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🏥 | S rating for 3 schools including Advanced Medical Human Resources Development Program and Kumamoto University


Advanced medical human resources development program, S evaluation to 3 schools including Kumamoto University

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Of these, the psychiatric-related area, which has been implemented since 2018, and the disaster support area by the medical team have reached the mid-term, so it was decided to make an interim evaluation. Academic experts such as Professor Ritsuko Tsugawa of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Nihon University examined the contents of the efforts so far.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology evaluated the business contents of the seven national universities selected for the problem-solving advanced medical personnel training program, and Kumamoto University ... → Continue reading

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National Center for Longevity Medical Research

National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology(Kokuritsu Chojui Ryokenkyu Center)Japan OfMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareJurisdictionNational Research and Development Agency(National Center for Advanced Medical Research).AichiObu CityIt is installed in.20043/1In addition, as the sixth national center dealing with longevity medical care, in the former National Sanatorium Chubu HospitalNational Center for Geriatrics and GerontologyWas established as. In 2010, it became an incorporated administrative agency.

According to Article 3, Paragraph 6 of the Act on Incorporated Administrative Agencies, which conducts research on highly specialized medical care, the purpose is to investigate age-related diseases, research, develop technology, provide medical care, and train engineers. To do.

In Aichi prefecturedementiaPositioned as a countermeasure "Aichi Orange Town Concept"[1]We also cooperate with local governments.


  • 1966 --The former National Aichi Sanatorium and the former National Sanatorium Obuso were integrated and established as the National Sanatorium Chubu Hospital.
  • 20043/1 - National Center for Geriatrics and GerontologyStarted as.
  • 2010
    • 4/1 ――Transferred to an incorporated administrative agency and became the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology.
    • September --Opened Aichi Prefecture's first medical center for dementia diseases (forgetfulness center)[2].
  • 20127/29 --National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology "Health Promotion and Geriatrics Prevention Center"Resora Obu Shopping TerraceOpened in[3].
  • 2015April 4-Transition to National Research and Development Corporation,National Center for Geriatrics and GerontologyRenamed to.
  • 2018February 2-Opening of a new outpatient building containing the Locomotive Frail Center and Sensory Organ Center[4].



  • Outpatient department
  • Advanced Medical Department
  • Functional recovery clinic
  • Comprehensive medical department
  • Surgery / Intensive Medical Department
  • Radiology Department
  • Clinical laboratory
  • Nutrition Management Department
  • Clinical informationRisk managementA room
  • Clinical trial management room
  • Pharmaceutical department
  • Nursing department

graduate School

  • Aging Mechanism Research Department
  • Aging Control Research Department
  • Longevity Brain Science Research Department
  • Alzheimer's diseaseResearch department
  • Vascular dementia research department
  • Motor Disease Research Department
  • Reconstructive and Reconstructive Medicine Research Department
  • EpidemiologyResearch department
  • Geriatics Reserch
  • Oral Disease Research Department
  • Living Function Activation Research Department
  • Longevity Medical Engineering Research Department
  • Longevity Policy / Home Healthcare Research Department
  • Aging animal breeding room
  • Laboratory animal management room
  • Radio isotopeManagement room
  • geneproteinAnalysis room
  • Effective use of research resources



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