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👶 | I put the twins to sleep, and it worked! !! 【experience】


I put the twins to sleep, and it worked! !! 【experience】

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For about two weeks after birth, the two of us slept in the crib without any problems.

This is a story of a mom who had a hard time putting her twins to sleep.The life rhythm of two babies is combined from as early as 2 months after birth ... → Continue reading

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Baby bed

Baby bed(Japanglish) (British: infant bed, cot,American English: crib) IsinfantForbedThat is.American English: cribIn such cases, please note that it also has the meaning of ", magusa tub" and "livestock hut" for feeding livestock.Etymologically,cottageIt is related to.

The crib is no longer a newborn baby moving a littlecradle,Bassinet bed(bassinet) Is used from the stage when it seems unsafe to put it in.WesternThen, like Japan, with an infantSleeping togetherMany families use cribs to lay their babies because the habit of doing so is not common.

The crib is designed to keep the baby in the bed.The side plates on both sides are high enough that infants cannot climb, and there is no scaffolding.The center of gravity is low, and even if the infant grows up a little and falls in the bed, it is more stable than a cradle and less likely to fall.

American English: crib

American EnglishSay incribGenerally, you can hold both ends of the bed, fold it in the middle, roll it, and carry it around.ThesecribThe bed, called, is intended for temporary use when an unexpected visitor is not available on a regular bed.

cribIt is,軍隊But it is used as a moving bed.Move from camp to camp together.Considering that it is convenient to carry and lightweight, it is placed in a wooden frame.mattressThere is also something like using it with.By the wayhospitalThe cots used in the hospital roomcrib.


Parents have been with babies for a long timefutonIn Japan, where people used to sleep together, cribs are just as the name suggests.Western culture OfFurnitureWas one of the.High economic growthIn Japan by the time we reached, we were able to walkinfantSo that you don't get injured while you're awakestrawMade by knitting "EjikoI put my upper body out in a container called "Izumi" and kept it upright.Also strawInsulationBut, "Izumi" isThuSmaller ohitsufutonWalnutriceWas also used as a warmer[1].

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