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🏥 | Vaccination causes urticaria, suspected side reaction to Toyama

Photo Toyama Rosai Hospital = 20th afternoon, Uozu City, Toyama Prefecture

Suspicion of urticaria and Toyama side reaction due to vaccination

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At Toyama Rosai Hospital, 19 people were vaccinated on the 48th.

The Prime Minister's Office is on the 20th, a dedicated Twitter account for the new coronavirus vaccine, and at the Toyama Rosai Hospital on the 19th. → Continue reading

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Toyama Rosai Hospital

Location of Toyama Rosai Hospital (in Toyama Prefecture)
Toyama Rosai Hospital

Japan Organization of Occupational Health and Safety Toyama Rosai Hospital(Dokuri Tsusei Hojinrou Doshakenkou Fukushikikou Toyamarou Saibyouin) isToyamaUozuIt is inIndependent administrative agencyLabor Health and Safety OrganizationOperated byhospital.


One of the occupational accident hospitals nationwide.Toyama prefectureRegional cancer medical treatment cooperation base hospitalIs specified in.

The current ward is2016(28)May 11It is a building completed in.Reinforced concreteIt is a 6-story building with a total floor area of ​​23,000 square meters, and is the first medical institution in Toyama Prefecture to introduce a seismic isolation structure throughout the building.Total project cost is about 86 billion yen[3]..It is a building that stores fuel that can operate an emergency power supply for 72 hours and can continue medical services even in the event of an earthquake.same yearMay 11Start operation[1][4].


Sources are from pages 30-1989 of "3th Anniversary Magazine" (March 40, published by Toyama Rosai Hospital), except for individual sources.

  • 1953 --Started an invitation campaign in Uozu City.
  • 1955 - Ministry of Labor(CurrentMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare) Decided to build in Uozu city.
  • 19562 - Sato IndustryStarted construction by.
  • 1958
    • 1 --Established a hospital opening office within the Toyama Labor Standards Bureau.
    • 4 - Chubu Labor Disaster HospitalTake over the Arimine Clinic.
    • May 5 ――With the completion of the first main building, medical treatment started with 3 departments of internal medicine, surgery and orthopedics and 40 beds.
    • May 6 - Uozu City Kazumi Elementary SchoolOpening ceremony in the auditorium[5].
  • 1959May 4 ――By this time, the number of beds has reached 200, and the service building on the 1st floor of the main building, the surgery building, the administration building on the 2nd floor of the main building, the Reian dissection room, the nurse's dormitory, etc. have been completed.
  • 1975May 3 --Completion of staff dormitory (1 building outside the director's building).
  • 1981May 7 --Completion of CT building.
  • 1982May 4 --5-year plan Expansion and renovation work started.
  • 1984May 10 --The new building is completed.
  • 1985May 4 --Completion of new construction of the rearic building.
  • 1987
    • May 4 --Complete renovation of the main building annex.
    • May 6 --Ceremony held to commemorate the completion of the extension and renovation.
  • 2016
    • May 4 --The City Emergency Center was opened at the hospital[6].
    • May 11 --Completion of the current ward[3].. same yearMay 11Start operation[1].

Medical courses

Other medical departments

  • Health Examination Department
  • Worker Preventive Medicine Department
  • Worker Respiratory Disease Center
  • Digestive Disease Center
  • Asbestos Disease Center
  • Nuclear Medicine PET Diagnostic Center

Medical equipment equipment

  • MRI[1]
  • CT[1](2 units)
  • Linac
  • Gamma camera
  • Angiography equipment[1]

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