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🏥 | What is the difference between people who "do not feel stress at all" even when teleworking or working from home?

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What is the difference between people who "do not feel stress at all" even when teleworking or working from home?

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Misunderstandings about stress reported one after another One year has passed since the way of working in a remote environment, and some people are accumulating stress ... → Continue reading

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Organizational development

Organizational development(Soshikikaihatsu, English: Organization Development abbreviation OD) is a systematic and long-term practice of change aimed at improving the effectiveness and soundness of an organization.Organizational cultureMotivation, satisfaction, communication, relationships, collaboration,leadership-specificationIt is a group of theories and methods for working on human processes such as[1].. Born in the United States in the 1950s, it was introduced to Japan in the 1960s, but it did not spread widely because the whole picture was not understood easily, and individual techniques were introduced and introduced separately.[2][1]..Organizational development has been attracting attention in recent years (as of 2015)[2].


Kurt Levin,(English edition)The method of leadership development of the T group system of these genealogy,Rensis LikertWith an objective (aiming to be) survey of the site, starting with(German version)These two are the main sources, and various techniques that may be useful for other organizational development are summarized in a cluttered manner and treated as "organizational development".[3][4]

John DeweyIt has a philosophical foundation, influenced by group psychotherapy, and is composed of research on specific individual techniques.From the underlying philosophical part, the theme of "seeing the invisible, asking here now, and looking back" has arisen, and from group psychotherapy.Group dynamicsThe viewpoint is brought in.[3]

Self-development seminarAs well asGroup psychotherapy,(English edition)(Sensitivity trainingIt started with the roots of T-group trainers applying the theory and skills of working with groups to team building at corporate meetings.[1][3].. The T group was organized in 1947(English edition)An organization called (National Training Laboratories, NTL Institute) was created and spread as human resource development for companies.[3]..The members of the National Training Laboratories were pioneers in developing organizational development, but they were T-group trainers andGroup dynamicsorOrganization theoryWas a researcher[4].Edgar Schein, Made abundant practice of organizational development(English edition),X theory and Y theory OfDouglas McGregor, Organizational learning theory(English edition),(English edition)Developed(English edition)と(English edition), Etc.[4][1].

From the study of group dynamics, a study was conducted to objectively visualize what is happening in the group and return it to the individuals.[3]..As one of the sources of organizational developmentUniversity of Michigan OfRensis LikertInvestigate the processes occurring in the organization / department such as employee motivation, mutual relationships, communication, culture and organizational culture, and feed back the analysis results to the respondents. There is a flow of survey feedback to discuss and seek solutions[4]..This is the basis of the basic process of organizational development[4].

As a method of organizational developmentCoaching,Facilitation,(English edition),(English edition),[5],World cafe,(English edition)and so on[1].

Since it deals with "changing people" and "changing people", there is a danger that it may cause harm, and "FacilitatorThe problems of "runaway (trainer)" and "guaranteeing the quality of organizational development" existed from the beginning.[3].

In Japan, organizational development became a boom in the 1960s and 70s, andCorporate warriorTo produceSensitivity training(ST) became popular, but there are also low-quality trainers and facilitators who do not understand ST or have ethical problems, and the participants are hung up in front of a large number of people, and the instructor lacks self-disclosure to the participants. Problems such as violence occurred frequently, and the participants suffered mental disorders, were seriously injured, and committed suicide during the seminar, which led to criminal cases.Low-quality training for businesses did not go down even after the victims appeared, and companies continued to seek training until the times changed and corporate warriors and Moretz employees were no longer needed.[6][7]..For individuals as corporate needs declineSelf-development seminarWas popular to replace[6]..Poor quality ST and organizational development have come to be confused, organizational development has been sluggish in Japan, people who have been paying attention to it have come to treat it as "nothing", and research has not been done much.[3]

in Japan,Bubble burstAfter that, strategyResults-orientedIntroduction of,RestructuringAlthough various hardware reforms such as the decisive action and organizational restructuring were carried out, the desired results were not obtained, so Japanese companies focused on the soft aspects such as human beings and human relations, and coaching training and facilitation for leaders. Introduced training training.Again, this couldn't make a big difference, and organizational development came to the fore as a new method.[2].. But in 2013Zeria Shinyaku Kogyo NojimaA new employee committed suicide after training for a new employee outsourced to a subsidiary ofLabor Standards Inspection OfficeJudged that some of the training content was "terrible harassment and bullying"Labor accidentThere are still problems with organizational development, such as certification[8][9][10].


  • Miyuki Miyabe "Peter's funeral procession]: A mystery novel set in contemporary Japan.The story begins when a man with a past as a corporate ST trainer causes a bus-jacking incident.About the trainer in the work "It's not the eyes that see people. It's the eyes that see things." "It's natural when you think about it. People can educate. But they're not aiming for education. <Modification>. People. Can't be remodeled. Only <things> can be remodeled. "


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