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🏥 | Hokkaido, the largest number of infections around 700 people spread in Sapporo, considering request for declaration

Photo Susukino intersection, which was the course of the test tournament of the Tokyo Olympics Marathon = 5th, Sapporo City

Infected around 700 people in Hokkaido, spread in Sapporo, considering request for declaration

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The road is considering expanding the applicable area to Otaru City and Asahikawa City.

The number of people infected with the new coronavirus per day in Hokkaido is expected to reach a record high of around 1 ... → Continue reading

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Asahikawa(Asahi Kawashi)HokkaidoNorth Central (Northern Hokkaido)Kamikawa General Promotion BureauBelongs toCity.Kamikawa BasinIt is the location of the Promotion BureauSapporoIt has the second largest population in Hokkaido (about 2 people) afterCore cityIs[1].


Located in central Hokkaido,DohokuEconomic, industrial and cultural center of the city[2].National road,Railway lineBecomes the starting point ofhighwayIt is a base for logistics in Hokkaido, such as being maintained.[2] AndAsahikawa AirportHas direct flights to Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, etc.[2]. "International Conference Tourist CityIs certified as[3], Has more than 500 million tourist visitors annually[4].Asahikawa City Asahiyama ZooIs the northernmost part of Japan and one of the best in JapanZooIt has become.また、旭川にゆかりのあるAlso, there is a connection to AsahikawaLiterary,ArtistMany[5]In addition to outdoor sculptures being placed in various parts of the city (Asahikawa outdoor sculpture[5][6],Asahikawa furnitureWoodworking is flourishing[Note 1][8]. UNESCO OfDesign cityHas been certified by.

Origin of place name

In general, the name Asahikawa first appeared at the time of the announcement of the opening of the village on September 23, 9.[9][Note 2]It is said that, in reality, about 7 months before that, on February 23, 2, "Hokkaido Mainichi ShimbunThere is the following article published in.[10][Note 3]

<Full article>
Kamikawa RikyuName-Mr. Okabe (Yamamuro Kai) came to our company yesterday
"Of course, there should be a plea for each of the names of the Kamikawa Rikyu.
If it happens above the deep clouds of Kuju, it will be something that should be seen from the beginning.
But hisChubetsu in Kamikawa-gun should be Chuppt when following the Ainu pronunciation.
"Chiyup" means the sun, the sun, the east, etc., and "Pet" means the river.
Therefore, the name of the detached palace will be played using characters such as Asahikawa or Higashikawa.
It has the meaning of the old name and has a connection with the meaning of the Empire of Japan, etc.Isn't it appropriate? "
There is a discourse with
Whatever the rabbit used to be, the meaning of the sun, sun, east, etc. came to the holy world of the Meiji era.
Is it already settled in the land and business that should be built by building the palace pillar of Tianjin Nisetsu?

This article was written by the then Secretary of the Hokkaido Agency (and Tondenhei Headquarters)Takeshiro NagayamaOkabe Hoiku (Sergeant Master Sergeant, Tondenhei Headquarters), who reports directly to[Note 4]At the end of the previous year, a palace was set up in Kamikawa.Yamagata Aritomo CabinetHe talks about the name of the palace in a place where even the name of the village has not yet been decided since it was decided by the Cabinet.現在確認できる資料Materials that can be confirmed now[Note 5]This is the only one in which the name "Asahikawa" appears before the opening of the village.命名者の意図としてAs the name's intention"The meaning of the old name (Ainu place name) exists (has)andThere is a connection with the meaning of the Empire of Japan, etc. "The name "Asahikawa" means "Sun" = "Asahi" derived from the Ainu language and "Asahi" as a symbol of the Empire of Japan.Name to have togetherIt can be read that it was named as.
However, an article in the Hokkai newspaper dated September 9, the same year, telling the opening of Asahikawa.[Note 6]Etc. only convey the Ainu translation of the origin of the name.

In addition, "Chubetsu" in the article is the name of this area from before, and the translation of the Ainu etymology "Chiyuppet" spoken by Mr. Okabe was published the following year.Masamasa Nagata"Hokkaido Ezo language place name solution"[11] Chuppets Argument[12] Free translation described in[Note 7]It has almost the same meaning as.永田はNagataHakodate Prefectural Ordinance-Hokkaido GovernmentHe was an authoritative scholar at the time when he investigated the Ainu language place names of all roads at the behest of the scholarship.[13] Nagata's translation, which should have been, had already been made at this point in February.[Note 8]Therefore, there is a suspicion that this translation was created before the investigation.

Regarding the origin of the name "Asahikawa", the existence of this newspaper article has long been known to the city history editorial conference and local historians.[14] It was known in various fields, but its views, including Asahikawa City, have been fixed only to the Ainu language translation for many years, and are not directly related to place names.Chubetsu RiverEtymology[15][Note 9]There are many misunderstandings such as being confused as various theories.


Asahikawa is the largest in HokkaidobasinBecomeKamikawa BasinInIshikari River,Ushishubetsu River,Chubetsu River,Biei RiverLocated at the confluence of rivers such as[16]..Horonai Mountains in the western part of the cityTeshio mountain area, Arashiyama hills are connected from north to south[16], Ishikari River erodes the Horonai Mountains and forms the Kamuikotan Valley[16].Mt. Taisetsuzan systemThen.Ezo pika,Red fox,SquirrelYou can see animals such as. As "metamorphic rocks in Kamuikotan Valley"Top XNUMX geological features in JapanHas been selected[17]..市北部に比布丘陵、市東部に米飯山地が分布しているPippu hills are distributed in the northern part of the city, and rice and rice mountains are distributed in the eastern part of the city.[16].TotsushozanJapan's largest in (Toshozan)KatakuriThere is a community[18].



Main mountain
  • Mt. Ino (533 m)
  • Tokiwayama (593 m)
  • Kamuiyama(799 m)
  • Kagura Mountain (493 m)
  • Kaguradake (583 m)
  • Marukoyama (896 m)
  • Rubeshibesan (859 m)
  • Mt. Asahi(296 m)
  • Kitoushiyama (457 m)
  • Rice Iiyama (920 m)
  • Kamimai Iiyama (623 m)
  • Shatekiyama(171 m)
  • Totsushozan (239 m)
  • Onito Ushiyama (379 m)
  • Mt. Takasago (464 m)
  • Tojiyama (625 m)
  • Poronaiyama (577 m)


Main river
  • Ishikari River
  • Ushishubetsu River
  • Chubetsu River
  • Biei River
  • Bebetsu River
  • Nagayamashin River
  • Osarappe River
  • Uchidaibe River
  • Kimkushhaishbetsu River
  • Toko River
  • Nagayama No. 3 river
  • Kamisui River
  • Oroen river
  • Uppets river
  • Pong river
  • Komata River diversion channel
  • Chikabumi Uchikawa
  • Inogawa
  • Okhotsunai River
  • Sakaekawa
  • Namba Tagawa
  • Sakuragawa
  • Kamiya River
  • South school river
  • Chikabumi Okhotsunai River
  • Atago Shinkawa
  • Etanbetsu River
  • No. XNUMX river
  • Namba Tagawa diversion channel
  • Akihabara Sawakawa
  • Rainy river
  • Kikita River
  • Pepan River
  • Nishisato River
  • West Hachigo River
  • Ponushibetsu River
  • Kuranuma River
  • Takukita River
  • Fifteenth river
  • Ponushibetsu River diversion channel
  • Paper second tributary
  • Yonka Suppe River
  • Chiyoga Okagawa
  • Komata River
  • Papern Third Tributary
  • Heishbetsu River
  • Ainu river
  • Nagayama No. XNUMX River


Main lake
  • Kamiya Dam


Asahikawa cityKamikawa BasinTypical because it is located inInland climateIt has become[16]..気温のOf the temperatureAnnual rangeIt is characterized by a large difference in temperature because the temperature is 50 degrees or higher.[16],1902(Meiji35 years)May 1Recorded -41.0 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature ever observed at the Japanese meteorological office.[19][20],1989(HeiseiFirst year)May 8Has recorded 36.0 degrees Celsius, which is the highest temperature in Asahikawa (Kamikawa region) observation history.[20]..降水量は年間1,000 mm程度となっているPrecipitation is about XNUMX mm per year[16]..降雪量は市内各地区によって違いがありThe amount of snowfall varies depending on each district in the city[21], Chuwa area and Shunkodai area observe about 30% more snowfall than Asahikawa Meteorological Observatory[21]..降雪量の平年値は北海道内でThe average amount of snowfall is in HokkaidoKutchan Town,IwamizawaAlthough the number next to is recorded[21]The deepest snowfall is not so large because there is relatively little snow[21].. 1年間に雪の降る日数は143.8日は日本国内で最も多いThe number of snowy days in a year is XNUMX, which is the highest in Japan.[22].

spring isMobile high pressureThere are many days covered with, and the days of mild weather continue, but the cold remains[23]..夏になるとIn summerOkhotsk Sea HighThere are some chilly days due to the influence ofRainy season frontTo the north ofPacific highThe temperature rises as the power of[23]..時折、雷を伴った強い雨が降ることもあるOccasionally it rains heavily with lightning[23]..秋は低気圧や前線が北海道付近を通るため、天気は周期的に変わるIn autumn, the weather changes periodically because low pressure systems and fronts pass near Hokkaido.[23]..昼と夜の気温の差が大きくなり、明け方頃に晴れているとWhen the temperature difference between day and night becomes large and it is sunny around dawnRadiation coolingDue to the phenomenon, the temperature may drop significantly and frost may occur or ice may form in the puddle.[23]..冬はIn winterSiberian high pressureThe power of the system is strengthened, a low pressure system advances into the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, and isobars run north and south.West High East LowIt becomes the winter type pressure distribution of[23].

In recent years, even in Asahikawa city areaHeat island phenomenonIs believed to have a tendency to[24], The average temperature in the city has risen 30 degrees in 1.1 years[24]..On the other hand, in the suburbs of the Etanbetsu area, severe cold days continue in winter.

Köppen climate classificationThen.Subarctic humid climate(Wet continental climate) (Dfb).

AsahikawaClimate of (Asahikawa Local Meteorological Observatory)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F11.7
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F−3.3
Average daily temperature ° C (° F−7.0
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−11.7
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−41.0
Precipitation amount mm (inch)66.9
Snowfall cm (inch)125
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5mm)22.218.618.614.212.110.811.611.914.216.921.425.1197.6
Average number of snowfall days (≥0 cm)30.226.52613.81.600003.320.330.1151.5
Average monthlyDaylight hours75.396.1141.3169.5197.4176.5159.8154.6144.7125.967.358.11,566.5
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1888-present)[25][26]
Changes in average temperature
Source: Japan Meteorological Agency[27]


SapporoIt is the second largest city in Hokkaido after Hokkaido, andTohoku regionEven if you includeSendai city,IwakiIt is a city with the second largest population[28]..昭和に入り数回にわたる周辺町村との合併や都市部への人口集中により1985年(昭和60年)頃まで人口増加傾向が続いてきたが、横ばいとなった後、2000年(平成12年)から減少趨勢となっているDue to several mergers with surrounding towns and villages in the Showa era and population concentration in urban areas, the population continued to increase until around XNUMX (Showa XNUMX), but after leveling off, XNUMX (XNUMX). Is on a downward trend[29]..In recent yearsUrban populationHasn't decreased that muchHigashi Kagura Town,Higashikawa TownAdjacenttown Bed townBecause the population is increasing as (Donut phenomenon), The decline in the city population is accelerating.

Population distribution by age in Asahikawa City and the whole country (2005)Asahikawa City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Asahikawa City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Disappearing village

According to the 2015 Census, the following villages have a population of 0 at the time of the survey:Disappearing villageHas become[30].

  • 旭川市 - 字近文六線、字近文五線4号、字近文五線5号、工業団地二条、工業団地三条、工業団地四条、工業団地五条、緑台、東鷹栖十四線21号、東鷹栖十四線22号、東鷹栖十三線24号、東鷹栖十二線23号,東鷹栖十一線24号、東鷹栖十一線14号、東鷹栖十線18号、東鷹栖四線10号、江丹別町清水

Adjacent municipalities

Kamikawa General Promotion Bureau
Sorachi General Promotion Bureau


See "Overview of Asahikawa City Ayumi"[31]




Government office

  • Asahikawa City Hall
    • General Government Building, Second Government Building, Third Government Building, Kamuikotan Branch, Etanbetsu Branch, Nagayama Branch, Higashi Asahikawa Branch, Kagura Branch, Nishikagura Branch, Higashitakasu Branch, Kamuikotan Branch, Arashiyama Branch, Yonehara Branch


Successive mayors

See "Mayors of Japan"[40]

NameTerm of officeTerm
First -2Hisashi Iwata1923(Taisho 12) December 6- 1928(Showa 3) January 102
3Chiharu Okuda1929February 4 (Showa 6)-December 20 1933 (Showa 8)1
41933February 8 (Showa 6)-December 28 1936 (Showa 11)1
5Hide Inoue1936(Showa 11) July 9- 1938(Showa 13) January 111
6 - 71939(Showa 14) July 3- 1946(Showa 21) January 112
Public election
First1947February 22 (Showa 4)-December 5 1947 (Showa 22)1
21947February 22 (Showa 6)-December 11 1951 (Showa 26)1
3Bando Kotaro1951February 26 (Showa 4)-December 25 1955 (Showa 30)1
4 - 5Yozo Maeno1955February 30 (Showa 4)-December 30 1963 (Showa 38)2
6 - 8Hirozo Igarashi1963February 38 (Showa 4)-December 30 1974 (Showa 49)3
91974February 49 (Showa 11)-December 17 1978 (Showa 53)1
10 - 13Toru Bando197853 May (Showa 11)-17 January 19944
14 - 16Koichi Sugawara1994February 6, 11-February 17, 20063
17 -Masahito Nishikawa2006(18) February 11-Present4

Citizen's Charter / City Declaration

Citizen's Charter

We take pride and responsibility in being citizens of Asahikawa City, and let's put up this charter and strive to make Asahikawa better.

1. Work well and create a fun family.
1. Be kind and create a warm society.
1. Follow the rules and create a bright city.
1. Love nature and create a beautiful city.
1. Foster a culture and create a rich hometown.

— Established on July 35, 9[41]

City declaration

  • Declaration of a safe city (decision of the assembly on February 37, 2)
  • Peace City Declaration (Notification on May 58, 5)
  • Healthy City Declaration (October 2, 10 Declaration)
  • Declaration of longevity city (decision of the assembly on March 10, 3)


City council

See "Asahikawa City Council Page"[42]

Prefectural assembly

Member of the Hokkaido Assembly (elected by Asahikawa City)

Asahikawa City alone has one constituency (Asahikawa City constituency), and the fixed number is 1 people[43].

  • Togoku trunk (Liberal Democratic Party, Dominkai, 5th term)
  • Tashin Azumi (Liberal Democratic Party, Dominkai, 2nd term)
  • Nobuhisa Terashima (Komeito, 1st term)
  • Kaoru Kasagi (Democracy / People's Union / First Term)
  • Noriko Mashita(Japanese Communist Party, 5th term)
  • Masakado Matsumoto (Democracy / People's Union / First term)

House of Representatives

Member of the House of Representatives
ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Hokkaido 6th Ward(Asahikawa City,Shibetsu,Nayoro,Furano, Excluding Horokanai TownKamikawa General Promotion Bureau(In the jurisdiction)Takahiro SasakiConstitutional Democratic Party4Constituency

National agency

Government office

Cabinet Office

  • National Police AgencyHokkaido Police Information and Communication Department Asahikawa Area Information and Communication Department

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

  • Hokkaido District Administrative Evaluation Bureau Asahikawa Administrative Monitoring Administrative Counseling Center

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

  • Hokkaido Labor Bureau
    • Asahikawa Labor Standards Inspection Office
    • Asahikawa Public Employment Security Office (Hello Work Asahikawa)

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Ministry of Defense

裁判 所

Road agency

Incorporated administrative agencies, local incorporated administrative agencies, special public corporations, etc.

Independent administrative agency

Local independent administrative corporation

Special corporation, etc.



Police station


Fire department
  • 南消防署、緑が丘出張所、神楽出張所、豊岡出張所、東旭川出張所、忠和出張所
  • Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Center Core Facility (Toko Branch Office)
  • 北消防署、新旭川出張所、春光出張所、永山出張所、西神楽分遣所、近文分遣所、東鷹栖分遣所


Main hospital

post office

Collection and delivery post office

Cultural facility

public facility

Multipurpose facility

Exercise facility


Park facility

  • Hanasaki Sports Park
  • Toko Sports Park
    • Toko Sports Park baseball field(旭川ドリームスタジアム(第一球場)・第二球場・第三球場)
    • Toko Sports Park Stadium
    • 東光スポーツ公園武道館
    • Toko Sports Park Park Golf Course
    • Walking ski course
  • River park (Ishikari river basin green space)
    • Baseball field
    • Softball field
    • Tennis court
    • Soccer/Rugby field
    • Gateball field
    • Park golf course

Foreign relations

Sister city/affiliated city


sister city
Friendship city


sister city
Partner city


Asahikawa cityImperial Japanese ArmySeventh DivisionThe economic and industrial base will be established due to the impact of the relocation[51],Agriculture:IncludingGroceries,paper-pulpSuch asManufacturing industryAs a core industry[52], Northern Hokkaido due to geographical conditions (Dohoku,Okhotsk)ofCommercial,logisticsIs the base of[52]. Also,Medical,Education,cultureUrban functions such as are concentrated[52]..For workers by industry,Tertiary industryThe highest percentage is about 80% of the total[52], The ratio of food manufacturing industry is the highest in terms of shipment value of manufactured goods, etc.[52]..旭川市は多くの河川が市内を流れてMt. Taisetsuzan系の雪解け水やIn Asahikawa City, many rivers flow through the city, and Mt. Taisetsuzan-type snowmelt waterUnderground waterWe are making effective use of water resources in various industries because we are benefiting from[51]..水稲作付面積と収穫量ランキングは北海道内でともにPaddy rice acreage and yield ranking are both in HokkaidoIwamizawaIt is second only to[53],BuckwheatThe planted area is in HokkaidoHorokanai Town,FukagawaIt is the third place after[54]..また、豊富な水資源と良質なAlso, abundant water resources and good qualityRiceBesides being brewed by[55], In the Asahikawa areaFurniture,wood, Wood products (Woodware) Is concentrated[56].


  • Kamikawa Production Agricultural Cooperative Association (JA Kamikawa Production Federation)[57]
  • Asahikawa Agricultural Cooperative(JA Asahikawa)
  • Taisetsu Agricultural Cooperative (JA Taisetsu)[58]
  • Higashi Asahikawa Agricultural Cooperative (JA Higashi Asahikawa)[59]
  • Higashikagura Agricultural Cooperative (JA Higashikagura)[60]
  • HokurenAsahikawa Branch, Asahikawa Chicken Egg Distribution Center, Asahikawa Lifestyle General Office
  • Hokkaido Central Agricultural Mutual Aid Association (NOSAI Central Hokkaido) Sk Management Promotion Office, Kamikawa Central Branch, Central Livestock Clinic[61]
  • Asahikawa Fish Vegetable Commercial Cooperative[62]
  • Asahikawa Furniture Industry Cooperative[63]
  • Cooperative Asahikawa Woodworking Center[64]
  • Asahikawa City Forestry Association[65]
  • Asahikawa Regional Automobile Maintenance Cooperative[66]
  • Asahikawa Industrial Park Cooperative[67]
  • Asahikawa General Iron Works Complex Cooperative[68]
  • Dohoku Electric Works Cooperative[69]
  • Asahikawa City Pipework Cooperative[70]
  • Asahikawa Boring Industry Cooperative[71]
  • Asahikawa Regional Left Government Industrial Cooperative[72]
  • Asahikawa Information Industry Business Cooperative[73]
  • Asahikawa Printing Bookbinding Industry Cooperative[74]
  • Asahikawa Insert Advertising Cooperative[75]
  • Asahikawa Sake Sales Cooperative[76]
  • Asahikawa Hotel Ryokan Cooperative[77]
  • Asahikawa Welfare Co-op[78]
  • Asahikawa Lawyer Cooperative[79]
  • Asahikawa Local Private Taxi Cooperative[80]
  • Asahikawa Individual Taxi Association[81]
  • Akabou Hokkaido Light Vehicle Transportation Cooperative Asahikawa Branch

Industrial agglomeration area (industrial park)

Commercial facility

Shopping center


  • Dohoku Arcs (Arcs Group)
    • Western Kawabata
    • Super Arcs Western Kita Saito
    • Super Arcs Nishi Kagura
    • Super Arcs Pulp Town
    • Super Arcs Toko
    • Super Arcs Toyooka 3 Jo
    • Best price Kamei Higashi store
    • Best price Kamiya store
    • Best Price Rokugo
    • Best Price Suehiro Higashi Store
    • Best Price 10 Jodori
    • Best price Toyooka Chuo store
    • Best Price Minami 6jo Dori
    • Best Price Nagayama Chuo Store
    • Best Price Higashi Asahikawa
    • Ralse Mart Toyooka store
    • Super Chain Fuji Harukodai Store
    • Super Chain Fuji Suehiro 5 Jo
    • Super chain Fuji Shintomi store
    • Super Chain Fuji Nagayama Nishi Store
  • Consumers' Co-op SapporoAsahikawa district
    • Harumitsu store
    • Toko store
    • Shena store
    • Kagura store
    • Chuwa store
    • 4th Street Store
    • Twin Harp store
  • Daiichi
    • West store
    • Toko store
    • Suehiro store
    • Higashi Asahikawa store
    • Asahimachi store
    • Nijodori store
    • Hanasaki store
  • Hokuren Shoji
    • Hokuren Shop Chuwa Store
    • Hokuren Shop Harukodai Store
    • Hokuren Shop Toko
    • Hokuren Shop Toyooka
  • Trial company
    • Super Center Trial Kagura
    • Super Center Trial Nagayama
  • AEON Hokkaido(AEON Group)
    • The bigMiyamae Dori store
    • The Big Midorigaoka store
    • The Big Amor Store (inside Amor Shopping Center)

Financial institution


Cooperative financial institution

Securities company


  • Yamato TransportNorthern Hokkaido branch
    • AEON MALL Asahikawa station square branch office
    • Asahikawa station square center
    • Asahikawa Asahimachi Center
    • Station East Center
    • Station West Center
    • Asahikawa Akira Center
    • Asahikawa Suehiro Center
    • Kagura Center
    • Nagayama Center
    • Asahikawa Distribution Complex Center
    • Toko Center
  • Sagawa ExpressAsahikawa Sales Office

Major companies based

Order of the Japanese syllabary


Mass media

Newspaper company

Industry papers, free papers, video production companies, etc.

News agency


tv set

Life base

life line



  • NTT East-Hokkaido Hokkaido North Branch


Water and sewerage




Junior college


College of technology

Vocational school

high school


Junior high school

primary school

National school

Special school

  • Hokkaido Asahikawa Blind School
  • Hokkaido Asahikawa School for the Disabled
  • Hokkaido Asahikawa Deaf School

Facilities other than school education

  • Small Business CollegeAsahikawa school
  • Asahikawa Senior University[86]
  • Asahikawa Citizen's Agricultural University[87]
  • Hokkaido Vocational Ability Development Promotion Center Asahikawa Training Center (Polytech Center Asahikawa)
  • Hokkaido Prefectural Asahikawa College of Technology
  • Asahikawa Architectural Higher Vocational Training School
  • Asahikawa Plasterer Higher Vocational Training School
  • Hokkaido Carpenter Training School
  • Hokkaido Kumiai Driving School
  • Hanasaki Driving School
  • North Engineering Garden Motor School
  • Yamazoe Automobile Academy
  • Kyoritsu Driving School




All existing passenger trains are on JR Hokkaido lines.Limited express trains connect Sapporo and Asahikawa in an hour and a half at a frequency of one or two trains per hour.

Hokkaido passenger railway(JR Hokkaido)
Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)Hokkaido branch

The railroad that once existed

Asahikawa Electric Orbit
  • Higashi Asahikawa Line
    • Asahikawa Shijo Station --Asahikawa Oiwake Station --Graveyard Mae Station --Atago Station --XNUMX-chome Station --Higashi Asahikawa Station --XNUMX-chome Station --Asahiyama Park Station
  • Higashikawa Line
    • Asahikawa Shijo Station --Asahikawa Oiwake Station --Chiyoda Station --Kannon Station --Kyoei Station --Higashikawa Station


Transit Bus

City line
Suburban line

Express Bus

Intercity bus


Classified as "Hokkaido B district" in "Automatically licensed fares for general passenger car transportation business (taxi)" by the Hokkaido District Transport Bureau[91]..The business area is Asahikawa transportation area.

  • Asahikawa Individual Taxi / Four Stars Association[92]
  • Asahikawa Local Private Taxi Cooperative[80]
  • Asahikawa Individual Taxi Association[81]


The main road that runs through the cityScenic Byway"Heavy snow / Furano route", heavy snow --Furano --" connecting TokachiHokkaido Garden Road"It has become[93][94].


General national road


Prefectural road

Road Station


Cultural property

See "Designated / Registered Cultural Properties in Asahikawa City"[95]

Country designation

Country registration

  • Tangible cultural property
    • Kamikawa warehouse group
    • Asaden Harumitsu Maintenance Factory (former XNUMXth Division Cavalry XNUMXth Regiment Covering Ground)
    • Matsuoka family housing
    • Hajime Isayama Kogishi Temple Main Hall
    • Former Okada Residence (Main House / Kura)
    • Yamazakiya Residence

Road designation

City designation

  • Tangible cultural property
    • Kamikawa-gun Agricultural Experiment Station Office Building (Chubetsuta Station Ekiteijo Bieisha)
    • Nagayama Tondenhei-Asahikawa City Museum
    • Sericulture private house
    • Former Kamuikotan Station Building
    • Asahikawa Hyomura Company Record and Tonden Story Original Drawing --Asahikawa Hyomura Memorial Hall
    • Ax pattern excavated from 5 Nishikimachi ruins --Asahikawa City Museum
    • Warabitetou-Asahikawa City Museum
    • XNUMXth Division Relationship Record- Japan Ground Self-Defense ForceAsahikawa stationBeizhen Memorial Hall
    • Yukie Chiri Manuscript Note-Asahikawa City Museum
    • Asahikawa Hyomura Company Record (Addition) --Asahikawa Hyomura Memorial Hall
  • Historic site
  • Natural treasure


See "Asahikawa in Asahikawa City Handbook Ranking"[22]

Nearby Tourist Spots

Park / campsite
Golf course / ski resort


Festivals and events

Held "International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa" (IFDA ASAHIKAWA) every three years from 1990 (Heisei 2)[105], "Asahikawa Sculpture Festa" has been held since 2000 (Heisei 12)[106].

Specialty goods

It is one of the leading rice fields in Japan, and in the suburbs there is a rural landscape with heavy snow mountains in the background.[111].. Mt. Taisetsuzan連峰に源を発しているOriginating from the Mt. Taisetsuzan mountain rangeUnderground water Rice fieldMoisturizebasinThe unique temperature differenceRiceIncreasingly delicious[111]..さらに、冷涼な気候は病害虫の発生が少ないので農薬の散布量も比較的少なくて済む利点があるIn addition, the cool climate has the advantage that the amount of pesticides sprayed is relatively small because the outbreak of pests is low.[111].. In 1891 (Meiji 24)Tun TianbingSake brewing has started from the year of settlement[112], 1996 (Heisei 8)Taisetsu BeerWas born[99]..江丹別地域を中心にMainly in the Etanbetsu areaBuckwheatCultivation is thrivingEtan Betsu SobaIs famous[113].Asahikawa Ramen TheHokkaido Heritage"Ramen in HokkaidoIt is one of thenoodlesUsing[114]..粉をこねるときに加える水が少ないことでスープをよく吸ってSuck the soup well because less water is added when kneading the powderwheatIt becomes a noodle with a good texture that feels the scent of[114]..米と同様に良い水に恵まれていることが麺の要因となっているBlessed with good water like rice is a factor of noodles[114]..また、かつて養豚業が盛んであったことからAlso, because the pig farming industry was once thriving.Salt hormone,Pig ToroIs said to be the birthplace of Asahikawa[51][115].

Local gourmetMainly provided in Asahikawa and Sorachi districtsSoba noodles, As if adding rice balls and hot dogs and dividing by 2Jundog[116], Squid legs sprinkled with potato starch and friedGeso bowl[117], Half of the chicken was unglazed over charcoalShinko-yakiThere is[118][119].ConfectioneryThen Ichihisa Mochidokoro Daifukudo, Umeya, Kyosei Confectionery (Asahi beans), Mitsuha Confectionery (Kitakari), Takahashi Confectionery, Tsuboya Sohonten,Donkey confectioneryand so on[120].

Asahikawa furnitureHas been making furniture with excellent functionality and design in its history of more than 100 years, and is exhibiting at trade fairs outside Japan.[121].


Origin/related celebrities

Various awards

Honorary citizen

  • (Politician, former member of the Asahikawa City Council)
  • Bando Kotaro(Politician. Former Asahikawa Ward / City Council member, Former House of Representatives member, Former Mayor of Asahikawa)
  • (Politician. Former Asahikawa city council member, former Hokkaido council member, former Asahikawa mayor)
  • Hirozo Igarashi(Politician, former member of the House of Representatives, former mayor of Asahikawa)
  • Toru Bando(Politician. Former Mayor of Asahikawa, Former member of Asahikawa City Council)

Asahikawa City Meritorious Person

  • Iwataro Otani(Politician. Asahikawa village president, Asahikawa town council member, Asahikawa city pioneer meritorious person)

Asahikawa City Contribution Award

Asahikawa Citizen's Honor Award

Asahikawa City Cultural Award

Asahikawa Newcomer Encouragement Award


Asahikawa City Special Award

Asahikawa Tourism Ambassador

Native celebrity

TaiziIs Asahikawa Tourism Ambassador

Politics / administration / economy / military





Academic / Education / Culture



  • Sadao Nomata --Former President of Nomata Gakuen, Former Hakodate City Council Member
  • Kazuko Watanabe --Chairman of Notre Dame Seishin Gakuen


Performing arts, popular music, media


Popular music



Fighting sports


Ball skills

Winter sports


Asahikawa City symbol character "Asappi"

2010(HeiseiIt was born in the 22th anniversary of the opening of Asahikawa City in 120).[124]..旭橋のベルトや旭川ラーメンのフリンジなど旭川の特徴を取り入れIncorporating Asahikawa features such as Asahibashi belts and Asahikawa ramen fringes[124], Has become a character wishing for "happy" in "Asahikawa"[124].

Person with connection

Political / economic / military / social activities

  • Takeshiro Nagayama --Former member of the House of Lords, former Secretary of the Hokkaido Agency, Army soldier
  • Michitoshi Iwamura - politician.元北海道庁長官、元鹿児島県令、元沖縄県令、元佐賀県令Former Hokkaido Agency Secretary, Former Kagoshima Prefectural Ordinance, Former Okinawa Prefectural Ordinance, Former Saga Prefectural Ordinance
  • Hideyo Sasaki - politician.元衆議院議員、元運輸大臣Former member of the House of Representatives, former Minister of Transport
  • Yoshio Shirai - engineer.元FormerHino MotorsPresident, formerToyota TsushoVice-president
  • Hisamitsu Sugano - politician.元参議院議員Former member of the House of Councilors
  • Masanori Kawata - politician.元衆議院議員Former member of the House of Representatives
  • Hiroshi Asakawa - Businessman.元衆議院議員Former member of the House of Representatives
  • Roichi Hayashi - politician.元衆議院議員Former member of the House of Representatives
  • Mineharu Sakai - Businessman.元白虎隊士Former Byakkotai
  • Iwataro Otani --Businessman, politician, former Asahikawa village president, former Asahikawa town council member
  • Theodor von Lerch --Austro-Hungarian Army Soldier
  • Fumiko Sano --Social activist


Performing arts, popular music, media


Works set in Asahikawa

Location shooting"Asahikawa Regional Film Commission" (Asahikawa FC) has been established as a contact point for[125].




ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン





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注 釈

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