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🏥 | How to eat and exercise to control the progression of knee osteoarthritis Experts teach

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How to eat and exercise to control the progression of knee osteoarthritis Experts teach

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Here's how to do muscle training without putting your weight on your knee joints.

[Maintenance of the body to keep illness away] Knee (lower) The cartilage of the knee joint wears and deforms with aging. → Continue reading

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Knee joint

Knee joint(Shitsukansetsu) iskneeIt is injoint..Knee jointThigh boneとtibiaIt is a joint consisting of a patella and a patella. It is functionally close to a hinge joint and structurally classified as a condyloid joint.Knee jointFibrocartilageComposed of.


The tissues of the human body that make up the knee joint include the following.


  • Thigh bone
  • tibia
  • patella



動 き

Thigh boneとtibiaThe semimajor axis of is 170 ° to 175 ° on the outside (physiological valgus).The articular surfaces of the medial and lateral condyles of the femur differ in size, and the lateral condyle is morphologically larger, but the articular surface is wider on the medial condyle.The articular surface of the femur is more than twice as long as the articular surface of the tibia in the anterior-posterior distance.Therefore, the movement of the knee joint is a spiral joint that performs bending and stretching movements and rotational movements.Bending and stretching movements are combined movements of rolling and sliding movements on the tibia of the femur.From the fully extended position to the initial stage of flexion, only the rolling motion is performed, but the sliding motion is gradually added, and finally only the sliding motion is performed.

  • Flexion and extension
  • Internal rotation and external rotation


The main diseases that occur in the knee joint are as follows.

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