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🛋 | How about using a downlight for living room lighting?Explain the advantages and disadvantages of downlights


How about using a downlight for living room lighting?Explain the advantages and disadvantages of downlights

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This time, I have explained the advantages, disadvantages and tips of using downlights as living room lighting.

It is a downlight with a strong image that is used in entrances, corridors, around water, etc., but recently there are more examples of using it in the living room ... → Continue reading

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Downlight(downlight) isceilingEmbed in and installlighting equipmentOf these, the smaller ones.Since it is installed by embedding it in the ceiling, it has the characteristic that the ceiling surface becomes flat.

Many downlights have a tubular shape and are embedded inside the ceiling to illuminate the underside.The shape of the lower surface exposed on the ceiling is square or round.

It is necessary to secure a space around the inside of the downlight to prevent a fire due to overheating.Equipment for heat insulation can be applied to the ceiling of the construction method and mat laying method.This is called an S-type downlight and is divided into SB-type, SG-type, and SGI-type.

  • Compatible with SB type blowing method and mat laying method
  • Compatible with SG type mat laying method (cannot be used in area I)
  • Compatible with SGI type mat laying method (available in all areas)

(Region I represents Hokkaido.)

Downlights that do not support heat insulation construction are called M type (or general type).It cannot be used in heat-insulated houses.When constructing outside a house, it is necessary to keep a certain distance between the equipment and the heat insulating material or soundproofing material.

Some downlights have a built-in thermal protector that automatically shuts off the power and turns it off if the temperature of the fixture becomes abnormally high for some reason.It lights up again when the temperature drops.


Wall washer
Illuminate the wall
Glare cut downlight
Light that is unpleasant to human vision (Glare) Is prevented from entering, suppressing glare
Downlight for sloping ceiling
Can be mounted on a sloping ceiling
Highly airtight downlight
Highly airtight and effective for heat insulation and sound insulation
Directly attached downlight
Downlight that attaches directly to the ceiling without being embedded
Baffle type
The downlight has a striped step on the mirror surface that diffuses the light and prevents glare.
ユ ニ バ ー サ ル
The lamp part is movable, and the direction of light can be changed freely.

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