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🏥 | "Plant-based food" that rapidly increases its presence in the sales floor by changing awareness of health and the environment

Photographs The reason why interest in plant-based foods has increased worldwide is probably because the environmental issues that lead to the reduction of COXNUMX emissions and the aspects of improving sustainability have been highlighted. i-stock / Sundry Photography

"Plant-based food" that rapidly increases its presence in the sales floor by changing awareness of health and the environment

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As for dairy products, plant-based foods such as soy milk and almond milk have been developed from early on.

Vegetarianism for health and animal protection has been established in some parts of the world from early on, but eco and sustainability ... → Continue reading

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Almond milk

Almond milk(English: almond milk) Soaked in waterAlmondCrushed with a mixer etc., added water and strained the residue with gauze etc.Beverage.milkUnlikelactoseとcholesterolSince it does not includeLactose intolerancePeople can drink it.

You can drink it without seasoning,Maple syrup,honeyOften added to add sweetness and drink[1].

In the Middle Ages, it was already known in Islamic and Christian spheres. In the medieval kitchen milk was put to rest as it quickly spoils[2].

In Iran, an almond milk-based candy called halile badam (almond porridge) is traditionally served during Ramadan.[3].

WesternThen.vanilla,チ ョ コ レ ー トAlmond milk flavored with is also commercially available,SoymilkIt is treated similar to. Never eat any animal foodVeganFor cooking andキ リ ス ト 教 OfLunar seasonFor cooking during the period when intake of animal food is prohibited for religious reasons,milkSometimes used as a substitute for. traditionalBlanc MangerIs made with almond milk.

Unsweetened organic yogurt made from almond milkHarvard Medical SchoolIs the most recommended food in[4].

It's easy to make at home, but you shouldn't use bitter seeds (bitter almonds) in that case. Because it is included in the bitter speciesAmygdalin HydrolysisPoisonous when doneHydrogen cyanideIs generated. Bitter almonds are prohibited from being imported as food in Japan and elsewhere.


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