefecture's obfuscated place name-advanced edition-


[It's amazing if you can read it] Menjo, Fukozu, Senryo ... Aichi Prefecture's obfuscated place name-advanced edition-

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As a loyal prince who dedicated his life to the Shibata Katsuie, he is still enshrined in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture.

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Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture

Katsuie Shibata

Shibata Katsuie(Shibata Katsuie)Sengoku periodからAzuchi-Momoyama PeriodOverMilitary commander-Sengoku Daimyo.


Oda Nobuhide era

Ohnaga2 years( 1522), According to "Zhangzhou Prefectural Magazine"OwariAichi-gunKamiyashiroVillage (currently:AichiNagoya cityMeito Ward) Is born[Annotation 3]..The year of birth is the 6th year of Daiei ( 1526) Theory and Daiei 7 years ( 1527) There is also a theory, and it is not clear.The origin is unknownKatsuyoshi ShibataAlthough it is said to be a child of, there is no reliable material.Probably from a house of the earthen class[3].

From a young ageNobuhide OdaIt is said that he served as a vassal of Owari Province and occupied Shimoshamura, Aichi-gun, Owari Province.I don't know the positionOda Nobunagaの家督継承のころには織田家の重鎮であった。astronomical20 years( 1551) When Nobuhide died, the child'sNobuyuki OdaTo (Nobuyuki)ElderServed as.

Oda Nobuyuki era

Astronomy 21 years ( 1552) In the guardianship that controls the four counties of OwariKiyosu CastleLord'sNobutomo OdaIn the battle withIetada ChujoAt the same time, he defeated the enemy's chief retainer, Jinsuke Sakai, and in the following year, he defeated Kiyosu Castle as a general and established a martial art to defeat 30 horses.Battle of Kiyosu).

Trying to make Nobuhide the successor to NobuhideHayashi HidesadaAttempt to eliminate Nobunaga Oda by planning withKoji2 years( 1556) In August, Katsuya led 8 people to fight, but lost the battle with Nobunaga and surrendered ()Battle of Ino).At this time, Nobunaga and Nobunaga's motherTsuchida GozenForgiven by the strong wish of Nobuyuki, Katsuya,Kurato TsuzukiWent up to Kiyosu Castle in sumi and thanked Nobunaga with Dota Gozen (the first volume of "Shincho Koki").After that, he acknowledged Nobunaga's ability, and after Inao's defeat, Nobunaga gave up on Nobunaga, partly because he began to use the newcomer Tsutsuki Kurato and despise Katsuya.Koji 3rd year ( 1557), When Nobunaga planned a rebellion plan to eliminate Nobunaga again, he notified Nobunaga in advance, and Nobunaga pretended to be a false illness, and Nobunaga was invited to visit Kiyosu Castle on November 11.Kawajiri HidetakaKilled by[4]..Nobuyuki's orphanNobuzumi TsudaWas raised by Nobunaga's order.

Oda Nobunaga era

After Nobunaga's death, he was forgiven for his crimes and became Nobunaga's vassal.However, did it sound like Nobunaga's opposition to Nobunaga?Battle between Sasakama,MinoSaitoNot used in offense[5]..However, Eiroku 8 years ( 1565) Of Owari Province, estimated to be dated July 7JakoinIn the document of territorial relief sent toNiwa Nagahide・佐々主知(成政の一族)とともに署名しており、このころには信長の奉行の1人であった[6].

Eiroku 11 years ( 1568), It was re-emphasized after the operation of Kamiraku, and always participated as the four leading warlords of the Oda army in the Kinai flat battle.Battle of Shoryuji CastleEtc.), cites martial arts as Nobunaga's elite. Until November, four military commanders were in charge of the military junta in Kyoto, but it was left to the shogunate public and pulled up to Gifu with Nobunaga.Eiroku 11 years ( 1569)June,Miyoshi three peoplebyHonshuji strangeAt that time, he returned to Tokyo with Nobunaga and was in charge of the Kyoto / Kinai administration until early April.In August of the same year, it controls the 4 counties of MinamiiseMr. KitahataParticipate in the battle with.

Former turtleNew Year ( 1570)June,Asai NagamasaWill leave Nobunaga in MayHexagon YoshiyoshiRe-entered the southern shore of Lake Biwa and cut off the road to Gifu.Nobunaga decided to place six military commanders in each castle to secure the south bank, and first four were placed in Gangnam.Katsuya was assigned to Chokoji Castle and fought with the hexagonal forces in the end of the same month.Nobumori Sakuma,Mori Yoshinari,Shigemasa NakagawaRepelled with. In June, with Asai and AsakuraBattle of AnekawaServe.

From August to September of the same yearBattle of Noda Castle and Fukushima CastleWhile the three Miyoshi people attacked from Shikoku and confronted with the general army,Ishiyama HonganjiSuddenly hostile and become a melee.In the latter half of the year, the Asakura-Asai Allied Forces marched toward the Kyoto Imperial Palace with a large army of 3, burning Yamashina and Daigo. According to "Sir Tokitsugu", with KatsuyaMitsuhide AkechiWas returned to Kyoto for defense, but Katsuya took the situation seriously and advised Nobunaga.ShigaWill be. In December, NobunagaYoshiaki AshikagaBring it to peace with Asai and Asakura through the mediation of the imperial court[7].

Former turtle 2 years ( 1571) In May, responded to Ishiyama Hongan-ji TempleNagashima Ikko IkkoTo suppress.At the time of retreat, Katsuie's corps served as a palace, but a riot attacked at an easy-to-target place between the taiga and the mountain, and Katsuie was injured and even the flag sashimono was robbed.[Annotation 4]..soon,Ujiie Naotomo(Ujiie) was replaced, but it was too small to respond, and many of Ujiie and many were killed in action.[9].. In MayHieizan grilledThen join the slaughter battle.

Former turtle 4 years ( 1573) In February, when Shogun Yoshiaki, who was in conflict with Nobunaga, sent soldiers to the forts of Ishiyama and Imakatata, four warlords, including Katsuie, attacked and caused them to fall.Nobunaga respects the shogun and proceeds with peace negotiations with Yoshiaki, but on the verge of establishmentHide MatsunagaFails due to the interference of[10]..For this reason, in April, when Nobunaga himself set out and set fire to Tokyo to threaten Yoshiaki, Katsuie also participated.At this time, Nobunaga also demanded an arrow from Shimogyo.At this time, the Shimogyo side's list of donation schedules for arrow coins ("Shimogyo Departure Book") states that 4 pieces of silver to be donated to Nobunaga will be sent, followed by 250 pieces of silver to be sent to Katsuya and his subordinates. ing[11]..Also, in the invoice exchanged when Nobunaga and Yoshiaki temporarily reconciled in the same month, Katsuie was Hidesada Hayashi, Nobumori Sakuma, as a senior vassal of the Oda clan.Kazuyasu TakigawaSigned with the Mino Triumvirate, and it can be seen that Katsuie and Hayashi were in the position of senior citizens of the Oda clan at that time.[11].. In July, YoshiakiMakishima CastleIn addition, Yoshiaki's aideMitsubuchi Fujihide TheNijo CastleKatsuie persuaded Fujihide to open Nijo Castle.In addition, on July 7, Nobunaga exempted the donation of the arrow money ordered to Shimogyo in April, but Katsuie issued a sub-letter to the Shimogyo side on the 1th to guarantee this content.[11]..After that, Katsuya attacked Makishima Castle, where Yoshiaki was in, and surrendered with 7 people including himself.Yoshiaki was banished and the Muromachi Shogunate was virtually destroyed, but Yoshiaki was protected by Mr. Mouri.Nobunaga Siege NetworkAs a leading military commander of the Oda armyOmi country-SettsuAnd so on.

In August of the first year of Tensho (1573)Battle of Ichijodani CastleIs the total mobilization of Nobunaga's army[Annotation 5]NextMr. AsakuraWas destroyed.Katsuya was later in Kita OmiBattle of Otari CastleI also participated in, but the forerunner at that timeHideyoshi HashibaServed.

In September of the same year, he participated in the second attack on Nagashima.Katsuie also participates in the corresponding enemy castle to the west of Nagashima and drops Nishibessho Castle and Sakai Castle in Kuwana.NagashimaOminatoI couldn't secure enough ships to retreat. At the same place as Katsuya's injury two years agoHayashi TsumasaThe corps is attacked by a riot and Hayashi and many are killed in action.2nd year of Tensho ( 1574) To the answering machine of Tamonyama CastleToshitaka HosokawaFollowing that, Katsuya will enter from March 3th.[12]..In July of the same year, he participated in the third final round of the attack on Nagashima, and with a large army of 7 members, he deceived and annihilated the place where he opened the castle with a promise of life by attacking military supplies.Conducted Katoriguchi (right wing) in the third hand with Nobumori Sakuma[13].

Tensho 3 ( 1575)Battle of Takaya Castle,Battle of NagashinoAlso participate.

After the fall of Mr. Asakura, Nobunaga was a former vassal of Asakura.Maeba YoshitsuguTheEchizen countryAs a guardian of the Asakura clanNagashige TomitaRepels itDoichiWoke up and defeated the front wave.However, due to Tomita's attitude after that, Ikki decided to cut hands with Tomita.KagaIkko-ikki leaderShichiri YorichikaInvite a newIkko IkkoIn the turmoil, Tomita was shot dead by his vassals and Echizen became a country of rebellion.Nobunaga led the general army to this and settled Ikko-ikki in a annihilation battle. In September, Nobunaga announced all nine articles of the Echizen national rules ("rules" in the original document).[Annotation 6]Along with Katsuya, 49 stones in Hachigun, Echizen Province,Kitanojo Castle(CurrentFukui City) Was given.At this timeHiromasa HiedaKaga Ikki is given control as soon as it is cut out, but when Nobunaga returns, Ikki rises up, and Nobunaga's small body is limited and returned to Owari.

Tensho 4 ( 1576), Katsuie was appointed commander of the Hokuriku Front,Maeda Toshiie-Narimasa Sasa-Fuwa KojiWith the help of these people, he was entrusted with the settlement of Kaga Province, which had been in possession for 90 years.In addition, Gamo-gun, Omi Province and Chokoji Castle, the former territory, were collected and collected.Gamo Katahide, Kagehiro Nagata and others are excluded from Yoriki[15] .

Tensho 5 ( 1577)June,Echigo country OfKenshin UesugiHas advanced to Kaga Province.At this time, Katsuya collided with Hideyoshi Hashiba in the military congress and made a mistake, and Hideyoshi left the battlefield without obtaining permission from Nobunaga, and his pace was disturbed.KatsuyaNanao CastleNanao Castle fell in time, so he retreated while setting fire to the surrounding bases.On September 9, during the retreat, the Uesugi army was attacked on the Tedori River (Battle of Tedorigawa).The story that more than a thousand people were beaten by the Katsuya side is also written only in the Kenshin letter, but it is not mentioned in other historical materials and it is unknown because it is seen as a small war.And the 6th year of Tensho ( 1578) When Kenshin diedNobutada OdaArmy generalToshiharu SaitoDriven the Uesugi army from central Etchu[16].

Tensho 8 ( 1580) In March, as soon as the peace was signed between Nobunaga and Hongan-ji, the Hokuriku area became active, and Katsuie attacked and destroyed the command tower Kanazawa Mido of Ikko-ikki and advanced the army to the northern Kaga-Etchusakai border.Suppressing Ikko-ikki, Tensho 3 ( 1580) In November, Kaga is finally settled.Further with that momentumNoto country-VietnamAlso make a foray into.In addition, due to the demise of Sakuma Nobumori, he will be positioned as the chief retainer of the Oda clan in both name and reality.

The following year, Tensho 9 ( 1581) February 2, Nobunaga'sKyoto Mima assortmentでは与力の前田利家ら越前衆を率いて上洛し、参加した。また、このころから対上杉政策の為か、DateVassal ofEndo MotonobuIs actively in contact with Mr. Date and plays a part in foreign policy with Mr. Date (Records of the Date clan, etc.)[Reliability required verification].

Tensho 10 ( 1582) From MarchUesugiEtchu ProvinceUozu Castle-Matsukura Castle(ToyamaUozu) Was besieged. Before dawn on June 6ndThe Honnoji TempleNobunaga横死ButWithout knowing thisUozu Castle fell on June 6 (Battle of Uozu Castle[17]..Upon learning of the incident, he immediately withdrew from the entire army from the night of the 6th and returned to Kitanosho Castle. In a letter to Mizoguchi Hanzaemon dated June 6, Katsuya recognized that Mitsuhide was stationed in Omi (actually, he left Omi / Azuchi on the 10th and was in Kyoto in Yamashiro on the 8th). I was in OsakaNiwa NagahideIn collaboration with Mitsuhide, he is communicating his plans to defeat Mitsuhide.[18]..However, the Uesugi side learned of the change and could not incite the people of Etchu and Noto to recover from the lost land, and finally dispatched to Omi on the 18th, but alreadyChinese big buckHideyoshi's army was defeating Mitsuhide[19].

Kiyosu Conference

After the change of HonnojiKiyosu Conferenceso,Mr. OdaThere is also a rivalry to Hideyoshi in the successor problem, Nobunaga's third sonNobutaka OdaHowever, Hideyoshi, who had a great track record and voice by subduing Akechi Mitsuhide, was Nobunaga's grandson, Sanboshi (later).Hidenobu Oda), So Mr. Oda'sFamilyHowever, in recent years, the story that Katsuie opposed the successor of Sanboshi and supported Nobutaka was created by "Kawasumi Taikoki", and in fact, Sanboshi was succeeded. There is no objection between Hideyoshi and Katsuie to make him a successor, and there is a theory that the Kiyosu conference itself was premised on the existence of Sanboshi.[20].

Also, in the distribution of Nobunaga's remainsHanoi,Tamba-YamashiroIn contrast to Hideyoshi, who increased his territoryNagahama Castle(CurrentNagahama) Was newly obtained, but the positions of Katsuya and Hideyoshi were reversed.As a result of the Kiyosu conference, a 3-year-old Sanboshi became an uncle.Nobuo OdaNobutaka became the guardian, Nobukatsu owned Owari, Iga, Minami Ise, and Nobutaka owned Mino, which were Hideyoshi Hashiba, Katsuie Shibata, Nagahide Niwa,Tsuneoki IkedaIt became a system to be assisted by the four senior vassals.

In addition, with the consent of the generals at this meeting, Katsuie was Nobunaga's younger sister.City personAre married to.In the past, it was used as an intermediary for Nobutaka, but Katsuie's letter stated, "I made an agreement with Hideyoshi ... I got everyone's consent to marry the main person," and Kiyosu with the intention of Katsuie's city. It has been pointed out that Hideyoshi moved due to the suppression of Katsuie's dissatisfaction with the meeting (collected in "Minamiyuki miscellaneous records").Hidemasa HoriAddressed to Tensho 10 (1582) October 10, Katsuya's letter "Memorandum")[21].

After the Kiyosu conference, a power struggle between Hideyoshi, who gained power, and other Oda clan Shibata, such as Katsuie, began.[22]..Katsuya joins hands with Kazumasu Takigawa and Nobutaka Oda to compete with Hideyoshi.However, Hideyoshi was adopted by the Katsushika of Nagahama Castle.Katsutoshi ShibataI squeezed and softened.Next, he attacks and surrounds Nobutaka Oda of Gifu and gives in.11th year of Tensho ( 1583) Hideyoshi attacks Takigawa Kazumasu's Kita Ise with a large army of 7 on New Year's Day, but Kazumasu confronts until March.


Tensho 11 ( 1583) On March 3, Katsuya sent troops to Kita Omi and confronted Hideyoshi who returned from Kita Ise ()Battle of Mt.)。事前に勝家は、毛利に庇護されている足利義昭に戦況を説明し毛利軍とともに出兵を促す書状を毛利を介して出し背後を突かせようとするが、義昭では既に時代に合わずうまくいかなかった。同様の働きかけは3月ごろに高野山にもしており、各地にしたようだが実を結ばなかった(『古証文』所収勝家書状」)[23].. On April 4th, Nobutaka Oda, who had surrendered to Hideyoshi, tied up with Kazumasu Takigawa of Ise and raised troops again. Defeated by Hideyoshi, who dared to do so, he committed himself with the city at Kitanosho Castle on April 16 (Battle of Kitanosho Castle).Year-round62[Annotation 7]..Death poem is "Give the name of the Yumeji Hakanaki trace to Kumoi on a summer night. (Yamaho Togisu) "[24].

The end of the Katsu family is depicted in this way in the "Mori Family Document" and the Hideyoshi letter contained in it.

(April) On the 4th, at the time of the tiger (24 am), I started working on the main castle, and at noon I got in and hit my head.About 4 people under Katsuya are standing in the heavenly lord, and since it is small, all the members will be injured and dead, so I let the selected soldier cut into the heavenly lord with only a sword and a spear.Katsuya is also Takebe, but he fought up to 200 times but couldn't prevent it.Climbing up to the top nine of the heavenly lord, speaking to all the members, Katsuya shouted, "Look at the seppuku of the repair and go to school later." While wetting and everyone calming down, Katsuya killed his wife and children with a single stab and septed with 7 people.It was the time of the tiger (80 pm).

Katsuya cut the belly with a cross (the most formal method of seppuku) and called in the samurai courtier Nakamura Kansai (Bunkasai).More than 80 people will die from this.Hirakusai ignited the gunpowder he had prepared for a long time, and all the members of the Katsu family died along with the lord. — Collected in "Mori Family Documents"Kozagawa RiverAddressed to Hideyoshi's letter dated May 11, 1583, only "speak loudly" and the latter part from the description in the "Mori family document"[25]

Bodhi TempleIt is,FukuiWith Saikou-ji Temple in Fukui CityShigaTakashima OfHatagakuji Temple..The mortuary tablet still exists.

Showa3 years( 1928) September 11,MiyauchiThanThird placeWas given.


Louis FroisKatsuya's comment is as follows.

  • "One of Nobunaga's two heavy generals"[26]
  • "Hanahada is a brave warrior who spent his life in the military" "The most brave warrior and brave man in Japan during Nobunaga's time"[27]
  • "He is a Zen sect, but he does not hate other denominations."[28]
  • Regarding Frois's Christian mission in Echizen, he said that he would not interfere with it, but would not help him, and that it was the missionaries' "Tegarashidai" whether or not the teaching would spread.[28]

In Frois's "Japan Report," Katsuie Shibata at Kitanosho Castle after the defeat of the Battle of Shizugatake did not grudge against the estranged vassals, and survived to the vassals who accompanied him to the end. It contains a mourning that forgive and rather rejoice, and that there is no way to reward the affection of the vassals so far in this life, and conveys the warm personality of Katsuie.[29]..In addition, a similar story is written in the memorandum of Shigeyori Murai, a vassal of the Maeda clan.[29]

Edo period compilations, military records and folklore narratives

  • At one point, Nobunaga resigned when he tried to appoint Katsuie as a permanent leader.Nobunaga was even stronger and made him a general.After that, Nobunaga's Hatamoto collided with the procession of Katsuie's corps under Azuchi Castle, and Katsuie slaughtered this Hatamoto rudely.Nobunaga was furious at this, but Nobunaga replied, "That's why I declined first. It's not something I have to give the leading general to have such authority," and Nobunaga also said. I lost the reason and couldn't return the words ("Kidan Tsuneyama])[30].
  • With a rugged personality, from his outstanding heroismOni Shibataと呼ばれ、江戸中期の随筆『Okusa』の小唄の1節に秀吉らとともに、勝家は戦場における突進力では随一という意味でShibataIs described as[31].
  • When Nobunaga attacked Mr. Asakura, the Shibata army, who had been siege at Chokoji Castle, was cut off by Rokkaku Yoshikata, who formed an alliance with Mr. Asakura.However, Katsuya shows his leeway by washing the horse's body with water and throwing away the water after washing his hands, deceiving the eyes of Mr. Rokkaku who is infiltrating the castle.And before the sortie, after behaving the water remaining in the bottle in the castle to the soldiers, he crushed the bottle still containing water and urged the generals to inspire and defeated Rokkaku.Bottle split ShibataIt is said that it came to be called (this is "SamuraiIt is also said to be a creation by[31].. ("Battle of Yasugawara # Battle of Chokoji Castle and Bottle Split ShibataSee also)
  • In "Samurai Jiki", Katsuie once told Maeda Toshiie, "Now, Akechi MitsuhideSugaya KuemonI hear that people like that have been promoted and talked about various things, but since I have served Nobunaga for about XNUMX times, it is unfortunate to say that anyone has succeeded. There is an anecdote that he said[32].
  • When Katsuie, who was entrusted with Echizen Province as the lord of Mr. Asakura, came to thank Nobunaga, he used Nobunaga's treasured Kyoka tea pot as a kyoka song by Nobunaga. "Sohiakanu no Uha is a person who speaks to a person."Kawakaku Taiko).Nobunaga gave Katsuie the eight counties of Echizen after the annihilation war in September 8, but Nobunaga used "forgiveness tea ceremony" for vassal management and was given tea utensils. The vassals were allowed to host the tea ceremony, but in "Nobunaga Koki", 3 authorized persons were listed at the tea ceremony, which started in the New Year of Tensho 1575 (9), but Katsuie was not among them, and Katsuie was allowed after that. Not in the inside[33]..Also, in "Nobunaga Koki", the pot of this tea ceremony is "Okama Ubaguchi", which is owned by Nobunaga.Furthermore, in the August 7, 1579 article of Tsuda Sōgyū's "Sōgyū et al.", "Sōgyū himself worshiped" Ubaguchi no Kama "on the 8th and said," Thank you to Azuchi. " There is a description[34].
  • After being defeated in the battle of Shizugatake,Maeda ToshinagaNot only did he not blame Toshiie for withdrawing earlier when he met Toshiie Maeda at his residence, Fuchu Castle, but Katsuie apologized for the hard work he had had for several years and told Toshiie, "Because I am on good terms with Hideyoshi, be sure to fall. Don't go wrong again thinking of me "(" Kaga Kanazawa Maeda Family Book ")[31]..However, Toshiie's basic research book was not mentioned as a historical fact, and he said that he had betrayed Hideyoshi in advance.[35], HistorianTakayanagi MitsutoshiCriticizes that he writes only things that are convenient for him[36].

Vassal / Yoriki



Heisei 5, The existence of the original portrait of Shibata Katsuie, which is said to have drawn the final appearance of Shibata Katsuie, has been revealed.[37]..After that, it was repaired and copied.Heisei 18ToFukui City History MuseumPublished in.

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TV drama
  • "Offense and Defense, Kanazawa Mido", "Fire House Gate", "Crane Dance Castle" (included in "Hokkoku Bunka" Nos. 69, 75, 79)


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