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💳 | Average amount spent by teens in a month, 10 yen for high school students, college students?


Average amount spent by teens a month, 10 yen for high school students, college students?

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Also, when asked about income sources other than part-time jobs, only about 1% of the students earned income from "video distribution apps," "live distribution apps," and "SNS," but "flea market apps." Then the result is 22.6%.

SMBC Consumer Finance announced on November 11th, "Awareness Survey on Teenage Money Sense 19 (September ...) → Continue reading

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Flea market applicationIsonlineAboveFree MarketLike, mainly between individuals (C to C) Can buy and sell goodsSmartphoneForApps(Mobile application).

Internet auctionIs a form in which bidders bid from the initial price set by the seller to the desired price, and then bid up.[1]In the flea market application service, unlike the above, the purchaser can purchase at the selling price set by the seller. In addition, the payment of money is performed through the flea market application service provider (Escrowservice). Specifically, the purchase price is prepaid, but once the business is in charge and it is confirmed that the product has reached the purchaser, the business will pay the seller to the seller.[2].

The flea market app hit young women in 2013[3]As of 2014, many services still have a higher proportion of female users than male users[4][5].As of August 2019, the largest number of usersMercariOperated by Rakuten, the sales commission is 3.5%, which is cheaper than other services, "Rakuma", and women of the youngest age group gather.ShoppiesIs the three major flea market apps[Source required].

Main flea apps


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