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🛋 | Family-friendly “second-hand apartment” market price, what are the top 30 stations within 10 minutes to Shinjuku?


What are the top 30 stations within 10 minutes to Shinjuku, the market price for "second-hand apartments" for families?

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[Survey outline] "Shinjuku station within 30 minutes by train, station ranking with low used condominium prices 2020 version"
Survey target stations: Stations within 30 minutes by train to Shinjuku station (limited to stations with 11 or more listed properties)
Property to be surveyed: Within a 15-minute walk from the station, property price of 3 million yen or less, age less than 35 years, site rights only ownership (for singles: exclusive area 20 square meters or more and less than 50 square meters, for couples and families: exclusive area 50 square meters or more and less than 80 square meters)
Data extraction period: July-September 2020
Property market price calculation method: Median value is calculated from the used condominium prices posted on SUUMO during the above period.
Calculation method of required time: Calculated from the search results (as of October 7, 30) from 9:2020 to 10:30 in the morning using the "Ekitan" service of Ekitan Co., Ltd.

One of Japan's largest dungeon, also known as the "Shinjuku Dungeon", due to the size of the scale of multiple lines and the complexity of the station yard ... → Continue reading

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