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🏥 | Recommended for those who care about their health!Healthy & fashionable cafe by a famous owner


Recommended for those who care about their health!Healthy & fashionable cafe by a famous owner

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It's been very hot in Hawaii these days, but the best healthy item to cool down is the acai bowl!

Speaking of Aoki's popular cafe Aoki, in addition to the Blue Tree Cafe, the adjacent Doraku Sushi, Hill ... → Continue reading

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Acai bowl

Acai bowl(British: açaí bowl),Acai na Chigera(Grape: açaí na tigela) IsBrazilOf originDessertso,The United States of America OfHawaiiIt became popular and became well known.


Acai OfSmoothieThebowlServe inGranolaSuch asCereal food,banana,StrawberryPut your favorite fruit on it and like ithoneyAnd serve.breakfastIt may be said.

JapanThen you can eat at a Hawaiian-style restaurant.

Acai TheBrazilIt is a fruit of the palm family harvested in the Amazon, and its flesh is thin and purple on the surface so as to cover a large seed of about 1 cm.It is said to be very nutritious and good for health and beauty.On the other hand, if you use a lot of bananas for smoothies and toppingsCarbohydrateIt is also necessary to keep in mind that the amount may increase.

In the Amazon region, acai puree is placed in a bowl-shaped bowl (tigela) and sprinkled with farinha (cassava potatoes roasted into coarsely ground powder), and fried river fish, sautéed shrimp, dried meat, etc. Serve side dishes, sugar and tapioca (CassavaStir-fried potato starch to make flakes) is mixed and eaten as a meal.

This is locally translated as "Açaí na tigela" (literally translated as "in a bowl"Acai").

Since 2000AcaiSince the rice was shipped to the urban areas of Brazil, this way of eating has remained the same as the style of eating in a bowl.AcaiHas evolved into a smoothie with toppings, and is translated into "Açaí Bowl" in English, making it a world-famous dessert.

In Japan, in 2006, CRUX Kafeo (still open) in Odaiba, located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, sold acai bowls.Acai bowls have been on sale since 2007 at the Fruta Fruta Bar in Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (currently closed).



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