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🎁 | [Famima] You can get a clear file of Touken Ranbu!I have to hurry because it is first-come-first-served.


[Famima] You can get a clear file of Touken Ranbu!I have to hurry because it is first-come-first-served.

If you write the contents roughly
In addition, FamilyMart's limited UHA Mikakuto "Touken Ranbu Men's Rice" and "Original Can Chuhai" are also available.

From January 2021, 1, FamilyMart will release a clear file of the popular game "Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-" ... → Continue reading

 Tokyo Bargain Mania

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Taste sugar

Mikakuto Co., Ltd.(Mikakuto) isOsakaOsakaChuo-kuHeadquartered in Kozaki Town, mainlycandyCentered onJapan OfconfectioneryIs a company.Midori-kaiIs a member company ofSanwa GroupBelongs to[1]..Generally including group companies"UHA Mikakuto"It is known as (Yuha Mikakuto).

The corporate message is "Deliciousness is kindness'


KagoshimaTokunoshimaThe founder from1936å¹´In (Showa 11), he went to Osaka and became a clerk at a confectionery wholesaler, learning how to make candy.1949å¹´Independently established the company in 24."Nanairo Ame Mikakuto" and "Junro", which were released at the beginning of the company's founding, have become long-selling products, expanding their business performance and manufacturing and selling sweets centered on candy.

The domestic market share of candy confectionery production and sales is the largest in the same industry.Kanro,Morinaga Confectionery3rd place after (2008)[2].

"UHA" in front of the company nameRomajiIs an abbreviation for "unique human adventure" and also has the meaning of "playing waves".Regarding this, President Yasumasa Yamada pointed out that "sugar, which is recognized as an enemy of health, accounts for one-third of the company name, which may be different from the concept of the company." Given that it is an era when non-sugar and sugarless are touted, UHA was added to reduce the amount of sugar used in the company name by one-sixth, and the new concept was announced more clearly. Is[3].


Headquarters / Osaka Branch
OsakaOsakaChuo-ku4-12 Kanzakicho
Tokyo Head Office
TokyoMinato-kuHamamatsu Town1-26-1
Nara Factory / Distribution Center (Factory-specific code +12)
NaraYamatokoriyama City137-5 Imagoucho Town
Fukushima Factory (Factory-specific code +7)
FukushimaShirakawaKayane Tsukinoiri 1-8
Kobe Factory (Factory-specific code +15)
Hyogo15-2 Onohama-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe
Hokkaido branch
HokkaidoSapporoHigashi WardNorth 8 East 3-1-1 Miyamura Building 804
Tohoku branch
MiyagiSendai cityWakabayashi WardRokuchonome Nishimachi 8-1 Saiki Center Building 410
Chubu branch
AichiNagoya cityNakamura WardFamous station3-21-7 Nagoya Sanco 11F
Chugoku-Shikoku Branch
HiroshimaHiroshima cityNishi-wardShoko Center 1-11-6
Kyushu branch
FukuokaFukuoka CityHakata WardHakata station square1-4-1 Hakata station squareDai-ichi Life Building8F

group Enterprise

  • Mikakuto Co., Ltd.
  • UHA Mikakuto Co., Ltd.
  • UHA Co., Ltd.
  • UHA Pippin Co., Ltd.
  • UHA Mikakuto Precision Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd.


  • 1949å¹´10/18 Established.
  • 1956å¹´ Opened Tokyo branch.
  • 1959å¹´ Completed new factory in Osaka.Opened Nagoya branch.
  • 1960å¹´ Opened Fukuoka branch.
  • 1964å¹´ Opened Hiroshima branch.
  • 1965å¹´ Opened Sendai branch.Opened Sapporo branch.
  • 1967å¹´ Established sales offices and branch offices in major cities nationwide.
  • 1968å¹´ Established Makoto Co., Ltd.
  • 1972å¹´ Completed Nara Factory (First Factory).Established Mikakuto Kosan Co., Ltd.
  • 1973å¹´ Opened Takamatsu branch.
  • 1978å¹´ Opened North Tokyo branch.
  • 1982å¹´ Established Mikakuto Trading Co., Ltd. sales company.
  • 1984å¹´ Established Apio Co., Ltd. sales company.Completed the new Nara factory (second factory).Minor change to the mark without the weathercock.
  • 1985å¹´ Opened Nara Logistics Distribution Center.
  • 1990å¹´ Mikakuto Group nickname, company name and mark changed.Received the Minister of Health and Welfare Award for Excellent Greening Factory.
  • 1992å¹´ Completed the event hall Mikakuto UHA building in Osaka.
  • 1993å¹´ Expanded sales organization to 4 branch offices and 19 sales departments.
  • 1995å¹´ Established UHA Pippin Co., Ltd.
  • 1997å¹´ Completed the new Nara factory (third factory).
  • 1998å¹´ Opened Shanghai office.
  • 2002å¹´ Mikakuto food (Shanghai) Established a corporation.Completed the Shanghai factory of Taste Sugar Foods (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • 2007å¹´ TokyoHamamatsu TownCompleted the rental conference room Mikakuto UHA Building Tokyo (currently Mikakuto UHA Building TKP Hamamatsucho Conference Center) (located in the same building as the Tokyo head office after the Tokyo metropolitan area branch office)
  • 2008å¹´ Fukushima factory completed.
  • 2019å¹´ Completed Kobe factory.
  • 2020å¹´ Event Hall Mikakuto UHA Building closed.



  • Pure dew
  • Butter ball
  • Cherry Poetry --End of shipment in mid-January 2021.Currently, only distribution inventory and over-the-counter inventory are sold, and sales will end as soon as the inventory runs out.[4].
  • Cream soda --Shipment will end at the end of November 2020.Similar to the above cherry poem, currently only the distribution stock and over-the-counter stock are sold, and the sale will end as soon as the stock runs out.
  • Puccho
  • Tokuno Milk Series-Mainly milk is the main product.In the Tokuno 8.2 series in a bagconvenience storeThere are also raw caramel and rum raisins that are sold for a limited time.
  • CUCU

Throat lozenge

Gummy candy

  • Shigekix
  • Puccho gummy
  • Gummies to avoid
  • Kororo-The product name isAKB48It was given with reference to the nicknames of the members of[5], Headquartered in the same OsakaSarayaIt has nothing to do with the mouthwash of the same name (released in 1966).
  • Ninja rice
  • C care stick
  • C care juicy
  • Gummies
  • Plump gummy
  • Kogumi

チ ョ コ レ ー ト

  • COSMIC21 Bears chocolate


  • Osatsudoki series
  • Satsumanma
  • Sozai's Manma Series


  • Gumi supplement

Collaboration products

List of products released in the past

  • Nanairo
  • Various software
  • White cheesecake
  • Delicious wilderness
  • Calorie candy
  • Talking Candy Series-○ △ □ ・ Momotarou ・ There were 3 types of cute clubs.
  • TINO
  • JJ (Juicy & Juicy Candy)
  • Salt flower
  • Candy selection
  • Nostalgic drops
  • Dim sum plum candy
  • Ochichi Candy
  • New vegetable grain spinach candy
  • Chocolate Heidi
  • Wild strawberry path
Throat lozenge
  • Kaigen no Throat Candy- KaigenLicensed product with.
Gummy candy
  • There were 21 types of COSMIC3 --ORIGINAL, BOTLER of carbonated drinks, and MARINE CLUB of blue color.
  • Fruit gummy OLG
  • Fiber gummy
  • Space
  • G-fresh
  • Picarda
  • UltramanBattle gummy
  • Don't chew on me! Chico-chanGummy
Snacks and others
  • Chitin Chitosan Crab Chip
  • Twice-baked toast Zwieback-ZwiebackGermanでRuskMeaning of.
  • Pippin C
チ ョ コ レ ー ト
  • Pier Pier-Assortment of chocolate and candy.
  • Chocolate view
  • Series
  • Konjac Gummy SUKI!

Image character

The name of the image character is "UHA Boy".

Character design is by cartoonistToriko Chiya..Originally a candy design, it became the company's mark because the president of Mikakuto liked it.[6]

The humorous style and big eyes symbolize UHA Mikakuto's corporate stance of thinking about the future with a unique idea and a broad perspective, and it also contains the desire to be widely loved by children and adults alike.[7].

Virtual talent

  • Mika Mutsuha
UHA Mikakuto Official Virtual Talent and SIXPACK Protein Bar Official VTuber. Audition will be held on July 2019, 7[8], CM debut in September 2019[9].. Signed a partnership agreement with ZERO Project in December 2019 and became an official caster[10], CD debut in March 2020[11].
CD single
PieRelease datetitleLabelRemarks
clap! clap!SIXPACK RecordsLimited to Amazon.co.jp
On-demand (CD-R) sale

CM performer



Sponsored programs




Bowel torsionAfter providing the program sponsor of the "Hisatsu series" after the cancellation for many years, the TV Asahi-affiliated Sunday 8 o'clock frame "Metal hero seriesThere was a time when I was sponsoring, and mainlyFujiko AnimeIt also manufactures and sells anime character-related products, and sponsored the anime from the time of the former Mikakuto Co., Ltd. to the early days of the current company name.

CurrentlySpot CMMany broadcasts on, especiallyAsahi Broadcasting,Fukuoka BroadcastingIt is often seen in.Except for spots, it is often offered only for 3 months.

From the fiscal year ended October 2006TV Asahi-ABCAppointed as a sponsor of a serial drama on Friday at 21:XNUMX (the same year)10/6BroadcastEntertainer rating check(Started from).


CompanyNaraIn the factory2005å¹´From OctoberTemporary staffing companyA woman who was dispatched from the company was told by her boss, a male sub-leader belonging to Mikakuto, "Let's etch", and her body was touched.sexual harassmentReceive2008å¹´From OctoberDepressive neurosisWas diagnosedLeavedid.In December of the same year, this woman became a taste sugarUser responsibilityAs there isNara District CourtAppeal to.The boss's man committed suicide on the day.2010å¹´On June 6, the district court ruled that it would accept vicarious liability and order Mikakuto to pay 15 yen.[13].


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