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🏥 | From the Aloha Girl editorial department! From 2020 to 2021 ... Part 1


From the Aloha Girl editorial department! From 2020 to 2021 ... Part 1

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At the supermarket in Honolulu after the issuance of this "waiting at home, working from home" order, even the canned goods that are always lined up on the shelves are not left as one.

In 2020, this news was all about ...Happy New Year everyone. Alo in 2020 ... → Continue reading

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Honolulu(Hawaiian: English: Honolulu) IsThe United States of AmericaHawaiiOahuThe city in.The largest city in the stateState capital.


Long time agoHawaiian Kingdom OfcapitalIs the largest city in Hawaii and Oahu, where the state and the United States have been located.The Pacific OceanIn the areaEconomy,Politics,cultureIs the center of.Also on the Pacific OceanTransportationProsper as a key point ofHarbor,Military base,International airportThere is.

The city center is of various companiesskyscraper,Hotel,CondominiumAlthough there are many beaches, etc.TourismBlessed with spots, many throughout the yearJapaneseTourists come from all over the world including.

In the cityWaikiki BeachAnd beaches such as Kuhio Beach,Diamond head,Chinatown, The only palace in AmericaIolani Palaceand so on.Also in HawaiiHigher educationIs the base ofUniversity of HawaiiHeadquarters campusManoaLocated in the district.


Honolulu North Latitude 21 Degrees 18 Minutes 24 Seconds 157 degrees 51 minutes 32 seconds west longitude /21.30667 N, 157.85889 W / 21.30667; -157.85889Coordinate: North Latitude 21 Degrees 18 Minutes 24 Seconds 157 degrees 51 minutes 32 seconds west longitude /21.30667 N, 157.85889 W / 21.30667; -157.85889 Is located in.

The Honolulu region is between Makapu'u and HālawaOahuIt is located on the southeastern coast of.Regional boundariesKoolau MountainsAlong the way, Makapu'u Beach is in the Ko'olaupoko district.

The western border is along the Halawa River, which intersects Red Hill and passes west of Aliamanu Crater.ThereforeAloha Stadium,Pearl HarborとHickam Air Force BaseOccupies most of the'Ewa district.


Köppen climate classificationThen.Step climateBelongs to (BSh)[1].

Honolulu(Honolulu International Airport) Climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)31
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)26.9
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)22.8
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)18.7
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)11
rainfall mm (inch)69.3
Average number of rainfall days (≥ 0.01 in)
Average monthlyDaylight hours213.9214.7260.4252.0282.1285.0306.9303.8279.0244.9201.0198.43,042.1
Source 1: NOAA (normals, 1971–2000) [2]
Source 2: HKO (sun, 1961–1990) [3]

Each area in the city

Honolulu HarborThis area adjacent toHawaiiIs the center of business and politics.In the coastal area is the Aloha Tower, which has been a tall building in Hawaii for many years.Aloha Tower).Currently the tallest building is the 137m high First Hawaiian Center on King and Bishop Street (First Hawaiian Center).The eastern side of downtown is the historic center of the Hawaiian dynasty.Hawaii Capital Historic District"so,Hawaii State LegislatureCapitol,Iolani Palace, Honolulu City Hall,Kawaiahao ChurchAnd etc. are the main facilities in the area along with some government buildings.
It is a semi-industrial district between downtown and Waikiki that undergoes major redevelopment.Here is the Ward Warehouse and Ward Center operated by Victoria Ward.Ward Center), Ward Entertainment Center.Several other redevelopment projects are planned to include the University of Hawaii Medical School.
With the Ala Wai CanalThe Pacific OceanIt is a famous tourist destination in Honolulu between.Generally, beach areas such as Fort Delssy Beach, Waikiki Beach, Kuhio Beach, Kapiolani Beach Park and San Souci Beach facing Mamala Bay to the south, and the Ala Wai Canal to the west and north. The eastDiamond headRefers to the area up to Kaimana Beach at the foot of the mountain.Numerous hotels, shops, and nightlife are located along Kalakaua and Kuhio Street.The beach area, including the world-famous Waikiki Beach, attracts 1 million visitors.The vast majority of hotels on Oahu are located in Waikiki.
Ala Moana(Ala Moana)
Ala Moana on the west side of Waikiki is the world's largest open-air shopping centerAla Moana Center,WalmartThere are large-scale commercial facilities such as.
It is a residential area located in a valley adjacent to downtown and inland Waikiki.Manoa Valley has the University of Hawaii's main campus andBarack ObamaPresidentPunahou School (Punahou School)high school).
Inland from Diamond Head, adjacent to the east of Manoa and Makiki.
It is a high-class residential area at the eastern foot of Diamond Head, where many mansions are located.There are also famous golf tournaments in these neighborhoods (named by sponsors and nowSony Open in Hawaii) Was held at the Wai'alae Country Club and former Kahala HiltonThe Kahala Hotel & Resort(The Kāhala Hotel & Resort).
East Honolulu
Includes residential communities in Āina Haina, Niu Valley, and Hawaii'i Kai.These are middle class and above.
It is a residential area of ​​the middle class and above, located in the inland area of ​​downtown Honolulu.National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific).
It is adjacent to the working class where many government housings have been developed.Lower Kalihi in the Pacific direction is a semi-industrial area.
Salt LakeとAliamanu (Āliamanu)
Not far from Honolulu International Airport, it is a residential area built by the disappearance of tuff cones because it is located on the western outskirts of Honolulu.
With a valley on the western edge of HonoluluTripler Army Medical CenterThere are two areas.


2000CurrentCensus[4]The city is home to 371,657 people, 140,337 households and 87,429 families.The population densityIs 1,674.4 / km² (4,336.6 / mi²). There are 714.8 homes with an average density of 1,851.3 / km² (158,663 / mi²).The racial makeup of the city is 19.67% white, 1.62% African, 0.19% indigenous, 55.85% Asian, 6.85% Pacific Islands, 0.89% other races and 14.93% mixed race.4.37% of the populationHispanicOr it is Latin.Compared to other state capitals in the United States, the population of Asian descent is by far the largest, and conversely, Hispanic and African descent are small.

19.2% of the inhabitants of the city are minors under the age of 18, 18% are between the ages of 24 and 8.9, 25% are between the ages of 44 and 29.9, 45% are between the ages of 64 and 24.1, and 65 and over. It covers 17.8%.The median age is 40 years.For every 100 females there are 96.6 males. For every 18 females over the age of 100, there are 94.5 males.

The average household income in the city is $ 45,112 and the average family income is $ 56,311.Men have an average income of $ 36,631 versus $ 29,930 for women.Per capita income in this city (per capita income) Is US $ 24,191.人口の11.8%および家族の7.9%はXNUMX% of the population and XNUMX% of the familyPoverty lineIt is as follows.Of the total population, 18% under the age of 14.6 and 65% over the age of 8.5 live below the poverty line.


Honolulu County has all municipal services (civil defense, life-saving medical care, firefighting, parks and recreation, police, sanitation, roads, water, and other management) overseen by a committee of managers in many other cities. Supervise by the mayor and city council.Honolulu County is one of the largest city authorities in the United States, operating a $ 10 billion annual budget.

Information and communication/life infrastructure


TV and radio

13 stations in HonoluluTelevision broadcasting stationKHON 2ch (FOX), KITV 4ch (ABC), KHNL 8ch (NBC), KGMB 9ch (CBS), KHET 11ch (PBS) Etc. (including all major American television station networks), one cable television company, 1 FM radio stations, and 20 AM radio stations[5].

Of the TV stations, KHONHiroshima TV(NTV) And KITVHiroshima Home TV(TV Asahi) And sister stations (Hawaii and Hiroshima prefectures, Honolulu and Hiroshima have sister municipalities).Channels for cable TV stations for JapaneseNGN(Nippon Golden Network Extra Charge), KIKU-TV 20ch (Multilingual TV station for local foreigners)[1]andKZOO,K-JAPAN(AM radio station, now101FM).

Newspaper company

In HonoluluHonolulu Advertiser"When"Honolulu Star BritainTwo daily newspapers have been published.JapaneseNewspapers are "East West Journal" and "Hawaii Hochi(Shizuoka ShimbunGroup) ”.AlsoYomiuri Shimbun,Nihon Keizai ShimbunInternational satellite editions of major newspapers published in Japan can be purchased at hotels, souvenir shops, and airports in Honolulu.There are also free newspapers and magazines for tourists.



Located on the western outskirts of HonoluluDaniel K. Inouye International AirportIs in HonoluluOahuAs well,HawaiiIt is an important gateway to.From japanJapan Airlines Narita International Airport1 flights a day fromTokyo International Airport1 flights a day fromKIXFrom 1 flight per day (after 1, the period may be increased to 2017 flights per day depending on the season),Chubu International AirportIn addition to getting on one flight a day fromDelta AirlinesIs one flight a day from Tokyo International Airport, one flight a day from Kansai International Airport, and one flight a day from Chubu International Airport.United airlinesIs flying from Narita International Airport once a day.Also,All Nippon Airways(Air Japan1 flights a day from Narita International Airport (including operated flights)[6], 1 flight per day from Tokyo International Airport,Hawaiian AirlinesIs one flight a day from Tokyo International Airport, one flight a day from Kansai International Airport,New Chitose AirportFrom 3 flights a week, Fukuoka AirportFrom 5 flights a week,China AirlineOperates regular flights from Narita International Airport five times a week.

Also, in each city in the United StatesGuam,American SamoaHawaiian Airlines andAmerican airlines, Delta Air Lines, etc. operate regular flights,Fiji,Australia,New ZealandPacific countries, such as South Korea,Republic of China,フィリピンな どAsiaThere are plenty of flights from all over the world, as well as flights from within the state of Hawaii.However,Europe,AfricaYou need to make a connection when heading to.


Mass transport planning

Attempts to lay rails for mass transportation1980 eraIt was made from.2004In Honolulu County and the Hawaii State Government approve the progress of the action plan for rail laying of mass transit to build the system at several stages.Early routes were in Iwilei near downtown and western Oahu.KapoleiIt was to connect with (Kapolei).But,2006Approved a fixed guide rail system that can be used by rail and bus, from KapoleiAla MoanaAnd the route toWaikikiからManoaIt was decided to build a branch line up to.

2008Honolulu referendum, western Oahu and downtown, Waikiki andUniversity of HawaiiApproved a $ 45 billion budget for a railroad project connecting the two.The trains are approximately 200 feet (61 m) long, electrically driven, with steel wheels mounted on steel rails, and each train is supposed to carry more than 300 passengers, with a fixed guide rail system. Was discontinued and changed to a regular rail system[7][8]Started construction on February 2011, 2[9].. The East Kapolei-Aloha Stadium section will open by 2017, and the Aloha Stadium-Ala Moana Center section will open by 2019.[9]However, the completion was delayed, and at present, the partial opening between East Kapolei and Aloha Stadium is scheduled to open in the second half of 2020, and the entire line is scheduled to open in 2025.[10].


Transit Bus

Founded by Mayor Frank F. Fasi, Honolulu's public transport system was awarded the title "America's Best Transit System" in 1994-1995 and 2000-2001 by the American Public Transportation Association (w: American Public Transportation Association). Awarded twice by the American Public Transportation Association).Oaf Transportation ServiceTheBusIs 531busIt owns and operates 107 routes, and its route network is spread not only in Honolulu City but throughout Oahu.


2 つ のhighwayServes the entire area of ​​Honolulu.


Interstate H-1
This highway that crosses the city from the westHickam Air Force BaseIt passes through Honolulu International Airport, runs north of downtown, passes through Makiki and Kaimukī, continues eastward, and ends at Wai'alae and Kāhala.Interstate H-1 in the western part of the cityWahiawaFrom (Wahiawā) Interstate H-2 andKaneohe(Kāne'ohe) connects to Interstate H-3.
Interstate H-2
Interstate H-3

Other major highways leading to Honolulu to other parts of Oahu are:


Paris Highway
Crossing on State Highway 61, north of Ko'olau, on the windward sideKailua(Kailua) and Kaneohe.
Riki Riki Highway
Cross State Highway 63, Koorau and lead to Kaneohe.
Karani Announcer Highway
Run west on State Highway 72 from Waialae / Kahala to Hawaii'i Kai and Waimanalo Beach near the eastern edge of the island.
Kamehameha Highway
Run west from near Hickam Air Force Base to Aiea and Beyond in parallel with State Highway 99 and Interstate H-1.

Like many major American cities, Honolulu's metropolitan areas are especially Aiea,Pearl CityFrom the western suburbs of (Pearl City), Waipahu, Mililanirush hourQuite a lot during the time zoneTraffic jamHappens.


Honolulu HarborHas been around for a long timeHawaiian IslandsNot only as a gateway toThe Pacific OceanIt is known as a key point of shipping.In addition to cruise ships operating the Hawaiian Islands, it is also famous for many luxury passenger ships calling at the port.


Among the Hawaiian Islands, which are visited by tourists from all over the world, including the United States and Japan, Honolulu is a major tourist base in the Hawaiian Islands, where many of them set foot, and is dotted with various tourist destinations and hotels. ..

Sightseeing spot



Performing arts

1900Honolulu Symphony was founded inRocky mountainsThe oldest Symphony Orchestra in the west.Other classical music ensembles include the Hawaii Opera Theater.

Honolulu is also the center of Hawaiian music.the Neal Blaisdell Center,the Waikiki ShellAnd the Manoa Valley Theater are the main venues for music events.

In Honolulu's live theaterthe Diamond Head Theater, The Manoa Valley Theater, etc.


Located in downtownHonolulu Museum of Art(Honolulu Museum of Art (formerly Honolulu Academy of Arts)) has not only a collection of modern Hawaiian paintings, but also a particularly rich collection of oriental art, where you can experience the best of Japanese, Chinese and Islamic art. ..Although Western art is a bit inferior to the collection of Oriental art in terms of mass (mainly containing works donated by local collectors), the Honolulu Museum of Art is generally excellent as a medium-sized museum. I'm proud of it, and it will take a whole day if I watch it carefully.

In addition, the Spalding House in Makiki (formerly known as:Museum of Contemporary Art(The Contemporary Museum)) has a rich collection of Hawaiian contemporary art.

Museums, aquariums, zoos

Bishop Museum
Not only in HawaiiPolynesiaOne of the best博物馆An exhibition on the natural history of the Hawaiian Islands,OceaniaThe exhibition on folk culture and the history of the Hawaiian Islands has been highly acclaimed.It is also known that Dr. Yosihiko Shinoto, a Japanese archaeologist, has worked for many years and has made brilliant achievements in the field of Polynesian archeology.
Hawaii Maritime Museum
At the Maritime Museum in front of the Aloha Tower, you can see a comprehensive exhibition of Hawaii's whale history, shipping history, and sailing canoe culture, as well as the four-masted large sailing vessel "Falls of Clyde."Nautical canoe"Hokurea"Although it is occasionally moored, it is often out on voyages and maintained in dry dock on Sand Island, so there are not many opportunities to see Hokule'a.
Waikiki AquariumとHonolulu Zoo
Both are located in Waikiki near Kapiolani Park.


Currently, Honolulu does not have a professional sports team.But HonoluluAmerican Football OfNFLHeld every FebruaryPro bowlandサ ッ カ ー OfESPNIt is the venue for the Hawaiian Islands Invitational sponsorship.Honolulu sports spectator fans are generallyUniversity of HawaiiManoa American football,volleyball,basketball,baseballSupports the game.The venues for Honolulu sports spectators are:

  • Aloha Stadium(American football and soccer)
  • (baseball)
  • (Basketball and volleyball)
  • (basketball)

Honolulu is also home to three major road races.


Great Aloharan
Every yearPresident's birthdayWill be held in.
Honolulu Marathon
About half or two-thirds of the participants are from Japan.It is held on the second Sunday of December, with more than 3 participants each year.


Honolulu Century Ride
BicycleWorld-famous long-distance travel up to 100 miles (160km) round tripCyclingIt is held on the 9th Sunday of September every year."Iron Okore", in which a group of five people enter the ride and compete for the longest distance by accumulating the running distances of all the members, will be held as an in-event competition.

ヨ ッ ト

Located in the Waikiki area.There are several smaller harbors.

Origin/related celebrities


Experienced Consul General of Japan in Honolulu

sister city

Honolulu has sister cities with the following 28 cities.


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