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👩‍🎓 | Private University School of Medicine, Kanazawa Medical University and Kinki University apply for capacity increase, 2021


Private University School of Medicine, Kanazawa Medical University and Kinki University apply for capacity increase, 2021

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Based on this, it is expected that the number of regional quotas for training doctors in charge of regional medical care will increase by 2021 and the number of research quotas for training research doctors will increase by 25 in 1.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has announced that Kanazawa Medical University and Kinki University, which are private universities, have applied for an increase in the capacity of the medical school since 2021. → Continue reading

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Community medicine

Community medicine(Chiikiiryo, community medicine)hospitalな どMedical institutionIt is a concept that goes beyond the treatment and care of diseases in Japan.


In community medicineDoctorandhealth care workerIs always thinking about the well-being of all local residentsMedicalIt is required to carry out activities.preventionThe activity isdiseaseEqually important as treatment. Doctors and healthcare professionals should work with local residents to carry out activities to prevent diseases, maintain and improve their health. Not only for treating diseases,リ ハ ビ リ テ ー シ ョ ン, Home care support, live in the communitySenior citizens,handicappedBusiness such as support of.Pregnant womanHealth guidance and counseling, and child care support are also provided. Recently, at homeSocial withdrawalInvolvement of children from adults to adults is also the scope of their activities. These activities are not carried out by medical institutions alone, but locallyAdministrationThe feature is that it promotes it in cooperation with local residents' organizations. In community medicine, activities that protect the health of local residents are emphasized as much as the activities of doctors and medical staff. Community medicine is an activity that aims to promote democratization of society and self-government through medical care, and to build a better community with doctors and local residents working together.

NaganoIt is inSaku General Hospital OfShunichi Wakatsuki"Medical care should be all community medicine, and there can be no medical care without the community. Community medicine is the flip side of how the community is neglected."In this way, the concept of community medicine itself has become a criticism of modern hospital-centered medical care. 


It was in Nagano prefecture that the concept of "community medicine" was advocated and generalized.Suwa Central HospitalIt is largely due to the practice that was hosted by The model of Suwa Central Hospital was the activities of Saku General Hospital, which provided medical care in the same rural area. Of Saku General HospitalShunichi WakatsukiSeen their activities as. However, with the change in the social structure of rural areas, medical activities in the area were no longer aimed only at farmers. Globally, in 1978Alma Ata Declarationso,Primary health careWas defined, and the idea of ​​trying to solve medical and health problems with the power of inhabitants' autonomy was proposed. In the latter half of the 1970s, the concept of community medicine was gradually cultivated as an alternative to the name of rural medicine. In 1979, the "Regional Medical Study Group (tentative name) preparatory meeting" was held on a small scale, and in 1980, the "Regional Medical Study Group '80" was held under the supervision of Suwa Central Hospital. Here, doctors who are doing regional medical care in various places apart from the medical office of the university, medical students who aspire to regional medical care,Jichi Medical UniversityRelated parties gathered.

The definition of community medicine was also discussed there.Saku City Kubo Asama General Hospital OfKunio YoshizawaThis was summarized and defined as "community medicine is a comprehensive adaptation of health care (health prevention, disease treatment, post-therapy and rehabilitation medicine) to socially adapt to and practice local residents". After that, the themes expanded to "community medicine in the city" and "patient life and human rights". In advanced medical institutions, before the implementation of long-term care insuranceElderly day careWe have been practicing such activities as conducting hospitals and developing a health and welfare center that integrates medical care and welfare centering on hospitals.

Looking at the theme of community medicine, the integration of prevention and treatment became an issue in the 80s, and the integration of medical care and welfare became an issue in the 90s when it was generally realized. Ultimately, the goal was to provide preventive medical care involving the residents, medical care that is kind to patients, medical care and welfare that is continuously provided, and the like. The experience of advanced medical institutions in regional medicine became a model for local governments and spread to public medical institutions such as National Health Insurance Hospital, National Health Insurance Clinic, and Welfare Hospital in the 80s and 90s. Along with that, the term “community medicine” has also been generalized and used. Currently, national policy[1]Is also incorporated intoMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareUniversity hospitals are also focusing on regional medical cooperation. In 2000, the "Medical and Social Welfare Department" was established at the University of Tokyo Hospital, which is an advancement of the "Community Medical Cooperation Department", ahead of the rest of the country.[2].


In the new doctor clinical training system (Super Rotate), one month or more of regional medical training became mandatory[3].


2000年From the front and back, municipal hospitals in municipalities with a small population,Remote areaClinicManagement difficulties have surfaced. This is the so-calledTrinity reformでLocal allocation taxThis is because the local governments, which have been reduced in number, cannot support public medical institutions that are in the red.Medical feeThe revision also reduced the income of medical institutions, which also spurred this trend. AlsoClinical training systemWith the enforcement ofLack of doctorsIs also seriousObstetrics and gynecology,PediatricsIn such cases, clinical departments are being closed one after another. The physical strength of public medical institutions, which play a central role in regional medical care, has been rapidly exhausted over the past few years, and the system for providing regional medical care may be broken. In order to maintain and develop the local medical supply system, it is necessary to re-establish cooperation and collaboration with local residents.

There are various contexts in the coverage of community medicine. Most of them are “medical care in a specific area” or “medical care that is familiar” (about 80%). However, it may also mean "(medical) system", "general doctor", "medical care / system of practitioner / hospital / medical care including administration".[4]


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