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🏥 | AI support system for sperm evaluation for male infertility treatment Developed by Yokohama National University and Yokohama City University


AI support system for sperm evaluation of male infertility treatment Developed by Yokohama National University and Yokohama City University

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Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a treatment method for patients with low sperm count in male infertility, but this method requires high cell discrimination ability to find promising sperm in a limited short time, which is a burden on embryo culture specialists. Is getting bigger.

Research group by Professor Tomoki Hamagami of Yokohama National University Institute of Engineering, Associate Professor Yasushi Yumura of Yokohama National University Citizens' Medical Center ... → Continue reading

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MicroinseminationWhat is (Kenbijusei)?In vitro fertilization(There is also the idea that it is independent of in vitro fertilization)spermDirectlyeggIt is a method of injecting into.


Induction of ovulation

  • By nasal drops, injections, etc., the maturation of eggs is promoted and several eggs (one in the natural cycle) are produced in the body per month.This is because the higher the number of eggs, the higher the pregnancy rate.MenstruationTake from the 3rd day.

Egg collection

Semen collection

  • Collect male sperm andcentrifugeWhen you put it on, good quality sperm will collect underneath, so use it.However, in the case of patients, these methods are not used.


  • Around the eggGranulosa cellsSince it is covered with, remove it with hyaluronitase.
  • Inject sperm into the egg using a glass tube.
  • If fertilization is confirmed after 18 hours, put it in the culture medium for a while, and then the mother'suterusImplant on the floor.


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