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🏥 | Dangerous Yasuda-san, who thought it was no good, looks back on meningioma

Photo Dangerous Yasuda-san (C) Ota Pro

Dangerous Yasuda-san, who thought it was no good, looks back on meningioma

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Since around 2001, he has been active as a radio writer, and has been involved in numerous laughter programs on radio and television.

[Dangerous Yasuda-san (laughing entertainer / radio writer / 53 years old) = meningioma ◇◇… → Continue reading

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TV writer(Hososaka) is a broadcast program excluding dramas (TV program-Radio program), Etc., professionally play the role of "composition"作家Is.In the industry, it is also simply called a "writer."Of the storyscriptThe writer who makesWriterThat.


It is a specialized job to plan the contents of the program with the intentions of the director and other directors, to assemble (compose) the entire flow, and to make a scenario.The written content is broadcastScriptIt becomes a progress chart of the entire program called, and is distributed to the performers and staff.

In addition, the project itself or the project that goes through each time and seriesPerformanceProgram material,Quiz showIt also plays a role in devising the problem of.

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