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🏥 | If your child is playing sports ... Health risks parents should know

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If your child is playing sports ... Health risks parents should know

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There is also an app that automatically records the growth curve, so it's a good idea to use it.

Due to the spread of corona infection, club activities and club activities have been suspended in elementary, junior high and high schools and universities, but apart from that ... → Continue reading

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Growth curve

Growth curveWhat is (Seichokusen)?A humanThe degree of physical development ofage, The vertical axis is the data you want to checkGraphExpressed incurveIs.Since it is represented by a curve, the rate of growth is shown.VisualYou can also catch it as a target.小 児 OfheightOften used forFailure to thrive(Low length・) Helps to judge.Of course, growth curves for other data, such asWeight-Body mass index(BMI) ・Sitting heightIt is also possible to create a growth curve such as.

How to draw a reference curve

How to draw the curve that is the standard of the growth curvestandard deviationcurve(SD curve) andPercentile curveThere are two (percentile curves).

Standard deviation curve
The data you want to look upnormal distributionA growth curve created by assuming that you are doing.Draw a total of 1 curves, one that plots the average value for each age and the other that corresponds to + 2SD, + 1SD, -2SD, and -5SD. Approximately 2% of people enter between ± 95SD, which is a guideline for medically considering it as a normal range.Since it can be calculated by calculation, it is easy to evaluate each data.However, for data that is not normally distributed (“body weight” is a typical example), there is a drawback that drawing this curve itself becomes statistically meaningless.
Percentile curve
Regardless of the distribution of the data you want to examine, a curve created by connecting the points of what percentage of people are below this value.Usually draw 3 lines of 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, 97% and 7%.For example, a point on the 25% curve indicates that 25% of people take values ​​below this.Since it is not necessary to follow a normal distribution, it can be drawn for various data, but it has the disadvantage that it cannot be evaluated for extremely high (low) values.

In Japan, the standard deviation curve is often used, but in the world, the percentile curve is often used.

Japan growth curve

For infants and children aged 5 to 17 years oldMinistry of educationHowever, as a school health statistics survey, every year from the 14th day after birth, infants and toddlers before entering elementary schoolMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareReleases measured value data every 10 years as an infant physical development survey.Measurements for all ages of children will be published once every 10 years, and the latest version is from 1. As of 2010, when evaluating the physique of Japanese children, the standard values ​​calculated based on the data released by both ministries in 2018 are used.
Height is represented by the standard deviation curve, and weight is represented by the percentile curve or SD conversion.

How to determine growth failure

The growth curve can be used to determine failure to thrive in the following two cases.

  • The value itself is out of the reference range-the value for a child is out of the -2SD to + 2SD range (or out of the 3-97th percentile)
  • Velocity is out of the norm-the velocity of the value for a child crosses the growth curve (for example, +10SD at age 1 but -15SD at age 1)

However, it is not always morbid to deviate from the growth curve, and in some cases, it can be said that it is a constitution rather than a disease.


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