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Prince Hotel

Prince Hotel Co., Ltd.(British: Prince Hotels, Inc.) IsSeibu GroupIs a hotel/leisure business company within the group,Seibu Holdings Ofsubsidiary.. Also operated by the companyHotelbrandIs.It boasts the largest scale in the domestic hotel and leisure industry.City hotels centered around central TokyoSki resort-ゴ ル フ 場Operates leisure facilities such as[1].


The Seibu Group's hotel and resort business isKokudo, Dissolved in February 2006)Hakone-KaruizawaThe origin was to expand into tourist destinations such as. The company name isPacific WarIt was done with the defeatWithdrawal from the Imperial FamilyAfter that, the old people who were poor in lifeMiyakeIt originated from the purchase of land and the opening of a hotel (originally named after Sengataki Prince below). Also, by hiring the former Miyake family as a group, it contributed greatly to the stability of life.

at firstSeibu Department StoreBecause of the close relationship withSeiji TsutsumiWas involved in the hotel and resort business, including the Prince Hotel[2].

Founder of National Land Planning Seibu RailwayKojiro TsutsumiDied in 1964, Seiji was the third son of Seibu Department Store.Yoshiaki TsutsumiBecame the successor to the national land plan Seibu Railway, the real rights of the hotel and leisure business were transferred from Seiji to Yoshiaki.

Seibu Corporate GroupSeibu Railway Group-Seibu Distribution GroupThe hotel and leisure business will belong to the railway group, and in 2 Seibu Railway's hotel division became independent to establish "(the first) Prince Hotel Co., Ltd." The fifth son of Kojiro,Seibu Department StoreI was in a close positionGyuji TsutsumiBecomes president (laterSaisonUnderIHGPresident ofTokyo TheaterPrevious appointment as president). "Prince Hotel School" was established by him,Various schoolsAsHotelierStarted to train, but in 1976Ryoichi SasakawaLeadFoundationJapan Ship Promotion AssociationManagement was transferred to the Japan Hotel Education Center, which was supported byVocational school Nippon Hotel SchoolIs inherited as The Hotel Training School founded by a hotel company is Prince Hotel School.JapanIt is the only one in Japan, and its establishment has been evaluated to some extent.

Large since the 1980sSkiResort,City HotelTheCapital Area,Tohoku region,HokkaidoTo make many advances. Also, around the timeThe United States of America(Hawaii,Alaska,Guam) Andカナダ,Southeast AsiaCountries,Taiwan,AustraliaOverseas resort companies such asBubble economyThe mother of Prince Hotel, Kokudo, has grown to become Japan's number one hotel and leisure business operator.

KokudoThe method used to raise funds in line with the business expansion that has been carried out underShinagawa,Takanawa,Shiba,AkasakaSuch as a super-premium landcollateralIn addition, we obtained a huge loan from a bank and acquired the land. After that, build hotels and leisure facilities to increase the added value of the land,Went upThe increase in land prices was to receive more bank loans.

Japanese economy Bubble economyRushed into1980 eraFrom the end of the term, when the unrealized gain on the owned land increased significantly due to the accelerated land price increase, the hotel and resort business was further aggressively promoted.1990 era OfBubble burstAfter that, the business plan based on the assumption of land price rise was revised,Heisei recessionEven during the period, the Prince Hotel BusinessRestructuringThe business was not reorganized, and it continued until the opening of "Tokyo Prince Hotel Park Tower" in 2005.

2004 years(Heisei16 years)Seibu Railway Inc.'s profit-sharing case and securities report false report caseAs a result, Yoshiaki Tsutsumi was eliminated. First half of 2006 (2005年度Seibu groupSeibu HoldingsWhen it is reorganized under, the unprofitable facilities will either be closed or the real estate and operating rights will be sold one after another. The real estate of the hotel and resort business owned by (excluding) is consolidated and integrated under "(2006nd generation, new) Prince Hotel Co., Ltd." Also, the "Leisure Guide", which was published by Prince Hotel and covers all leisure facilities of the Seibu Group, was released in XNUMX.

Before the Seibu Group reorganization in 2006, "(the first) Prince Hotel Co., Ltd." was planned by Yoshiaki Tsutsumi.Seibu Railway,Izu Hakone Railway,Omi Railway,Seibu Real Estate such asKokudoCompanies (mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area)Kansai), or a joint venture between a local company and KokudoMunicipalitiesBy the attraction ofThird sectorEstablished by methodHead Office(overseas,Naeba Ski Resort・Other than ski resorts, etc.) of "Prince Hotel"FranchiseAnd external sales such as guest room salesMarketingSince the business is the main business and the management itself is carried out by each company, there was no unified strategy. (First generation) Prince Hotel own propertySunshine City Only Prince Hotel.

In July 2006, a total of two people were present to resolve the conflict between the Takanawa and Shinagawa areas.ManagerWe made one person, and performed district unification with the Takanawa district as the upper rank. Headquarters will be opened in December 1SaitamaTokorozawaFrom Seibu Railway head office building, TokyoToshima wardHigashiikebukuro OfSunshine CityMoved to Prince Hotel.

2007On April 4, the hotel brand "Prince Hotel" was subdivided into three categories according to the grade, and the symbol mark was renewed.

2017On July 7, the hotel business was acquired from Australia's Staywell Hospitality Group, which develops the "Park Regis" and "Leisure Inn" brands.[3].

2018XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,The United KingdomAnnounced the acquisition of the luxury hotel "The Arch London". The company plans to rename the newly established "The Prince Akatoki", which is positioned as the highest-class brand.[4].

20194/15Headquarters inTokyoToshima wardMinamiikebukuro OfSeibu HoldingsNew head office buildingDiamond Gate IkebukuroWe relocated to the 14th and 15th floors.

Sales are the highest in Japan in the hotel industry.


Many hotels are located in scenic areas, so many have large windows and curtains are designed to be hidden by the wall.

At the hotelDinner showThe Prince Hotel pioneered.1978ToTokyo Prince HotelAt the time of opening a large banquet hall "Phoenix Room" with a capacity of 3 peopleHiroshi ItsukiThe United StatesLas VegasTsutsumi, who knew that the performance was successful, brought it to the phoenix in the form of a dinner show. This dinner show was a great success, and a variety of celebrity dinner shows have since been held.New Takanawa Prince HotelHas many main banquet halls (halls) such as "Fiten" which can accommodate 5 people, and it is one strategy to sell the space.


Operating hotels/accommodation facilities

The Prince Gallery

A luxury hotel brand in the highest class that surpasses "The Prince".

The Prince

Together with overseas "Mauna Kea Beach Hotel", Prince HotelFlagshipThis is a high-class hotel that is positioned as. 6 facilities are applicable.

Grand Prince Hotel

It is a brand established for high-class facilities located in urban areas of Prince Hotel, and was renamed from "○ Prince Hotel" to "Grand Prince Hotel ○ ○". 3 facilities are applicable.

Prince Hotel

Prince Smart Inn

As a next-generation hotel specializing in lodging, it is planned to be deployed in cities throughout the country (mainly in areas where existing hotels are not open, such as the metropolitan area, regional cities, Shinkansen stations and cities around regional airports) ..

そ の 他 の 宿 泊 施 設

Other accommodations that Prince Hotels have positioned as "Prince Hotels & Resorts".

North Kanto

  • Manza Kogen Hotel (Tsumakoi-mura, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma) At the beginning of the operation, the guest rooms were Japanese-style rooms, and the name was Manza Kogen Lodge.
  • ChugokuCookingRyokan Kikusuitei (Saitama PrefectureTokorozawa)-Opened in 1990.Yoshiro Ikeharadesign.Seibu RailwayOwned and operated.



  • Ashikawa Onsen Dragon Palace on the shores of Lake Ashino (Hakone Town, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa Prefecture)-Ryokan. The main building is a relocation of the former Hamanako Hotel.
  • The new building opened in 1990. The main building was renovated into a day-trip bath facility after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
  • Hakone-en Lakeside Annex-Due to various reasons, it is temporarily closed.
  • Hakone-en Cottage East-April 2010, 4, renamed from "Hakone Prince Hotel Lakeside Annex Cottage". Closed for business.
  • Hakone Garden Cottage West-April 2010, 4, renamed from "Hakone Prince Hotel Prince Cottage".
  • Hakone-en Cottage Camping-April 2010, 4, renamed from "Hakone-en Cottage".
  • Hakone Prince Hotel Kamiyama Cottage / Kamiyama Lodge-Due to various reasons, it is temporarily closed.
  • Hakone Tachikawa Onsen/Ryokan Fuyo-tei-Due to various reasons, it is temporarily closed.



  • (Kyoto CityHigashiyama Ward)-Opened March 2020, 3. The exterior design of the former elementary school building is retained.[10]

Overseas hotels

New opening schedule

  • (TokyoKoto Ward)-Scheduled to open on September 2020, 9. Shiomi 1-chome. 2 rooms.[12]
  • Prince Smart Inn Ebisu (TokyoShibuya Ward)-Scheduled to open on October 2020, 10.
  • Prince Smart Inn Atami (Shizuoka PrefectureAtami)-Scheduled to open after 2020. 125 rooms[13]
  • Prince Smart Inn Kyoto (Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture)Shimogyo Ward)-Scheduled to open around the summer of 2021.Shijo Omiya.. 173 rooms.
  • Prince Smart Inn Okinawa (Okinawa PrefectureNaha)-Scheduled to open in 2022.


Operated ski area (ropeway, ordinary cableway)

■Sayama ski areaIs operated by.

Toll road operated

Other operating facilities

  • Karuizawa 72 Golf Karuizawa Gas Station (Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture)- ENEOS Ofgas station.
  • Arisugawa Shimizu (Minato-ku, Tokyo)-Installed at the former Azabu Prince Hotel siterestaurant.

Affiliated athlete

Facilities that were sold or abolished due to restructuring measures following the 2004 group reorganization

Prince Hotel (including owned and operated facilities of Kokudo, Seibu Railway, and Izuhakone Railway)Yoshiaki TsutsumiIt was discovered in 2004 that there are many unprofitable facilities in regions such as those that have expanded due to the intention ofSeibu Railwayof stocksSecurities reportWe sold or closed about 40 facilities when we reorganized our business due to delisting due to a misstatement issue. Some facilities are resold depending on the intention of the seller, and some facilities are considering closing the business, which imposes a steep road in terms of operation. In addition, the "Prince Hotel Leisure Catalog" (which was sold at the Prince Hotel shops, etc.), which covers the Seibu Group's leisure facilities, was discontinued after the 2005 edition.

*Indicates facilities that were resold or closed after the transfer of Kokudo Prince Hotel

Sold to Citigroup

The following facilities (ski/golf resort)CitigroupFacilities that were sold to a stock company and were not resoldWinter Garden ResortsIs responsible for the operation.


The following facilitiesRoute in JapanSold to.

  • Aso Prince Hotel (Kumamoto)-Sold with the golf course attached. The last day of operation is June 2007, 6. Since 1st April 2008, Aso Resort Grandvrio Hotel.
  • Tokushima Prince Hotel (Tokushima Prefecture)- Japanese tobacco industry (JT) Tokushima Prince Hotel Co., Ltd. was operated by a wholly owned subsidiary of the company because it was built on the site of the factory of (JT).2004Transferred to Prince Hotel, and JT Tokushima Prince Hotel Co., Ltd. is liquidated. The operation as a pure Seibu group was only 3 years (the last day of operation June 2007, 6). Since April 1, 2008Tokushima Grandvrio Hotel.. Due to the circumstances of the construction of the Tokushima Prince Hotel, even at the current Tokushima Grandvrio Hotel, the restaurant in the hotel has one regular holiday per week.

Sold to APA Group

The following facilitiesApaSold to the group.

  • Makuhari Prince Hotel(Chiba OfMakuhari New City) --Sold in December 2005.The current name is APA Hotel & Resort Tokyo Bay Makuhari. In addition to the expansion of WEST WING (West Building) in 12, EAST WING (East Building) is scheduled to be completed in 2014, bringing the total number of guest rooms to 2016.
  • Myoko Pine Valley Prince Hotel (Niigata)- Matsushita IndustriesManagement consignment property from. In 2000, after terminating the tie-up, operating as "Myoko Pine Valley Royal Pines Hotel" directly managed by Matsushita Kosan, and from July 2005Apa Resort Myoko Pine Valley.

Sold to Itoen Hotels

Karaoke store chain "Uta Square, Etc.Clearsseriesstudy(Currently Itoen Hotels, Tokyo) has a total of 3 facilitiesIzu Hakone Railway,Omi RailwayAcquired from. Cheap Hotel Chain "Itoen Hotel GroupIt is operated by being transferred to.

  • Ohito Hotel (Shizuoka)-The name remains the same
  • Matsuzaki Prince Hotel (Shizuoka)-The current Nishiizu Matsuzaki Itoen Hotel
  • Hikone Prince Hotel (Shiga)-Present Hikone View Hotel

Sold to McEarth

Sold XNUMX facilities owned by Omi Railway.

  • Oku Biwa Makino Prince Hotel (Shiga Prefecture)-Opened as Lake Oku Biwa Makino Grand Park Hotel in 2012.
  • Border ski area (Shiga)-Transferred in 2007. Opened as of 2008.
  • Hakodateyama Ski Resort(Shiga Prefecture)-2007 Orix-based J Mountains Group (Tokyo) transferred to. Then in 2010Mac EarthSold to.

Other facilities sold or closed

  • Sapporo Kitahiroshima Prince Hotel (Hokkaido)- AmbixSold to and operated on June 2007, 6. It has been operating as "Sapporo Kitahiroshima Classe Hotel" since 1.
  • Sapporo Kitahiroshima Prince Golf Course (Hokkaido)-Sold to the last day of operation June 2007, 6. After that, it is open as "Sapporo Kitahiroshima Golf Club".
  • Tsubetsu Ski Area (Hokkaido)-Last day of operation is March 2007, 3
  • Fukagawa Ski Resort (Hokkaido)-Last day of operation is March 2007, 3
  • Makomanai Ski Area (Hokkaido)-Abolished in 2006
  • Tazawako Prince Hotel (Akita)-Nanki Tourism (Headquarters/SaitamaSoka), the last day of operation is June 2007, 6. As of 1, it is operating as "Tazawako Rose Park Hotel".
  • Moriyoshi Ski Area (Akita)-Abolished in 2006 The Moriyoshi 1st high-speed lift (four-seater) was the longest line in Japan for chair lifts.
  • Moriyoshi Hutte (Akita)-Abolished in 2006
  • Chibata Ski Resort (Akita)-Closed in 2005, abolished in 2006
  • Kanegasaki Golf Course (Iwate Prefecture)-Sold to Nanki Kanko, the last day of operation is June 2007, 6
  • Nikko Shobuhama Ski Area (Tochigi Prefecture)-Closed in 2005, abolished in 2006
  • Nikko Prince Hotel(Tochigi Prefecture)-Opened in 1976.Shuzo Satodesign. 20thBCS AwardAward. The site of the Nakamiya Shrine Forestry sawmill factory. Closed on November 2008, 11.
  • Seibu Nagatoro Hotel (Saitama)-Closed on January 2007, 1
  • Seibuen Amusement ParkSnowboard Park (Saitama)-Paused in 2005
  • Hagiyama Tennis Court (Tokyo)-Closed in September 2005. The site was sold, and in 9 the first Tokyo-certified "Hagiyama Shiki no Mori Park" and a condominium building utilizing that system were created.
  • Roppongi Prince Hotel(Tokyo)-Closed in February 2006
  • Mercian Shinagawa IMAX Theater (Tokyo)
  • Mercian Karuizawa IMAX Theater (Nagano Prefecture)
    • MercianHas signed an official partner contract with Kokudo, and was operating and operating on the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Executive Tower, and Karuizawa Prince Hotel premises,IMAXScreening theater. As one of the few IMAX screening facilities in Japanmatrix,Harry potterI was showing the series and so on.
  • (Kanagawa Prefecture) - 1937Built inHirohide HigashifushimiBased on the county villa19537/1Opening[14], Annex opened in 1960. Rebuilt in 1990 into a huge new main building that draws a curve. Closed on June 2006, 6Land tokyo buildingSold to.The new main building will be demolished in just 16 years and then become a complex condominium.Although it is located on a hill, there is a long driveway slope (Prince slope) on the premises.JRIsogo StationWas relatively close up. In addition, there was a direct elevator for facility users at the Seibu-affiliated condominium (Prince Heights) that stood at the foot of the apartment, and the hotel's rooftop and the hotel basement floor located on the hill were connected by Prince Bridge. The building of the former Higashi Fushimi villa is2014From 2019 toTakaaki NakamuraIt was operating as a produced restaurant "Kibinkan".
  • Yokosuka Prince Hotel* (Kanagawa)-Sold to Frontier First Co., Ltd. in 2005, from April 2006Mitsui FudosanSystemResort solutionsWas run as a business, but closed on September 2008, 9, and then on October 30, 2009.Mercure Hotel YokosukaRebranded to.
  • Hakone Picnic Garden Snowboard Park (Kanagawa)-Abolished in 2005
  • Nishi-Atami Hotel (Shizuoka Prefecture)
  • Numazu Hotel (Shizuoka Prefecture)
    • bothIzu Hakone RailwayIt was a property owned by. Shimoda Prince Hotel, which was sold to Prince Hotel, closed on August 2006, 8 and sold real estate.
  • Tsubame Onsen Ski Resort (Niigata Prefecture)-Abolished in 2006
  • Myoko Onsen indoor pool (Niigata)-Abolished in 2006
  • Dotaru Ski Area (Niigata Prefecture)-Abolished in 2005
  • Mikuni Ski Resort (Niigata Prefecture)-Closed in 2005, abolished in 2006
  • Ojiyayama Motoyama Kogen Ski Resort (Niigata)-Closed in 2005, abolished in 2006
  • Lake Nojiri Prince Hotel (Nagano)-Sold in 2007. Currently operating as "Nojiriko Hotel El Bosco" as of 2012
  • Sengataki Onsen Hotel Karuizawa (Nagano Prefecture)-Opened in 1977.Day trip bath facilityOnly "Karuizawa Sengataki Onsen" remains.
  • Yudanaka Shibu Hot Spring Gorin Kogen Ski Area (Nagano Prefecture)-Abolished March 2007, 3.
  • Fukui Izumi Ski Area (Fukui Prefecture)-Owned by Omi Railway. In 2008, it was sold to the construction company Anama-gumi (Ono City, Fukui Prefecture) and operated by a wholly owned subsidiary, Fukui Izumi Resort.
  • Moriguchi Prince Hotel (Osaka)-After that, it was operated as "Moriguchi Royal Pines Hotel", but now "Hotel Agora Osaka Moriguchi" has been rebranded.
  • Kitakyushu Prince Hotel (Fukuoka)-Opened in 1989.Mitsubishi Chemical(At that time, Mitsubishi Kasei) The Kurosaki Plant was built on the site of the former company's house and was entrusted with the operation. Withdrew the management contract on February 2007, 2.Hotel Management InternationalSold land and buildings to the company and transferred employees[15], Began operation from February 2 of the same year.
  • Nagasaki Prince Hotel (Nagasaki)-CurrentlyBest WesternPremier Hotel Nagasaki
  • Ikoma Kogen Miyazaki Kobayashi Golf Course (Miyazaki)-2008 South Korea・Sold to Kaiu Kai. Currently J's Country Club Kobayashi Course.
  • Miyazaki Hyuga Golf Course (Miyazaki)-Sold to Gio Kairou in 2008. It became the J's Country Club Hyuga course, but in 2016, the management company was changed to TTS planning headquartered in Iizuka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and it became TTS Kadogawa Golf Club. However, it closed on March 2017, 3 the following year.
  • Kagoshima Kanoya Golf Course (Kagoshima Prefecture)-Sold to Gio Kairou in 2008. Currently J's Country Club Kanoya Course.

Among the facilities for sale, Prince Hotels in Lake Tazawa, Lake Nojiri, Tokushima, and Aso were able to use the name of Prince Hotel in the license agreement for 10 months from the last day of operation of Prince Hotel (until March 2008, 3).

Facilities that were sold or closed for other reasons (other than the above restructuring)

  • Haneda Prince Hotel-Opened in 1964. The operating companySeibu Department StoreIt was a subsidiary, Haneda Prince Hotel. Shares of operating company in 1968Tokyu Electric RailwayTransferred to (Tokyu), and in 1969 Tokyu merged Haneda Tokyu Hotel and Haneda Prince Hotel, changing the name of Prince Hotel to "Haneda Tokyu Hotel Annex". The Haneda Tokyu Hotel closed in September 2004. Opened in December 9Haneda Excel Hotel TokyuSubstantial predecessor facility.
  • Prince Hotel School-Hotelier (hotel workers) training school opened in 1971. In 1976Nippon FoundationEstablished with the support ofFoundationTransferred to Japan Hotel Education Center,Vocational schoolNippon Hotel School] Is opened as a school.Alumni AssociationThe school has taken over the organization.
  • AzabuPrince Hotel-A modern Japanese wooden architecture built as the residence of the Duke of Takashi in the Taisho era, later owned by the Baron Fujita family. Avoiding disappearance due to war damage,1953Opened as "Hotel Fuji". It was later renamed "Azabu Prince Hotel" and was supported by foreigners as a 30-room Japanese-style residence hotel. Located at Roppongi XNUMX-chomeフィンランドIt was decided to replace the consular land equivalently (the site of the consulate was in 1984-2006Roppongi Prince Hotel),1981Closed at the end. Currently, the site is the Arisugawa Shimizu, the restaurant of the Finnish Embassy and Prince Hotel.
  • NaritaPrince Hotel- Narita AirportIn line with the opening of the portThiev K(OriginalJapan AirlinesAt a subsidiaryIn-flight mealManufacturing and restaurants/hotelsNarita Airport Rest HouseManagement). at firstMitsubishi CorporationとTravel lodgeWith (Australia)joint ventureWas planned for management, but Travel Lodge withdrew and Mitsubishi Corporation opened a business in September 1978 in a form consigned to Prince. In June 9, Mitsubishi Corporation acquired management rights of the landlord.Thiev KSold to and ended operation as Prince Hotel. In 1997, after being renamed Narita Winds HotelHotel NikkoFollowing the transition of its name to Winds Narita, it closed in October 2007. The real estate was sold and in the same building in November 10Toyoko InnIt is operating as Narita Airport. This is the only case where the Prince Hotel has moved to Toyoko Inn.
  • HakoneSengokuharaPrince Hotel (2004st generation)-October 10Nissan MotorSold to a training facility for the company. Since 2015, Hotel Ohakone has been renamed to the same name as this hotel. Hakone Sengokuhara Prince Hotel East Building is the temporary name of Hotel Ohakone before opening in 1992.



  • Gamagori Prince Hotel(Aichi prefectureGamagori)-Textile wholesaler (currently)Takihyo) The fifth generation, Shinshiro Taki was founded in 45, and the culinary inn, Tokiwakan, is the main body. The Gamagori Hotel was established in 9. Received Japan's first international tourist hotel certification. In 55, Takihyo was closed due to poor management.GamagoriIn 62 after the stock purchaseNational Land Planning Co., Ltd.Sold to. Opened as Gamagori Prince Hotel. In March 2012KuretakesoSold to the group and renamed "Gamagori Classic Hotel".[18]
  • Lake Biwa Makino Prince Hotel (Shiga PrefectureTakashima)- 1995Opening of business. Closed on March 2012, 3.Mac EarthSold to and operated as "Oku Biwa Makino Grand Park Hotel" from the next day[19].
  • Hanno Prince Hotel (Saitama PrefectureHanno)- 1992Opening of business.Seibu Ikebukuro LineHanno StationLocated in the station building "Hanno Station Building". Since 2010, the restaurant department has beenKumagaya) And renamed as "Heritage Resorts Hanno". In addition, the accommodation department was transferred to Heritage on October 2012, 10, and renamed "Hotel Heritage Hanno sta."[20][21], Closed as Prince Hotel.

Unrelated "Prince Hotel" with the same name

EhimeMatsuyama City"Dogo Prince Hotel",IbarakiMito"Mito Prince Hotel",HokkaidoMonbetsuThere is no capital relationship, including "Monbetsu Prince Hotel", but it bears the name of "Prince Hotel"hotelThere are many in Japan.Since the company in this section had been using these since before 1992 when the trademark of "Prince Hotel" was registered, there was a situation that they did not request an injunction to use the name.

OnceTochigiShioyaFujiwara Town(Current:Nikko),火災CausedKawaji Prince Hotel, Developing "Muroran Prince Hotel" in HokkaidoNoguchi TourismAnd there is no capital relationship.

In addition, the "Tabata Prince Hotel" in Kita-ku, Tokyo, which opened in April 2018, said that it "infringes trademark rights and operating profits" and asked the Tokyo District Court to stop the use of the hotel name from the Prince Hotel. Was filed on June 4, the same yearTV AsahiReported in "Tele morning news"[22].. As mentioned in the news, the name and logo mark of "Prince Hotel" were found in 1992.Trademark registrationHas been done. On September 9th of the same year, a settlement was established by not using "Prince" in the name at all, and the hotel name was changed to "Tabata Oji Hotel".[23].

The problem of rejecting the general assembly

2008Two days of February 2 and 2,Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawaso,Japanese Teachers' UnionA general meeting of (Nikkyogumi) was scheduled. The hotel once accepted the reservation, but in November 2007,Right wing groupHe refused to accept the protests because of the nuisance of the local residents, especially because it could seriously affect the entrance examinations conducted mainly on this day.

In February 2008, theEducational Research National MeetingOf the Tokyo High Court, which confirmed that the cancellation of the contract was invalid and that it was obliged to use it.Provisional disposalIgnored the order and refused to use the planned venue (should have been held at the banquet hall "Hiten")[24].. We accepted a job fair on the day and made a double reservation.

In order to protest against this, the upper organizationJapan Trade Union FederationHas announced that it will boycott the use of Prince hotels and related facilities (in January 2009,Nippon KeidanrenThe chairman was invited to the New Year party as a guest, but due to this, he was absent). All the unions under the umbrella are called to do the same.National Union of Trade Unions,All Japan Teachers Union,Japan Federation of Bar AssociationsAlso made a speech expressing concern.

March 2House of RepresentativesIn the budget committeeKazunori YamaiIn response to a question from the legislator,Kunio HatoyamaMinister of JusticeIs not a case of individual cases but a general theory, "In any dispute, there is a case that the court issued after a fair deliberation, and there are some parties who dare to act against it. given that,Country ruled by lawIt is a serious situation in Japan." Also,Yoichi MasuzoeMinister of Health, Labour and WelfareSaid that the hotel canceled reservations for about 190 rooms of meeting participants,Inn Business LawIt is said that the suspicion of violating[25].. After February 2,Minato-kuInterviewed the hotel on the suspicion of violating the inn business law. During a second interview on March 3, President Yukihiro Watanabe stated that he "reflected" that the cancellation of the accommodation contract would violate the inn business law.[26].

As a reason for refusing to use, the Prince Hotel side issued a provisional disposition order of the high court decision three days before the scheduled date and it is difficult to safely hold the meeting because there is no specific consultation from the police authorities In addition, it was assumed that confusion was unavoidable because the Nikkei side did not give a prior explanation to the local residents.[27].. Regarding the cancellation of the contract, while accepting the criticism that accepting a reservation as the origin of the problem was reluctant, the explanation on the side of the Nikkei side was significantly different from the actual situation, and it is because the actual situation was confirmed.[28].. On April 4th, Minato Ward will be verbally careful that Prince Hotel's refusal to stay is a violation of the hotel business law. In August, the Nihon Kyokai filed a criminal complaint,2009On March 3, the police department of the Metropolitan Police Department inspected documents of Prince Hotel, four executives including President Watanabe, and the company as a corporation for violating the inn business law.2010January,Prosecution delay[29].

In addition, on March 2008, 3, the Nikko Kyokai filed a civil lawsuit seeking damages in the Tokyo District Court.[30], Tokyo District Court issued a judgment on July 2009, 7, ordering 27 million yen in compensation and apology advertisement on the Prince Hotel side (all claims of the Nihon Kyokai are accepted)[31].. On November 2010, 11, the Tokyo High Court issued a judgment ordering the Prince Hotel to compensate for approximately 25 million yen. Request for apology ad not accepted[32].. Since neither party appealed, the Tokyo High Court decision was finalized.

Staywell holdings

A subsidiary, Staywell Holdings, operates five brand hotels: The Prince Akatoki, Policy, Park Regis, Leisure in Plus, and Leisure in. Head office isAustralia OfSydney.. Prince Hotel acquired operations from StayWell Hospitality Group in 2017[33].

In 2019, the new brand The Prince Akatoki London opened in the UK.

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外部 リンク

Yamano Musical Instrument

Yamano Music Co., Ltd.(Yama no Gakki,YAMANO MUSIC CO., LTD.) IsJapan OfMusical instrument-Music/ Video software (CD/DVDEtc.) orMusical instrumentSales business and music classroom businessChain store. Head officeTokyoChuo-kuGinzaFounded in XNUMX-chome1892(Meiji 25), the company was established1915(Taisho 4)[3].


We are also an import agency for musical instruments, mainlyThe United States of America OfguitarManufacturer's majorfender(Fender Musical Instruments Corporation) and itsSquireWe handle brands.Long time agoGibson(Gibson Guitar Corporation) also handled,2006(18)12/31The agency contract with Gibson was terminated with2007(19)1In Japan Gibson andEpiphoneThe operation of the website has ended.

2013(25)2ToShinseidoReceived the transfer of store business such as "ROCK INN" in the musical instrument division of Japan and music classes.At the same time, Shinseido was engaged in import agency business.Rickenbacker,Karl Hofner, G & L Guitars, etc. are also available.

The Ginza main store with the head office is the best in JapanOfficial land priceIs known to be in high places[4]..Due to the shrinking music software market, the Ginza main store has reduced the CD / DVD section from the 2nd floor to the 1st basement floor and moved to the 2019th floor on August 8, 1.[5],KDDIKDDI's concept shop "GINZA 456 Created by KDDI" was opened on September 2020, 9 after concluding a rental contract with the lower floors.[6]

Ginza main store Christmas tree

2015From the front entrance of the Ginza main storeGunmaTsumagoi VillageProductionFirI used a treeChristmas treeHas appeared and has become a feature of Ginza during the Christmas season.[Annotation 1].

Originally adjacentMikimoto Main Store 1976I went as a jumbo Christmas tree from2014, Closed its 39-year history due to the renovation of Mikimoto's store.The situation is "Morning bird』(TV Asahi), He is one of the commentators.Kazumasa Nagashima[Annotation 2]Has a history of holding the event there after he said to Masahiko Yamano, the company's president, who has been a childhood friend since elementary school, saying, "You should do it from next year."This tree goes to the music every hour on the hourilluminationIs lit.

List of stores

It has 47 stores, including the Ginza main store (one of which is).Wind instrumentAll stores"Wind Crew", 5 storesLM instrumentSpecialty store "Sound Crew", 3 stores are "Yamano Musical Instruments Lock-in" which inherited the lock-in of Shinseido from the old store).Forty-six of them have names such as "Yamano Music Salon"Music classroomIs attached.

Except for the 7 stores in Miyagi, Osaka, Hyogo, and Hiroshima prefectures, all stores are concentrated in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama prefectures.Of these, the Ginza main store, Sendai store, and Lock-in Shinjuku are called "Flagship shop"[7].

For details on the current stores and music classes, see the official website "Store InfomationSee.

Store that existed

  • Tokyu Nihonbashi store
  • Tokyu Toyoko store (first branch store)
  • Tokyu Main Store
  • Ikebukuro Parco store → Onstage Yamano
  • Daimaru Tokyo store
  • Nihonbashi Takashimaya store
  • Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi store
  • Shimbashi store
  • Isetan Shinjuku store
  • Mitsukoshi Shinjuku store
  • Shinjuku My City store
  • Ginza Matsuzakaya store
  • Ueno Matsuzakaya store
  • Oimachi Hankyu store
  • Jiyugaoka store
  • Kyodo Joyful store
  • Kichijoji famous store
  • Kichijoji Terminal Echo Store
  • Sun Road Kichijoji store
  • Tokyu Kichijoji store
  • Tokyu Machida store
  • Odakyu Machida store
  • Sogo Tama store
  • Isetan Tachikawa store
  • Grand Duo Tachikawa store
  • Seibu Hachioji store
  • SOGO Yokohama store
  • Kamiooka store
  • Odakyu Fujisawa store
  • Cross shop Fujisawa store
  • Tama-Plaza Tokyu store → After moving to Tama-Plaza Terrace, reopened as Tama-Plaza Terrace store.
  • Isetan Matsudo store
  • Naraya store → New Naraya store
  • Chiba store
  • Tsudanuma Parco store
  • Shinurayasu store
  • Urawa Corso store
  • Atre Maruhiro store
  • Maruhiro Higashi Matsuyama store
  • Maruhiro Nisshin store
  • Maruhiro Hanno store
  • Maruhiro Higashi Hanno store
  • Maruhiro Minami Urawa store
  • Maruhiro Ageo store
  • Deo City Niiza store
  • Sogo Shinsaibashi store
  • Sapporo store
  • Sapporo PARCO store
  • Sogo Sapporo store
  • Shin-Sapporo store
  • Sapporo Tokyu store
  • Sapporo Matsuzakaya store
  • Sapporo loft store
  • Hakodate store
  • Fukuoka IMS store
  • Kokura store --After closing Sogo Ogura, moved to Kokura Toei Kaikan.After that, it was relocated as I'm Kokura store and then closed.

Store inherited from Shinseido

  • LaLaport Shin Misato Store (former Shinseido Rock-in Music LaLaport Shin Misato Store)
  • Sound Crew Shin Misato (same as above)
  • Sound Crew Utsunomiya (former Shinseido Lock-in Utsunomiya store)
  • Lock-in Tennoji (former Shinseido Lock-in Tennoji Mio store)
  • Lock-in Hakata (former Shinseido Lock-in Canal City Hakata store)


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ Canceled in 2019 due to store renovation. From 2020, it will be implemented in "GINZA 456".
  2. ^ At the lighting ceremony in 2015, which was the first year of the eventHashimoto ManamiAttend with.


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