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🏥 | You can run away when you are in trouble!Would you like to escape to the consultation desk?


You can run away when you are in trouble!Would you like to escape to the consultation desk?

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The external consultation service [Henri] is contracted by the company as a welfare program, so please use it if you have any problems.

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Occupational health nurses, certified psychiatrists, psychiatric social workers, and registered dietitians deliver the latest information on health and mental health!It is operated by Dr. Trust, which has more than 2,800 industrial physician contracts.

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Employee Welfare

Employee WelfareWhat is (employee benefits)?Company EmployeeAgainst normalwage-SalaryNon-monetary payment in addition toRemunerationIs[1] ..また多くの場合、企業の福利厚生の対象は従業員のみならず、そのAlso, in many cases, corporate benefits are not limited to employees.spouseIt can extend to family members, family members, or even former employees.Welfare is one of the important personnel measures for human resourcesIt is said that.Welfare is deeply related to the treatment and life of employees, soImproving benefits also has a positive impact on recruitment, engagement and retention ratesIs said to be expected.

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The purpose of benefits is for employeesEconomyIt is to increase the contribution of employees to the organization by increasing the security.また、勤労意欲や能率の向上を図るといった狙いもあるThere is also the aim of improving work motivation and efficiency.[2] ..In addition to reducing the turnover rate and establishing a labor force, the content of welfare programs is also drawing attention in recruitment activities.

The content of the initiative islawMandatory for companies to implementLegal benefitsThe company decides independentlyNon-statutory benefitsIt is roughly divided into.特に法定外福利厚生は企業によって様々であり、一般的には潤沢なIn particular, non-statutory benefits vary from company to company and are generally plentiful.large companyWelfare programs are more fulfilling, but we will review the contents to reduce costs and for companies that specialize in welfare services.ア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グIt may be switched to.また企業が準備した様々な福利厚生の中から、従業員が好きなものを選んで利用するというIn addition, employees choose and use the various benefits prepared by the company.Cafeteria planThe number of companies adopting is increasing.

Looking at welfare from the perspective of labor costs, the composition of total labor costs consists of the "cash salary" part and "labor costs other than cash salary".Labor costs other than cash salaryConsists of statutory welfare expenses, non-statutory welfare expenses and expenses such as retirement benefits.Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareAccording to the "23 Comprehensive Survey of Working Conditions"

  • The ratio of "cash salary" to the total labor cost is 81.5%, and the ratio of "labor cost other than cash salary" is 18.5%.
    • Looking at the ratio of labor costs to "labor costs other than cash salaries," "statutory welfare expenses" were 58.5%, "retirement benefits and other expenses" were 27.2%, and "non-statutory welfare expenses" were 10.9%.
      • The breakdown of "statutory welfare expenses" is "welfare pension insurance premiums" 53.7%, "health insurance premiums / long-term care insurance premiums" 33.2%, and "labor insurance premiums" 11.8%.
      • The breakdown of "non-statutory welfare expenses" is "housing expenses" 49.4%, "medical health expenses" 11.5%, "meal expenses" 9.1%, etc.
  • 常用労働者1人1か月平均の現金給与以外の労働費用を企業規模別にみると、1,000人以上で97,282円、300~999人で76,041円、100~299人で65,369円、30~99人で54,898円となっていて、企業規模が大きいほど現金給与以外の労働費用が多くなっている。

Benefits example

Legal benefits
Non-statutory benefits


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