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🏥 | John's way of measuring water when cooking brown rice was "Japanese style"! [Health learned from the Beatles diet]

From the left of the photo, John's beloved Sean, Yoko, and Paul. Taken in 1994 (C) Time Life Pictures / DMI / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty / Kyodo News Images

When cooking brown rice, John's method of measuring water was "Japanese style"! [Health learned from the Beatles diet]

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However, there is a hint in "Yoko Ono Lennon Complete History" (published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha) written about her.

[Health learned from the Beatles' diet] # 13 Last year XNUMX was the XNUMXth anniversary of his birth, so John Lennon ... → Continue reading

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Kawade Shobo Shinsha

Kawade Shobo Shinsha Co., Ltd.(Kawadeshoboshinsha)Japan OfInfomationIs. Head officeTokyoShibuya WardSendagayaIt is in.

Tomohisa Kawade, the third presidentpoetBut alsoSongbookThere is "Shirahashu" 1-3 (Short Song Research Co., 2004-06).Yukitsuna Sasaki,Kimihiko Takano,Shigeki OnoIn some cases, a student songwriter was appointed as an employee.


1886(Meiji19) by Seiichiro Kawade (1857-1936)GifuAs the Tokyo branch of "Narumido Bookstore"NihonbashiIt was founded in Japan. At that timetextbook,Learning reference bookWas published mainly inAgricultureThe publication of related books has gradually increased.

1933(ShowaIn 8), the second generation (Son-in-law of Seiichiro) (2-1901)Kawade ShoboThe name was changed to, and it began to publish mainly literary books and thought books.1944(Showa 19)Remodeling companyThanLiterature magazine"Literary artsI bought it.1945(Showa 20)Tokyo air raidDamaged byChiyoda WardKanda Ogawa TownMove to.

Published in 1950 (Showa 25)Shintaro Kasa"About how to see things" becomes a bestseller.1954As a project to commemorate the 29th anniversary of our founding in (Showa 70)General magazineAlthough he announced the launch of "Modern Life," the editorial staff took away the funds for the launch. "Modern Life" was first published under the name "Intelligence", but this became a distant cause.1957Bankruptcy in (Showa 32), new Kawade ShoboXinsheWas founded and rebuilt. In March of the same yearWomen's weekly magazineThe pioneer of "Weekly womenWas launched, but due to bankruptcy, it was suspended in issue 4. In August of the same year, the editing and publishing rights of the magazine were granted.ShufutoseikatsushaTransferred to. In 1965 (Showa 40), Takao Kawade died, and Tomohisa Kawade (1938-) became the third president.1967(Showa 42)Corporate rehabilitation lawWas filed for bankruptcy and rebuilt, and Takayuki Nakajima became president.1968(Showa 43) March,Takaaki Yoshimotoof"Joint illusion theory』Published.

1977(Showa 52)ShinagawaFrom HigashioiShinjuku wardMoved to Sumiyoshi-cho and Masaru Shimizu became president. Moved to Sendagaya two years later and continues to the present. The old company was dormant, leaving only the registration2000(HeiseiBusiness resumed in Higashioi from 12). In 2007 (Heisei 19), we entered into a business alliance and sales contract with the new company.

1962From (Showa 37)Bungei AwardWas founded. Won the awardKazumi TakahashiBecomes the main writer. As a major bestseller, 1981 (Showa 56),Yasuo Tanaka"Somehow, crystal(17th Bungei Prize winning work),Akemi Hotta"1980 Aiko XNUMX years old(18th Bungei Prize winning work), 83 (Showa 58),Karajuro"Letter from Mr. Sagawa", 87 (62),Bachi"Salad anniversary』.

Bungei PrizeEmi Yamada,Mayumi Nagano,Tomoyuki Hoshino,Kashimada Maki,Nakamura Wataru,Wataya Risa,Keisuke Haneda,Gen Shiraiwa,Yamazaki Nao Cola,Nanae Aoyama,Kenichiro IsozakiProduced excellent writers such as. Became a gateway to new writers.

1997 (Heisei 9), Machi Tawara "Chocolate revolution] Becomes a bestseller. At the end of the 90's, a boom of young writers centered on "Bungei" came, and "J literature" became popular.Nakahara Masaya,Shu FujisawaEtc. debuted.

In 2002 (Heisei 14), the president changed from Masaru Shimizu to Shigeo Wakamori. The main bestseller is the "Adult Coloring Book" series (total of 500 million copies). Gen Shiraiwa "Produce wild pigs(Later made into a drama), Naocola Yamazaki "Don't laugh at people's sex(Later made into a movie), Nanae Aoyama's "Hitotsu Hiyori" (winner of the 136th Akutagawa Prize), Takehiko Hata's "The Reasoning Novel" (later made into a drama / movie).

2004 (Heisei 16), Risa Wataya "The back you want to kickIs the youngest in history to win the Akutagawa Prize and become a bestseller with 127 million copies.

In 2007 (Heisei 19), in commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the founding,Natsuki Ikezawa = Personal Editing "Complete Works of World Literature"(Phase III, 30 volumes in total) Publication started. Became an exceptional bestseller for the complete works of literature in recent years. In 2014 (Heisei 26), in commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the founding,Natsuki Ikezawa = Personal Editing "Complete Works of Japanese Literature"(Phase III, 30 volumes in total) has also started to be published.

In 2011 (Heisei 23), the president will change from Shigeo Wakamori to Yu Onodera. The main bestsellers are Kaho Shizuki "Don't Do Fengshui",Fuminori Nakamura"pickpocket",Mari Akasaka"Tokyo Prison",Kei Ito×Enjoto"Corpse Empire(Received the 33rd SF Grand Prize Special Award),Ito Seiko"Imaginary Radio" (35th Noma Literary New Face Award Winner),Wooden dish spring"Curry last night, tomorrow's bread』(Later drama),Ataru Sasaki"Cut off, that praying hand" (Kinokuniya Jinbun Grand Prize 2010),Masaya Chiba"Don't move too much" (Kinokuniya Jinbun Grand Prize 2013),Genichiro Takahashi-SEALDs"What is democracy? ].

2014(26), four young employees said "DislikeIn order to raise a problem against the trend that "books and magazines such as books and magazines are selling"Eiji OgumaWith the cooperation ofThink about this country now-neither "dislike" nor "blurring"We planned a book selection fair entitled "[2].



Paperback, new book, series

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  • Kawade Shobo Co., Ltd.(Old company) ――Third president Tomohisa Kawade resumed business in 3. Concluded a business alliance and sales contract with the new company. The fourth president is Iwao Kawade of the Kawade family.
    • Harvest Publishing --Japanese publisher. The representative of the former Kawade Shobo company is also Iwao Kawade.
  • Business company --Formerly known as "Kawade Business". The business books department became independent.


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