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🏥 | "Corona depression" is widespread in children ... Possibility of prevention with gum, risk of modern people who do not chew

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"Corona depression" is widespread in children ... Possibility of prevention with gum, risk of modern people who do not chew

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It is important to chew with the left and right teeth in a well-balanced manner, not just for gum.

It's been a year since the spread of the new coronavirus forced us to change our lifestyle.Commuting to work or school ... → Continue reading

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Masticatory movement

Masticatory movement(Chewing,British: masticatory movement) Indicates the jaw movement during mastication.Ingestion of food includes actions such as chewing food (biting), chewing (crushing), and grinding (mortar) before swallowing.[1]


Masticatory movements are those of the mandible that occur voluntarily or reflexively during mastication.The masticatory movement is a combination of the two movements.One is done when chewing food, which is mainlyincisorとCanineIt is done by.The other one is done when crushing food, which isPremolarとMolarsIt is run by.The movement path of the mandible seen during mastication is called the movement path of the mandible, and when observed from the frontal plane with the incisor point as the standard point, it is observed at the time of opening.Maximal intercuspal positionIt descends outward and downward toward the work side, rises through the outside when the mouth is closed, and again while crushing food.Maximal intercuspal positionReturn to.This cycle is offset toward the work side and becomes a pointed teardrop shape upward.When normal masticatory movements are performed, the morphology is stable and regular.[2]


Masticatory movements are observed by having the subject actually chew food.At that time, the movement of the lower jaw is irregular, the balance between the left and right is different, and the state of being caught is examined.By these examinations,Temporomandibular jointDetermine if there is something wrong with.


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