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🎁 | Recommended gift for horse lovers!10 fashionable gifts full of elegance


Recommended gift for horse lovers!10 fashionable gifts full of elegance

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LION HEART / Lion Heart Twist Horseshoe Petit Necklace K10 Gold (Yellow Gold / White Gold) Men's accessory brand "Lion Heart" recommends a necklace with an impressive twisted horseshoe.

[(https://lionheart-store.com/) Gathered, horse lovers ♪ Say horse lovers ... → Continue reading


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White gold

White gold (White Gold,Japanese: White gold) Is mainlyJewelry goodsUsed as,FriWhite mainlyalloyIs.In the field of jewelery, take the acronymWGThe abbreviation may be used.The notation engraved on the metal body (in 18-karat gold)K18WGOrR-18It may be omitted as in.


It is often used as an ornament, and is generally 18K white gold (K18WG) and 14K white gold (K14WG).The mixing ratio of precious metal alloys is the weight ratio.Per mille (‰: per mille)It is represented by.

  • 18K White Gold-Gold 750 ‰, the remaining 250 ‰nickelSystem (othercopper,zincEtc.) orpalladiumSystem (otherSilver, Copper, etc.) alloy.
  • 14K White Gold-Gold 585 ‰, the remaining 415 ‰ is a nickel-based (other copper, zinc, etc.) or palladium-based (other silver, copper, etc.) alloy.(Note: 14 gold is equivalent to 585 ‰, JIS andMintThe minimum value of the quality test is 585. )

volumeLooking at the mixing ratio, even in the case of 18-karat gold white gold, the volume of gold is about 5% of the total.It was mixed金属Compared to golddensityIs large.

Those that use nickel as the decolorizing metal (bleaching material) are sometimes called hard white gold, and those that use palladium are sometimes called soft white gold.The former is bright white but hard and difficult to process, and the latter is less white but soft.

Nickel is a metalAllergiesIn Europe, the "European Directive on Nickel" regulates the amount of nickel elution from alloys below a certain level.There are no particular restrictions on nickel-containing precious metals in Japan, but white gold jewelery imported from Europe has cleared this European directive, and according to component analysis and inspection, the content is approximately 5 to 7%.


White gold is not completely white in both nickel and palladium.In particular, when the content of bleach is low, nickel is repelled due to allergic problems, and palladium is added with other metals due to soaring prices, etc., a lot of yellowness remains and the product is supplied to the market. It was flooded with complaints from consumers.In response to this, the Japan Jewelry Association has set a range of hues for white gold.Of the color display methods, the Lab method is adopted, the hue of rhodium plating is set as the reference value (0 points), and the range up to ⊿E14 (delta E14) is defined as the hue range of white gold.Currently, many manufacturers use materials according to this definition. Products that are rhodium-plated with a K18-only engraving are likely to be materials of other shades, such as yellow gold, or materials that deviate from JJA's definition of the white gold color range.


Initially,World War I,Russian RevolutionByplatinumPalladium-based white gold was developed as an alternative when the supply of gold was significantly reduced.In Japan, it was recognized as an alternative material until the 50s.However, after that, colored gold became popular,nickelWith the addition of white gold, it has been recognized as white gold and has been evaluated as a white precious metal along with platinum.Current[When?], White gold has a higher share than yellow gold.

Notational misunderstanding

The literal translation of each English word in White Gold into Japanese is "white / gold", but "platinum" in Japanese isAtomic number 78 metals, ieplatinumIt is a word that means, and both are completely different metals.The Japanese word for white gold is "white gold".

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