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🏥 | Domestic 4898 infected, 55 dead New corona, 973 seriously ill

Photo The number of patients with new coronavirus infection continues to increase, and the scene of "private emergency" is imminent.At the request of the public health center, the number of "private emergency feels" transported to hospitals in Hino City, Tokyo has risen.The number exceeded 12 in December last year, but this month it has exceeded 180 by the 17th.In some serious cases, it should have been mild but became severe when it arrived at home.Three private cars are in full operation every day.Manabu Saito, a 150-year-old representative of the company, complained in protective clothing that he had no choice but to decline any further requests = 3th.

Infected 4898 people in Japan, killed 55 people New corona, 973 seriously ill

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According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of seriously ill people increased by one from the previous day to a total of 1 people.

On the 18th, 4898 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported in Japan.By region, 1204 people in Tokyo, Kana ... → Continue reading

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