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🏥 | 94% worried about vaccine supply Prefectural governments, Kyodo News survey

Photo: Presence or absence of anxiety about vaccine supply

94% worried about vaccine supply Prefectural governments, Kyodo News survey

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However, there were a number of voices requesting the government to present a supply schedule, such as "It is hindering the inoculation plan" (Chiba City).

A general inoculation of the new corona vaccine for people under the age of 64, 47 cities, which is 94% of the 44 cities and wards where the prefectural offices are located ... → Continue reading

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Chiba(Chiba) isChibaLocated in the centerCity..千葉県のChiba prefecturePrefectural office locationAndGovernment-designated city.

Urban employment areaInTokyo metropolitan area OfCentral cityIs one of the 6 wardsAdministrative districthave.Business nuclear city,National Strategic Special Zone,Special zone for structural reform[1],Urban regeneration special district,International Conference Tourist City,Public health center,globalMICEcity[2] Is specified in.12th most populous population in JapanThe economic and cultural center of the eastern Kanto regioncityAnd exceeds the total population of 10 prefectures[3].


ChibaLocated in the center ofJapanese capitalIsTokyo OfCity center,Narita International Airport-Tokyo International AirportWithin 25-35 kilometers fromTokyo BayThe largest in Chiba prefecture facingcityIs.市政の中心地はThe center of city administrationInohanadistrict(Chuo-ku OfHon Chiba Station,Kenchomae Station(Around), the central station in the city areaChiba Station(Chuo Ward), the center of economic activity is central Chiba (Chiba Station in Chuo Ward)Chiba Central Station-Chiba City Monorail1Around the railway line), Soga subcenter (in Chuo Ward)Soga StationSurroundings),Makuhari New City(Mihama OfKaihama Makuhari StationPeripheral), the center of educationInage DistrictIsChiba UniversityThere are many private universities and high schools, including the headquarters of.

International hub port-Japan's three major trading ports OfChiba PortHavePort cityAndKeiyo Industrial AreaCoreIndustrial cityBut also.市内にはIn the cityAsia regionLeadingInternational trade fairFamous forMakuhari MesseThere,Capital AreaAmong theVarious business functionsAccumulatedCapital functionPlay a part[4],Central business district (CBD) ChibaCity center-Makuhari New CityOpened to the world aroundInternational cityTake on the role of[5][6].

1126,ChibaIs the actual first head of the familyTaira Tsuneshige Inohana stand(CurrentRuins of the castleIn a broad sense, by building a residence in the surrounding area)castle townProspered as, thenChiba Myokengu(Chiba Shrine) Small scaleMonzen-choWill be.近世にはIn the early modern periodChiba Sakura Kaido(Chiba Highway) AndTogane Onari Kaido OfPost townAnd,Sakura clan OfOuter portWas also[7].1873, Chiba Prefectural Government is Chiba Town (currently Chuo Ward, Chiba City)Hon Chiba Town), It developed as a political, economic, and cultural center in Chiba prefecture, and a transportation hub.[4],WaterfrontBy developmentChiba Port,Keiyo Industrial AreaBy maintenancePort city-Industrial cityAs a city, it has grown into a city with a scale of about 100 million.また、東京都の都心と成田国際空港の中間地点に位置することからAlso, because it is located between the center of Tokyo and Narita International Airport,Capital AreaAmong them, there are many important functions and facilities for international strategy such as Makuhari New City and Chiba Port.Global cityHas a strong role as.Advanced technology industryHas become an accumulation area of[8].

Day-night population ratio97.5%[9] とBed townIn the metropolitan area cities located around Tokyo, where the city is strongDaytime populationIs relatively largeKantoOne of the biggestTrade areaCommercial agglomeration byCompany OfMain officeWhile having an independentBranch economy cityAs a unique that does not depend only on the city center of TokyoEconomic zone(Chiba metropolitan area) is formed.また、一部の企業が支店や支社を千葉市に置いて首都圏(特にIn addition, some companies have branches and branch offices in Chiba City in the Tokyo metropolitan area (especially).East Kanto) Is under the jurisdiction, and it also functions as a base city in a broad sense.TokyoSpecial WardThe commuting rate to commute is 20.0% (about 20 people), so-called "Chiba citizenThere are a certain number (2015)Census).

Land use planning

In Chiba CityCity center・ Although some districts have been given different names from the new city center and sub-city center, all three are functionally called "city center".

ChibaCity planning master plan[10] According to the report, it has the following centralized urban structure.


Located in the central part of Chiba prefecture (almost the Midwest), the central city area isTokyoWith the city centerNarita International AirportIt is an intermediate point (about 25-35 kilometers).

The terrain extends to the coastal area and the lower reaches of each riverKanto PlainOn the flat ground and its surroundingsShimosa Plateau Ofplateau-YatsuConsists of.郊外や臨海部を中心に大規模なLarge-scale mainly in the suburbs and coastal areas住宅Housing complexWhile there are manyWakaba ku,Green DistrictRich innatural environmentとResidential areasCoexist.かつての海岸線は現在のThe former coastline is nowNational Route 14-National Route 357-National Route 16The shallow sea was widespread, almost equal to the line tracingHigh economic growthLarge-scale land reclamation after the period created a vast new land.MihamaAlmost the entire area andChuo-kuPart of this is the case.現在の海岸線は中央区部分ではほぼ工業施設または港湾で占められている一方、美浜区部分には長大なThe current coastline is mostly occupied by industrial facilities or ports in the Chuo Ward area, while it is long in the Mihama Ward area.Artificial beach(Inage beach, Kemi river beach, Makuhari beach) have also been created.美浜区全域、中央区と花見川区の一部を除いてExcept for the entire Mihama Ward, Chuo Ward and part of Hanamigawa WardelevationIt is located on a plateau of 20 meters or more, and there are areas such as Toke-cho, Midori-ku, which are located at an altitude of 90 meters or more.The highest point is 103.6 meters above sea level in Itakura-cho, Midori-ku, and the lowest point is 0.7 meters above sea level in Toyosuna, Mihama-ku.


The climate varies from region to region, but in general, it is not so hot in summer, and it is warm and mild in winter except for inland areas such as Wakaba Ward and Midori Ward.Pacific climateIs.The average annual temperature is 15.7 degrees Celsius, which is comfortable to spend.

According to the observations of the Chiba Special Area Meteorological Observatory (formerly Chiba Weather Station), the average temperature in January is as high as 1 ° C and the minimum temperature is as high as 5.7 ° C, and the coastal areas become winter days due to the effects of wind and high water temperature from Tokyo Bay. Rarely, the lowest temperature ever (1966April-) is -4 ℃ (1967February 2), which is quite high.On the other hand, inland areas such as Wakaba Ward and Midori Ward have weak winds.Radiation coolingAs a result, it tends to become a winter day and may cool to below freezing.そのため中央区の港湾部に立地し都市部特有のTherefore, it is located in the port area of ​​Chuo Ward and is unique to urban areas.Heat islandThe temperature observed at the Chiba Special Area Meteorological Observatory and the temperature in the inland area may differ significantly.実際に千葉特別地域気象観測所ではActually at the Chiba Special Area Meteorological Observatory2016(Heisei28) During the cold weather from January 1th to 24th,Nansei Islands,Izu Islands,Ogasawara IslandsIt was the only observation site (weather station, AMeDAS) in Japan excluding the islands such as, and did not observe the winter sun.

The average temperature in August is 8 ° C and the lowest temperature is 26.7 ° C, both of which tend to be higher than other meteorological observation points in Chiba Prefecture.これは、ヒートアイランドの影響に加え、沿岸部の埋立地に立地する千葉特別地域気象観測所はThis is due to the influence of the heat island and the Chiba Special Area Meteorological Observatory located in a reclaimed land in the coastal area.Tokyo BayThis is because the temperature does not easily drop even at night due to the influence of hot air with high humidity.そのため、東京湾沿岸地域の日中は海のないTherefore, there is no sea during the daytime in the coastal area of ​​Tokyo Bay.Inland prefecturelikeIntense heatAlthough it is difficult to reach (35 ° C or higher), it tends to be hot and humid at night.The highest temperature ever was 38.5 ℃ (2015August 8th).

In winter, when the south bank low pressure passes through Minami Kanto, the area around Chiba City tends to be the boundary between warm and cold air, and the northwestern part of the prefecture (Tokatsu / Kanan area) And TokyoYokohamaEven if there is heavy snow, the southern part of the prefecture (Kimitsu-KisarazuIn the area) etc.(I.e.In many cases, the amount of snowfall is not so large, and the average annual snowfall is 8 cm, which is less than that of Tokyo (11 cm) and Yokohama (13 cm).しかし、寒気の引き込みが強い場合は、標高が100メートル前後と高く気温が低い地区(緑区However, if the cold air is drawn in strongly, the altitude is as high as around XNUMX meters and the temperature is low (Midori Ward).TokiThe amount of snowfall tends to increase in the surrounding area), and it is not uncommon for snow to accumulate around 10 cm every year.過去にIn the past1951(Showa26) From February 2th to 14thKanto PlainDepartment (1都6Prefecture) Is observing a record heavy snowfallSouth coast lowInland due to the influence ofShirai133 cm in (currently Noro-cho, Wakaba-ku), 91 cm in Nitona-cho near the city (currently Nitona-cho, Chuo-ku), 80 cm in the city capital (currently Miyako-cho, Chuo-ku)[11] In rare cases, the amount of snow may increase depending on the course of the low pressure system and the influence of cold vortices.

Climate of Chuoko, Chuo-ku, Chiba (Chiba Special Area Meteorological Observatory, altitude 3m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)20.7
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)10.1
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)6.1
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)2.4
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−5.1
Precipitation amount mm (inch)67.5
Snowfall cm (inch)2
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)6.26.811.210.711.212.410.78.512.
Average number of snowfall days5.
Average monthlyDaylight hours191.6165.3167.5177.0180.5126.9162.7189.4134.6131.6143.6174.81,945.5
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1966-present)[12][13]

Main river

First-class river
Second-class river
  • Hamada River system:Hamada River
  • Miyako River system:Miyako River,Ayagawa, Tributary Miyako River, Sakatsuki River
  • Hamano River system: Hamano River
  • Raw fruit river system: Raw fruit river
  • Murata River system:Murata River, Mikada river


Prehistory (ancient)

ChibaWakaba kuSakuragi is the largest in the worldShell moundIsSpecial historical site"Kasori MiddenThere are "ruins".Jomon PeriodThere are still strong traces of this, about 7000 years ago in this place.Pit dwellingTraces have been found, but no shell mounds at that time have been left.A huge shell mound began to be built in the middle of the Jomon period about 5000 years ago.初期には小規模な貝塚と住居があったが、後にその上に直径約130メートルのInitially there was a small shell mound and dwelling, but later on it it was about XNUMX meters in diameter.donutIt is said that many people lived there because the shaped shell mound was built over about 1000 years.

"Japanese later"DatongNew YearRyomi(May 1) (806February 2), "Chiba Kokuzo(Chihanokuni no Miyatsuko) Large private department Nao (Okisaibe no Atai, NaohaKabane) A person named "Good man" has appeared,Renewal of DahuaIn Chiba City than beforeNational constructionIs likely to have been placed,Ritual systemEven after being establishedShimosaChibaと 呼 ば れ るcountyWas established.further"The name of the family』Has seven in Chiba-gunTownshipIt is written that there was a town called "Chiba Township" in one of them, and the township is nowInage DistrictAnagawa・ It is believed that it was pointing near the black sand.

Chiba's home

Heian periodToChibaAncestor of theNormal weightIs in the Chiba-go / Ikeda-go area of ​​Chiba-gunChiba-soOpen, Ikeda TownshipInohanaToBaseBuildChibasukeCall yourself.以後、子孫がAfter that, the descendantsMuromachi PeriodTo ShimousaGuardianDominated the surrounding area.1126(First year of Daiji),Kamakura ShogunateOpenedYoritomo GengenWas a heavyweightChibaIs the actual first head of the familyTaira Tsuneshige Inohana stand(CurrentRuins of the castle・ Residence (around Inohana Park)Yahana Castle) By buildingMiyako RiverThe surrounding area is in a broad sensecastle town[14] Flourished as.

From Shimousa to the westTokyo BayCrossedSagami countryKanazawa(CurrentKanagawa横 浜 市Kanazawa ku)ofShomei-ji TempleIn the Kamakura periodChiba TempleAnd in ChibaDainichi TempleCopied inBuddhismMany related documents are left.Many of the temples on the other side of Tokyo Bay are left behind.MonkIs said to have used the water transport of Tokyo Bay to travel between Shimousa and Sagami provinces.[15], Miyakogawa estuary (currently near Samugawa-cho, Chuo-ku, Chiba)ShimosaLocal pier (Make up) Was used as[16][17]. But,Koroku no RanMultiplied byHara SoboとMasakaByChiba SonobuAfter the defeat and the destruction of the Chiba clan SokeChiba Myokengu(Chiba Shrine) Small scaleMonzen-choIt became.

Road and Minato maintenance during the Tokugawa feudal era

Edo PeriodMost of the current Chiba city areaSakura clanIn addition to becoming the territory ofRaw clan-Sogano Domain2 small feudal clan was placed.In addition, the shogunate territory (HeavenandFlag book・ YorikiKnowledge office) In some areas.

laterEdoからSakura CastleTieSakura HighwayWhen is maintained, the Chiba Sakura Road (currently Chiba Port) that branches off from Funabashi-juku and connects Samukawa Minato (currently Chiba Port)Chiba Highway) AndTogane Onari KaidoIs maintained,GeneralTo rest and stay (Chiba City)Wakaba kuGotencho) and (Central, Chuo-ku, Chiba) were also built.[18]..千葉市内には御殿が2カ所存在し、小規模なThere are two palace in Chiba city, which is smallPost townBecome[19].

Late Edo periodThe shipping industry became popular around that time, and Noborito (currently Noborito, Chuo-ku, Chiba) or Soganoura (Sogano, now Chuo-ku, Chiba).Soga), It was a base for transporting goods transported by water in the Miyako River to Edo by ship.江戸時代後期のLate Edo periodUkiyo-eIsKatsushika Hokusaiof"Thirty-six views of FutakiThe liveliness of the time is depicted in "Noboritoura".登戸浦は、江戸Noborito is EdoTsukijiToLanding placeHas,Annual tribute,Marine ProductsTheBoso PeninsulaBecame one of the bases for marine transportation from[20],Sakura clan OfOuter portWas also[14].

The birth of Chiba City and the military city

Boshin WarAfter1871May 8(Meiji4May 7)ofAbandoned DomainThen, the current city of ChibaInba PrefectureWas put into the territory of.しかし、明治初期のHowever, in the early Meiji era1873(Meiji 6)Inba PrefectureとKisarazuWas merged to form Chiba Prefecture, and the current city of Chiba, which was also the home of Mr. Chiba on the border between the former two prefectures (InohanaThe prefectural office was set up in the district), and after that it will develop as the prefectural capital of Chiba prefecture.1894(Meiji 27)National railwaybySobu RailwayWith the opening of, it has been developed as a center of politics and transportation.

Chiba City was born by the enforcement of the city system1921(Taisho10 years) It was January 1st.この時点での市域は、現在のThe city area at this point is the currentChuo-kuFrom the northern half ofInage DistrictOver the southeastern part of1889It was the same as the town area of ​​Chiba-cho, which was set in (Meiji 22).After that, the surrounding towns and villages were gradually incorporated, and the sea surface was reclaimed.1922(Taisho 11) October 5,Ministry of InteriorReceived port designation by Notification No. 131, laterChiba PortBecome[17].1940In (15), the Tokyo Bay Seaside Industrial Zone Plan was decided by the Civil Engineering Conference of the Ministry of Interior, and as part of that, 300 sea level in Imai-cho, Chiba City.Ha200 hectares of landfill will be planned and the city area will be expanded.[4].

Prewar(Second World WarBefore the outbreak), with Hitachi Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in the current reclaimed land in Kawasaki TownHitachi, Ltd.Such military facilities are concentratedMilitary capitalIt developed as "Chiba" together with the military city "Narashino".千葉市内にはIn Chiba city1908AroundArmy Infantry School,Balloon RegimentMany schools and facilities related to the Army remain, for exampleChiba ParkInside, there are training tunnels, bridge piers for bridge exercises, and Arakiyama as battle ruins.1945(Showa 20) On June 6th and July 10thAllied forcesLarge-scale air raids byChiba air raid-TanabataIt was hit by an air raid and suffered enormous damage that destroyed 7% of the city area, after which World War II ended.

Postwar industrial development and opening of port

After the warSaburo MiyauchiWith a large-scale landfill under the mayor (the first honorary citizen)Merger of municipalitiesWas done.現在のCurrentGreen DistrictOf that, the part that used to be Tokecho was onceKazusaYamabe District(NowSanmu-gun) Belonged to.1948(Showa 23) On July 7, the port area based on the Port Regulations Law of Chiba Port was decided.JapanInWar disaster recovery city planningAs part ofKawasaki Steel Co., Ltd.(CurrentJFE Steel Corporation) To Imaicho landfill (currentSoga subcenter)Keiyo Industrial AreaIt was rebuilt as the central city of.周辺はThe surrounding areaCastle townThere is a west exit, leaving a strong atmosphere ofKawasaki TownToJFE Steel East Japan Steel Works, JFE Gymnasium (former: Kawatetsu Gymnasium) at the east exitChiba Medical Center(Former: Kawasaki Hospital) ・ JFE Steel's company housing and single dormitory were built,Industrial cityDeveloped as.

1954(Showa 29) On February 2, Chiba PortMinistry of JusticemakeDesignated as an immigration port under the Immigration Control Ordinance by No. 14, March 3, the same yearMinato Lawbased onSpecific portSpecified to1953(Showa 28) September 7,Cabinet OrderAs an international trading port according to Route 150Under customs law OfOpen portSpecified as. This later1982(57) In October, the opening day of Chiba Port was established as "July 10".[21].

New city center plan and transition to ordinance-designated city

"JapanTo build a metropolitan area suitable as the center of politics, economy, culture, etc. and to develop it in an orderly manner. "1956(Showa 31)Metropolitan Area Improvement ActIt was enacted and Chiba City was designated as a suburban maintenance zone. This will1960In (35), the maintenance project of the Omiya housing complex was started, and since thenLand readjustment projectWas one after another. In particular,1967(Showa 42)Beach new townAnnounce the plan,Inage,Kemigawa,MakuhariLarge-scale planned population of about 24New townConstruction was planned. After that, the "Makuhari New City (A District) Basic Plan" was announced as an independent city plan, and the land use plan centered on housing was significantly revised with the aim of stopping the concentration of central business functions in Tokyo. "With business function"New CityDecided to build[22].

The "Chiba Prefecture New Comprehensive Five-Year Plan" presented the concept of a "school town" that enhances educational and cultural functions in Makuhari New City in response to the increase in the enrollment rate and the number of students in Chiba Prefecture.1981From (56), cultural and educational facilities such as universities and high schools have been established.Nishi-Chiba StationSurroundings (Inage Ward),Hon Chiba StationSurroundings (Chuo Ward),Oyumino(Makuhari New City), Makuhari New CityEducation districtIn (Mihama Ward)Education cityWas formed. Also,Shuto Expressway Wangan Line,East Kanto Expressway, JRKeiyo LineInfrastructure development such as is progressing at a rapid pace.

1983(58) Formulation of Chiba New Industry Triangle Concept (core project) and Makuhari New City Commercialization Plan (Chiba New Industry Triangle Concept) "Makuhari New City Concept"Kazusa Academia ParkConcept ""Narita International AirportThe "Chiba New Industry Triangle Concept" has been decided with the three core projects of "City Concept". Chiba City, which is located between central Tokyo and Narita International Airport, has come to be conceived as a new urban center centered on the concentration of business functions, and the Makuhari Messe is positioned as its development guidance facility. Will be announced in the same year.1989(10) October, as an international trade fairMakuhari MesseIs completed. In the same month, the 28th "Tokyo Motor ShowWas held at Makuhari Messe, and 15 countries, the highest in history, participated. 192 million people visited[23], Makuhari New City was born as an international convention city in both name and reality.1990In March (2), the total area (total floor area) of 3 square meters on the sea side of Makuhari Messe was an international scale with a capacity of 4 people.Chiba Marine StadiumOpens,1992From (4)Chiba Lotte MarinesIt is the home ground of. Also,Makuhari Techno GardenStarting with the opening of the business area, the construction of the business area proceeded smoothly. For comprehensive urban development in Makuhari New CityJapan City Planning Society Award "Ishikawa Award"Was presented to Chiba Prefecture, and was awarded the first prize in the local government for its advanced and public-private partnership, such as guiding businesses through high-quality infrastructure development and excellent design.

In 1992 (April 4st), it was the 1th in Japan.Government-designated cityMoved to 6Administrative districtWas established.

Development as an international business city

In Soga subcenter,JFE SteelChiba City formulates Soga specific area development plan with the relocation of East Japan Works to the offshore landfill area[24],Harbor City SogaWas redeveloped as[25].2005(Heisei17 years)May 4Opened as the first phase[25]After that, in Soga Sports Park, Chiba CityFukuda Electronic ArenaHas been maintained and opened on October 10th of the same year.JEF United Ichihara / ChibaIt is the home stadium of.フクダ電子アリーナの完成後、蘇我スポーツ公園内(スタジアムの東隣)に多目的広場(フクダ電子スクエア)などが建設されたほか、隣接地にジェフのクラブハウスや練習所を兼ね備えたAfter the completion of Fukuda Denshi Arena, a multipurpose plaza (Fukuda Denshi Square) was built in Soga Sports Park (east of the stadium), and Jeff's clubhouse and practice center were also built in the adjacent area.United parkIs in place.これにより、延べで年間2000万人が来場する施設となったAs a result, the facility has become a facility that attracts a total of XNUMX million people annually.[26].

Chiba station2011Rebuilding work has been underway since (23),2016(28) On November 11, it opened as a new "Chiba Station" for the first time in 20 years.改札など駅機能を53階に集約することで、ターミナル駅として利便性も向上しているBy consolidating station functions such as ticket gates on the 3rd floor, convenience as a terminal station is also improved.[27]..駅西口にはAt the west exit of the station2013(25) On October 10, the complex facility Westrio (WESTRIO) opened as the core facility of the Chiba City Planning Project Chiba Station West Exit District Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project, and three buildings are lined up.[28].2018(30) October 6thChiba Station BuildingThe main station building "Perie" has opened, with Ekinaka (3 floors on the 4rd and 2th floors above ground) on the premises, and the main building of Perie Chiba, Perie Chiba, Street 1, Street 2 and about 8 outside the ticket gate. Adjacent to a large station building of 3000 square meters[29]..駅周辺は都市の国際競争力強化の観点から特に重要な地域としてThe area around the station is particularly important from the perspective of strengthening the international competitiveness of the city.Urban regeneration emergency maintenance areaChiba Station East Exit District Type XNUMX Urban Redevelopment Project[30], Chiba Station West Exit District Type XNUMX Urban Redevelopment Project (B Construction Zone)[31] And so onUrban redevelopmentThe business continues.

In 2015 (Heisei 27), at Makuhari Kaihin ParkRed Bull Air RaceFurthermore, Makuhari Kaihin Park D / E block will be a candidate site for the construction of the "JFA National Football Center".2016(28), Chiba CityTokyo area OfNational Strategic Special ZoneSpecified to[32],Drone courierRegulatory reforms such as near-future technology demonstrations that examine the practical application of self-driving mobility, regulatory reform menu utilization projects, relaxation of standards for equipment and operation of child welfare facilities, and implementation of online medication guidance in urban areas Proposals are being made[6].

2020At Makuhari MesseTokyo 2020 Olympics3 competitions (fencing, wrestling, taekwondo)[33], Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games 4 competitions (goalball, sitting volleyball, wheelchair fencing, taekwondo) will be the venue[34].. Further2018(30) On October 10, utilizing the urban resources of Priority Strategy 15,Integrated resortWe are considering the possibility of introducing (IR) while paying close attention to national trends.[35].

Chronological Table

  • TenjiNew Year (1124)- Taira Tsuneshige Ino noseBuild a residence in the land of.
  • Enjoyment4 years(1455)- Hara SoboToChiba CastleWas ambushed, Sho Senda (currentlyKatori-gunTako Town) EscapedChiba SonobuBut(EraHas changedYasumasaFirst yearMay 8(1455September 9), participated in Hara SoboMasakaThe Chiba clan Soke was destroyed.
  • Meiji4May 7(1871May 8) --By the abolition of the feudal clanKisarazu,Inba Prefecture,Shinji prefectureIs installed.
  • 1873(6th year of Meiji)May 6 --Kisarazu and Inba prefectures are merged and Chiba prefecture is established.県庁を両県の境となるThe prefectural office becomes the border between the two prefecturesChibaInstalled in Chiba Town (currently Honchibacho, Chuo-ku, Chiba City).
  • 1875(8th year of Meiji)May 5 --Niihari prefecture is divided,Tone RiverThe south is incorporated into Chiba Prefecture.The current Chiba prefecture area is formed.
  • 1889(22th year of Meiji)May 4 --With the enforcement of the town and village system, Chiba Town, Samukawa Village, Noborito Village, Chiba Temple Village, and Kurosuna Village merged, and Chiba DistrictChiba TownWas launched.

Merger concept

2003(Heisei15 years) February, adjacentYotsukaido-shiBy the initiative of the residents ofLegal Merger CouncilWas established, and it was decided that the administrative district name would be "Yotsukaido Ward" as a transfer to Chiba City.[45], Since the pros and cons of the transfer were in conflict within the Yotsukaido City Council, the propriety of the transfer was questioned by the proposal of both the pros and cons.ReferendumWill be done[46],2004(16)May 5Opposition outweighs approval in[47],May 6Reported the dissolution of the merger council to Chiba prefecture, and the transfer was blank.[48].


Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous census from the 2015 census, the population increased by 1.05% to 971,882, and the rate of increase / decrease was 54th among 12 municipalities in Chiba prefecture and 60th among 15 administrative districts.

Population distribution of Chiba, Chiba, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Chiba City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Chiba City (2005)
■Purple-Chiba City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Chiba City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Chiba City HallThere are 6 wards centered around.

Administrative district

It consists of the following 6 wards.All populations are estimated populations as of October 2021, 8.

CodesWard namepopulation
The population density
Image color
12101-1Chuo-ku212,39444.704,752■Energetic red
12106-1Mihama129,55821.206,111■Marine blue
12103-7Inage District160,47421.227,562■Bright yellow
12102-9Hanami River Ward177,35034.195,187■Flower pink
12104-5Wakaba ku146,55484.211,740■Fresh green
12105-3Green District129,55866.251,956■ever green

2000(HeiseiIn 12), the "image color" and "symbol mark" of each ward were announced to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system.In addition, permission of each ward is required for use of symbol mark.

Administrative district overview

  • Chuo-ku --Chiba Prefecture's traditional political, economic and cultural center
  • Mihama -The concept is a futuristic international city that combines "work, housing, learning, and play"New CityInternational block centered on
  • Inage District ――One of the leading seaside resorts in Chiba City, once loved by literatiEducation district
    • Important regional base (Inage)
      • Living base:Nishi Chiba
      • New Town: Chigusadai
      • Inage Ward Office Postal Code263-8733 12-1-XNUMX Anagawa, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi
  • Hanami River Ward ――Beautiful river scenery dotted with cherry blossom trees, large-scale residential development area
  • Wakaba ku --Large-scale residential area in the Jomon period and the area where the surrounding natural terrain remains
    • Important regional base (Tsuga)
      • Living base:Chishirodai
      • New Town: Omiya housing complex, Chishirodai, Tojiyama
      • Wakaba Ward Office Postal Code264-8733 1-1-XNUMX Sakuragikita, Wakaba-ku, Chiba
  • Green District --A district with abundant nature, which has the largest city park area per inhabitant in the city
    • Important regional base (Kamatori)
      • Living base:Toki,Honda
      • New Town:Oyumino,Asumigaoka, Asumigaokahigashi, Chiba Higashikakuei housing complex
      • Midori Ward Office Postal Code266-8733 15-3-XNUMX Oyumino, Midori-ku, Chiba



City council

  • Constant number: 54 people
  • Term: November 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 1st year)-November 2023th, 5 (4th year of Reiwa)
  • Chair: Yasuo Kogo (Liberal Democratic Party Chiba City Council)
  • Vice-chairman: Makoto Shiratori (Future Democracy Chiba)

Parliamentary group

Parliamentary nameNumber of membersAffiliated partyMember name (◎ is representative)
Liberal Democratic Party Chiba City Assembly17LDP◎ Fumika Komatsuzaki, Yoshinori Matsuzaka, Kenji Nakajima, Masao Iwai, Hiroshi Ishikawa, Takeshi Uekusa, Tadao Akiba, Satoshi Abe, Hiroaki Kawamura, Mataemon Uruma, Tomoyuki Ogawa, Kazuo Misu, Shigetaka Ishii, Shigeki Mori, Naotada Motegi, Yonemochi Katsuhiko, Takeshi Ishikawa
Future Democracy Chiba12National Democratic Party7 people,Constitutional Democratic Party1 people,Independent4◎ Kazuhiko Danki, Naofumi Yamamoto, Miwaka Mitsui, Hisaaki Sasaki, Takayoshi Fuse, Takuma Kamei, Naoko Tabata, Takashi Kawai, Norio Aso, Hirofumi Hikita, Makoto Shiratori, Terue Sampei
Komeito Chiba City Assembly8Komeito◎ Chizuruko Kondo, Kazuhiro Moriyama, Shinji Sakai, Hideo Sakurai, Masaki Aoyama, Kohei Ito, Isao Murao, Toshihiro Kawagishi
Japanese Communist Party Chiba City Assembly7Japan Communist Party◎ Yoichi Fukunaga, Kimie Nakamura, Mayumi Morita, Naoyoshi Yoshida, Yohei Kabasawa, Tomoki Sasaki, Nobumasa Nomoto
Citizen network3Citizen network Chiba◎ Kayoko Matsui, Akiko Iwasaki, Shinobu Watanabe
Independent1Independent 3Noboru Hashimoto, Takashi Sakurai, Yasuo Kogo

* As of 2015 year 5 month 22 day[49].

Chiba Prefectural Assembly

  • Selected by Chiba City
  • Constant number: 14 people
  • Term: November 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 15st year)-November 2023th, 5 (5th year of Reiwa)
ConstituencyNameParliamentary name
Chuo-ku (3)Honma SusumuLDPChiba Prefectural Assembly
Akira SanoLiberal Democratic Party Chiba Prefectural Assembly
Hajime AminakaConstitutional Democratic PartyChiba Prefectural Assembly
Hanami River Ward (3)Noboru ShishikuraLiberal Democratic Party Chiba Prefectural Assembly
Kosaku TamuraKomeitoChiba Prefectural Assembly
Tadao OkawaConstitutional Democratic Party Chiba Prefectural Assembly
Inage District (2)Koichi AbeLiberal Democratic Party Chiba Prefectural Assembly
Yukio Amano千葉民主Meeting
Wakaba ku (2)Misao YamanakaLiberal Democratic Party Chiba Prefectural Assembly
Nobuyuki TanakaChiba Democracy Association
Green District (2)Masayuki SekiLiberal Democratic Party Chiba Prefectural Assembly
Keiji TakeuchiChiba Democracy Association
Mihama (2)Toshinori KonoConstitutional Democratic Party Chiba Prefectural Assembly
Shoichi UsuiLiberal Democratic Party Chiba Prefectural Assembly

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Chiba Prefecture 1st Ward(Chuo-ku,Inage District,Mihama)Hiroaki KadoyamaLDP3Constituency
Tajima KanameConstitutional Democratic Party6Proportional revival
Chiba Prefecture 2st Ward(Hanami River WardSuch)Takayuki KobayashiLDP2Constituency
Chiba Prefecture 3st Ward(Green DistrictSuch)Hirokazu MatsunoLDP7Constituency
Kazumasa OkajimaConstitutional Democratic Party3Proportional revival
Chiba Prefecture 9st Ward(Wakaba kuSuch)Mari AkimotoLDP3Constituency
Soichiro OkunoConstitutional Democratic Party4Proportional revival

National/prefectural government

International organization

The international organizations located in Chiba City are as follows.

National agency

The main national government agencies located in Chiba City are as follows.

Administrative agency


Prefectural / city institutions

The main prefectures and city administrations located in Chiba City are as follows.




The coastal area (area centered on Kawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Niihama-cho, Soga-cho, and Shinminato, Mihama-ku)Chiba PortCentered onKeiyo Industrial AreaForming a corner, in the central ward partJFE SteelEast Japan Works(Former Kawasaki Steel Chiba Steel Works),TEPCOChiba Thermal Power StationEtc. are located in Shinminato, Mihama WardFood,金属There are many processing-related business establishments.In addition, the northern area (Chigusa-cho, Hanamigawa-ku,Inage DistrictIn the area centered on Roppocho),SteelProcessing andmachineIndustrialIs thriving.


Old before World War II:Provincial Line Chiba Station(Later old :), old:Keisei Chiba Station, The current Sakaecho-dori, which connects the prefectural offices, was the main street.However, due to the relocation of both Chiba stations due to the urban development after World War II after the war damage (Chiba air raid), commercial agglomeration moved around the new station.特に国鉄千葉駅(二代目。現:JR千葉駅)前にはEspecially in front of JNR Chiba Station (second generation, now JR Chiba Station)Sogo Chiba store,New Naraya(Currently: ChibaMitsukoshiIt has prospered as one of the largest commercial bases in Chiba prefecture and one of the leading commercial bases in the Kanto region, as large-scale retail stores such as Trace) set up stores.

Bubble economyAt the time ofMakuhari New City, Soga subcenter, Chiba Minato and other coastal areas were built, and large shopping centers in the suburbs were built one after another.これ以来、地域がSince then, the areaMakuhari(Mihama) And the western halfYahana CastleSurrounding (Chuo-ku) Is divided into two parts in the eastern half.

In general, Makuhari New Citylarge company,Multi national companyLocated in many places, the central city area (JR-Chiba City MonorailChiba Station, JRHigashi Chiba Station, JRHon Chiba Station,Yahana CastleNear) is an old hometownShopping districtColor is conspicuous.

In addition, some companies have branches and branch offices in Chiba City, and Chiba Prefecture and Ibaraki Prefecture are under the jurisdiction, and they function as a base city in the eastern Kanto region in a broad sense.


Tokyo metropolitan area OfSuburban agricultural area..Although the reduction of farmland due to the progress of urbanization has become an issue, farmland will spread to Wakaba Ward, Midori Ward, and northern Hanamigawa Ward.

We have excellent farmland near the city in the back of the city, and we will strengthen the production base by modernizing facilities and machinery, starting with land infrastructure development centered on paddy fields.農業生産基盤である農地は、本来の生産機能の他に、防災機能、治水機能、環境保全・自然景観の保持やレクリエーションの場の提供など、都市の緑の空間としても重要な役割を果たしているAgricultural land, which is the basis of agricultural production, plays an important role as a green space in the city, such as disaster prevention function, water control function, environmental conservation / preservation of natural landscape and provision of recreational place, in addition to the original production function.[50]..Mainly upland crops such as peanuts and carrots, but also fruit trees such as grapes and pears.酪農も盛んで、飼養頭数、産出額は県下2位であるDairy is also thriving, and the number of animals raised and the amount of output are the second highest in the prefecture.[50]. AlsopeanutsBoth production volume and acreage are adjacent八 街市Next to the second place in Japan[51].


A company with its head office and head office in Chiba City

Sister cities/partner cities

sister city

  • Paraguay flag Asuncion City(Republic of Paraguay-capital)
    1970(45)May 1 Concluded sister cities.パラグアイ駐在名誉領事より都市提携について熱心な申し出があり、またHonorary Consul in Paraguay made an enthusiastic offer about the city tie-up, and1968(43) August To the inauguration ceremony of the President of Paraguay The momentum of the alliance increased when a representative from Chiba Prefecture visited Paraguay as a Japanese correspondent ambassador.Formed a sister city tie-up to commemorate the 8th anniversary of Chiba City.
  • Canadian flag North Vancouver(カナダBritish columbia)
    1970(45)May 1 Concluded sister cities.元々は、両市のOriginally from both citiesLions ClubHas had a sister relationship, but the Lions Club of Chiba City submitted an offer to Chiba City that the two cities need to form a sister city in order to deepen the friendship between citizens.Both city councils unanimously conclude a sister city to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Chiba City.
  • United States flag Houston city(The United States of AmericaTexas)
    1972(47)May 10 Signed a partnership between the two mayors.1972(47) The Mayor of Houston visited Japan at the invitation of the Japan External Trade Organization.Since we wanted to form a sister city tie-up with a city with a similar urban form, we decided to carry out a sister city tie-up with Chiba City.
  • Philippines flag Quezon City(Philippines)
    1972(47)May 11 Signed the partnership signing.元々は、千葉Originally, ChibaJunior ChamberAnd the Kaesong Junior Chamber1964It is derived from the fact that it became a sister conference in (39) and has continued various friendships.From the proposal from the Junior Chamber of Chiba that it is desirable for both cities to form a sister relationship, the alliance was carried out.
  • Swiss flag Montreux city(Switzerland)
    1996(8)May 5 Signed Sister Friendship Agreement[41].1995(Heisei 7) Established "New Sister City Alliance Roundtable" consisting of representatives of parliament and citizens[52]..以後、懇談会及び現地調査を実施し、スイス連邦モントルー市が適当であるとの答申から決定したAfter that, a round-table conference and a field survey were conducted, and it was decided from the report that the city of Montreux, Switzerland was appropriate.[53].

Friendship city

  • Flag of the People's Republic of China 天津市(People's Republic of China)
    1986(61)May 5 Signed a friendship city.Since the signing of the Japan-China Friendship and Peace Treaty, exchanges between youth sports groups and exchanges between JNR Chiba Station and Tianjin Station as friendship stations have been carried out.1982(57) April Japan-China Friendship Chiba City Visit to China visits Tianjin City.1983(58) In July, Mayor of Tianjin Li Ruihuan visited the leaves and discussed the friendship city tie-up.1986(61) A delegation of the signing delegation visited Tianjin City and signed the signing of a friendship city.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China JiangsuSuzhouWujiang(People's Republic of China)
    1996(8)May 10Signed a friendship city tie-up agreement.1995(7) June Established "New Sister City Alliance Roundtable"[52], A round-table conference and a field survey were conducted, and it was decided from the report that Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, People's Republic of China was appropriate in Asia.[53].


The central city of Chiba is the center of Chiba (Chiba StationからChiba Central Station,Hon Chiba Station,Chiba Minato StationSurroundings), Soga subcenter,Makuhari New CityAlthough it is located in the vicinity, it is roughly divided into the central Chiba and Soga subcenters in the east and the new Makuhari new city in the west (details will be described later).#CommercialSection).一般的に「千葉市街地」というと千葉駅から千葉中央駅にかけて、もしくはGenerally speaking, "Chiba city area" is from Chiba station to Chiba Chuo station, orChiba City Monorail Line 1Often refers to the city area along the line (between Chiba Minato Station and Prefectural Office Mae Station)[54].

Chiba city center

Chiba city area

From JR East "Chiba Station" to Keisei Electric Railway "Chiba Chuo Station" and Chiba Urban Monorail "Yoshikawakoen Station"City center(Fujimi areaからCentral district) Of the companyoffice building,bankAnd commercial facilities,Consumer electronics storeEtc. stand in a forestDowntownIt is a huge market that is one of the largest in the Kanto region.Trade areaHas become[55]..また市街地中心部に位置する中央公園(葭川公園駅最寄り)は市民の憩いの場として様々なイベントが行われているIn addition, various events are held at Chuo Park (closest to Yoshikawakoen Station), which is located in the center of the city, as a place for citizens to relax.[56].

Station building at Chiba Stationペ リ エChiba), Complex (West Rio),Hotel(SunrouteChiba),Sensitivity(Sen City Tower,Sogo Chiba store,Aurora Mall Junnu), A commercial facility (Sea One) is occupying and connecting, and the two stations from Chiba Station to Chiba Chuo Station are connected by a commercial facility (building) of about 1 km.

The city area is of local capitalNaraya(Later, specialty store building Central Plaza) ・fields(Later ChibaParco) ・ Ougiya (laterJuscoDepartment stores such as (under the umbrella) are lined up,Daiei,Marui,Cross shop,MidoriyaWas booming, but nowadays, commercial facilities such as Sogo Chiba Store, which is directly connected to the station, and Aurora Mall Junnu are concentrated near the station, and commercial facilities that were far from the stationApartmentIt has been diverted to.また、市街地から少し逸れた中央区Also, Chuo Ward, which is a little off the citySakaemachiThe district used to be the busiest in the prefecture, but after being damaged by the Chiba air raid,Sex shop,cabaret,Korean Town, Small restaurants etc. are concentratedRed light districtAfter the JNR Chiba station moved to its current location, the commercial base also moved to the Fujimi district in Chuo-ku, which is close to the station.市は地元商店会と共に栄町の再生に取り組み始めているThe city has begun to work on the revitalization of Sakaecho with the local store association.[57].

Around the stationUrban regeneration emergency maintenance areaThe redevelopment project in the east exit area and west exit area of ​​Chiba Station is continuing.[58][59].


It is the ancient center of Chiba City, and the surrounding area is the government office district as well asChiba University(Medical, medicine, nursing)Chiba Prefectural Chiba Junior & Senior High SchoolIt is known as an educational district where such things are concentrated.At Chiba Chuo Station, there are commercial facilities (Mio) and hotels (Mio) connected to Sea One.Keisei Hotel Miramare),Cinema complex(Keisei Rosa 10 East / West) etc.

From JR East "Chiba Station" to Chiba Urban Monorail "Kencho-mae Station", the former Shimousa ProvinceGuard stationwas thereInohana Castle Ruins(Inohana Park)Chiba Prefectural Office,Chiba Prefectural AssemblyBuilding Government Building,Chiba Prefectural PoliceHeadquarters,Chiba City Fire Department,Chiba District Public Prosecutors Office-Chiba District Public Prosecutors Office,Chiba District Court-Chiba Family CourtGovernment agencies are concentrated.

Chiba Port

JR East "Chiba Minato StationAroundInternational base portIsChiba PortFocusing on the port area ofChiba Port Tower,Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art,Chiba City HallIncluding,Port facilities(Chiba Minato Pier, Etc.), complex (Chiba Port Square),Commercial facility(Mihama Newport ResortSuch),Company(Keiyo BankChiba Minato Headquarters, etc.), Hotel (Okura Chiba HotelSuch),Wedding hall(Bayside Park Guest House, etc.) etc.Port cityIt is maintained asWaterfrontDevelopment is concentrated.歴史的建造物として国のNational as a historic buildingRegistered tangible cultural propertyRegistered inBank of JapanMain store (currentChiba ToyopetHeadquarters).

Soga subcenter

Soga districtWar damageKawasaki Steel attracted as part of the reconstructionCastle townIs.千葉市は、蘇我駅周辺地区を千葉都心・Chiba City is located in the center of Chiba in the area around Soga Station.Makuhari New CityPositioned as the third city center following,2003Started the Soga coastal area land readjustment project including almost the entire area of ​​the former Kawasaki Steel Chiba Steel Works in the Kawasaki Town area and the area around Soga Station, and developed commercial areas and park facilities centered on large commercial facilities and ballparks. It is done.Along with this, commercial facilities and Fukuda Denshi Arena were constructed after land readjustment, and station facilities are being expanded by Chiba City and JR East in anticipation of an increase in users due to future increases in the surrounding population.2004Expansion of station bookstores in August2005The maintenance of the west exit station square has been completed. JR東日本JR EastSoga StationAroundHarbor City SogaLarge commercial facilities such asJeff United Ichihara/ChibaIs the home stadium ofFukuda Electronic ArenaHave been maintained.

Makuhari New City

Makuhari New CityLarge-scale trade fairs and international conferences are held in the districtMakuhari Messe(International Exhibition Center-International conference hall) ・ Representing Japan, including the Makuhari Event HallMulti national company,Foreign-affiliated companiesMove inSkyscraper(World business garden-Makuhari Techno Garden),hotelandLarge-scale commercial facilityHas advanced a lot,International organizationandNational agency(Government office) Education and research facilities centered on research and training institutions,Makuhari BaytownIn the bay areaArtificial beach,Yotto HarborEtc. are maintained.The nearest station is JR East "Kaihama Makuhari Station. "

Japan national football teamIs the base ofTakamadomiya Memorial JFA Dream Field,Keisuke HondaOwn groundZozo Park Honda Football Area,Professional baseball team-Chiba Lotte MarinesIs the home ofChiba Marine StadiumHaveInternational Chiba Ekiden,Red Bull Air Race World SeriesJapan venue (Makuhari Seaside Park),2020 Tokyo Olympics-ParalympicIt is also a major sports base such as the competition venue (Makuhari Messe).

Central Tokyo-Tokyo International AirportとNarita International AirportSince it is located in the middle of the city, about 2,700 million people visit it every year because of its easy access.

Important area base / living base

Important regional bases in each ward (Inage,Makuhari,Tsuga,Kamatori), Living base (Kemigawahama,Inagekaigan,Toki,Honda,Chishirodai,Nishi Chiba,Kemigawa,Makuhari Hongo,HamanoThe city area of) is formed around each base station.

The living base area is a large commercial facility (complex facility) that has a base in front of the station.Flow lineIt is in good condition.

Area code

originalArea codeIs "0472"[Annotation 1]However, four weeks after the promotion to a government-designated city1992(4)May 4Was changed to "043", and the city code became the 200s.New members will be assigned the 300s (Sakura City, Yotsukaido City, which had the area code "0434",八 街市Etc. became "043" on the same day, and the city code became the 400s)[Annotation 2]. However,Hanami River Ward OfYachiyoIn some areas (Kashiwaicho, Kashiwai, Yokodocho, Yokododai, etc.) that are in contact with, the area code is changed to "047" (changed) at the request of residents because the living base for shopping etc. is Yachiyo City. Previously at 0474-8nUnit charge areaIs also treated as Yachiyo City), and even though it is in the same Chiba City, when calling from the "043" area to the "047" area (and vice versa), you must call from the area code.

Infrastructure development status


As a symbol character of "Flower Capital Chiba"Chihana-chanIs used.It is often printed on pamphlets and signboards, so you can see it even in the city.


Convention center

Culture Hall

  • Chiba City Wakaba Culture Hall
  • Chiba City Women's Center
  • Chiba City International Exchange Center
  • Chiba City Mihama Culture Hall

Social movement center



Chiba City is one in one citySecondary medical area(Chiba Health and Medical Area)[60].. The tertiary medical area is the Chiba medical area (jurisdiction: the entire area of ​​Chiba prefecture).

Medical facilitiesList only those with high special mention[60].

Primary medical area (city)



  • Emergency designated hospital in the ward
    • Mihama Hospital
  • Medical institutions in the ward

Hanami River Ward

  • Emergency designated hospital in the ward
    • Koyukai Memorial Hospital
    • Saisei Hospital
    • Hirayama Hospital
  • Medical institutions in the ward

Inage District

  • Emergency designated hospital in the ward
    • Inage Hospital
    • Sanno Hospital
    • Chiba Neurosurgical Hospital
  • Medical institutions in the ward

Wakaba ku

  • Emergency designated hospital in the ward
    • Izumi Chuo Hospital
    • Chiba Central Medical Center
    • Mitsuwadai General Hospital
  • Medical institutions in the ward
    • Shinozaki Hospital
    • Sosen Hospital
    • Sakuragien, Chiba

Green District

Secondary medical area


Special zone for structural reformThe Chiba International Education Special Zone concept was approved.[1].

school education


* Universities headquartered in Chiba CityTaiziDisplay with

National public


Junior college


Vocational school

There are 32 private vocational schools.以下、主な専修学校一覧Below is a list of major vocational schools[Annotation 3].

high school




Elementary and junior high school

For a list of school names and articles for each school, see each ward article and "Chiba Elementary School List # Chiba City"Or"Chiba Junior High School List # Chiba CitySee.

The number of elementary and junior high schools in Chiba City is as shown in the table below (From the Chiba City Board of Education Secretariat, School Education Department Academic Affairs Division).

Installerprimary schoolJunior high school
Chiba City113 schools (1 minutes)56 schools
National1 schools1 schools
Chiba Prefectural-1 schools
private1 schools3 schools


Special school

Various schools

Education and training facilities other than school education

Chiba City Number School

high school

1950From (Showa 25)1961Until (Showa 36), the following high schools were number schools.

One high Chiba High School

Two highs Chiba Girls' High School

Three high Chiba Higashi High School

Junior high school

1947From (Showa 22), the following junior high schoolsNumber schoolMet.1952(Showa 27)Soga Junior High SchoolWith the opening of the school, the number school was abolished.

* At Tsubakimori Junior High School in Shichu, the school building is not decided and the next day1948The school was opened in (Showa 23).

At present, there are remnants of the fact that the school emblem of Midorimachi Junior High School is in the shape of the number "five" and that the order of the list of junior high schools starts from Kasori Junior High School.


Sports Facilities

Facilities in Chiba City

Facilities in Chiba Prefecture


Sports team


サ ッ カ ー






  • Honda Boxing Gym (Chuo-ku, Chiba)
  • Inage Boxing Gym (Inage Ward, Chiba City)

Sports history

List of major tournaments held in Chiba City.

Disabled sports

Wheelchair basketballThe home of a powerful player who has won the Japanese Championship for the third time in a row, and a world-famous competition wheelchair manufacturerOx engineeringHas its headquarters in Chiba city.

Toshito KumagaiMayorIs focusing on sports for the disabled, such as saying, "Aiming to be a mecca for wheelchair sports." In October 2015, the wheelchair basketball "10 IWBF Asia Oceania Championship" was held at Chiba Port Arena.[62].



There is no airport in the city,ChibaNarita City OfNarita International Airport(Narita Airport) orTokyoOta-ku OfTokyo International Airport(Haneda Airport) is the nearest.

Narita International Airport

  • Railway line
  • Limousine bus
    • Makuhari / Chiba area (Chiba city beach area system) -Limousine bus bound for Narita Airport (Narita Airport Transport /Chiba City Bus・京成バスなど)を中心に運行。・ Operates mainly on Keisei Bus).中央区内(千葉駅、千葉中央駅、千葉みなと駅)や美浜区内(各主要駅、幕張地区各主要ホテル)などから運行Operates from within Chuo Ward (Chiba Station, Chiba Chuo Station, Chiba Minato Station) and Mihama Ward (each major station, each major hotel in the Makuhari area)[63].
Tokyo International Airport
  • Railway line
  • Limousine bus
    • Makuhari / Chiba area (Chiba city beach area system) -Limousine bus bound for Haneda Airport (Keihin Kyuko Bus / Chiba City Bus / Keisei Bus /Tokyo airport traffic).中央区内(千葉駅、千葉中央駅、千葉みなと駅)や美浜区内(各主要駅、幕張地区各主要ホテル)などから運行Operates from within Chuo Ward (Chiba Station, Chiba Chuo Station, Chiba Minato Station) and Mihama Ward (each major station, each major hotel in the Makuhari area)[64].

Railway line

The railway network is well developed, with 3 passenger railway lines operated by 12 operators and 46 railway stations.このうちthis houseChiba Station-Kaihama Makuhari Station-Inage StationIs ranked in the top 100 in the passenger ranking of JR East[65].

Central station:Chiba Station

East Japan Railway(JR East)

JB Sobu Line

JO Sobu Rapid Line

JE Keiyo Line

■ Sobu Main Line

■ Sotobo Line

■ Uchibo Line

Keisei Electric Railway

KS Keisei Chiba Line

KS Keisei Chihara Line

Chiba City Monorail

Chiba City Monorail 1

Chiba City Monorail 2

Bus route

Central bus stop:Chiba Station Bus Terminal

Transit Bus

Most of the city area is owned by Keisei Group companies in a broad senseTransit BusIs in operation.In addition, public transportation (municipal bus) is not operated.

The boarding method is basically a post-ride, pre-get-off, and post-payment method, except for some uniform routes.FareHas adopted a section system using numbered tickets.

Bus common coupons are not currently issued in the city.ただし、九十九里鉄道を除く各社では非接触型However, all companies except Kujukuri Railway are non-contact type.Prepaid CardIsPASMO-SuicaIs available.



Shuto Expressway(Connection) ・East Japan Expressway(NEXCO East Japan)

Shuto Expressway Wangan Line - East Kanto Expressway

Shuto Expressway No. 7 Komatsugawa Line - Keiyo Road

East Nippon Expressway (NEXCO East Japan)

Tateyama Expressway

Metropolitan area central connecting expressway(Ken-O Expressway)

  • It passes through Midori Ward for about 400 meters.

Chiba Togane Road

toll road

Chiba Sotobo Toll Road(Chiba Prefectural Road No. 67 Raw Real Honno Line)

  • --Kamatori IC (starting / ending in the direction of Chiba) --Hirayama IC --Honda PA (only in the direction of Chiba) --Takada IC --Honda IC (exit / entrance in both directions)
  • --Okido IC --Ono PA (only for Mobara) --Itakura IC -

General national road

Chuohoncho, Chuo-kuHirokoji intersectionIs the end point of National Route 14 and the starting point of National Route 51, and has been in Chiba City since before the war.National roadIt was a nodal point.

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road

Chiba city road

The following nicknames are given to the Chiba City Road.[66].

numberRoad nickname位置
1Onari KaidoWakamatsucho, Wakaba Ward-Tomitacho, Wakaba Ward
2Gakuen-doriYayoicho, Inage Ward --2-chome, Midoricho, Inage Ward
3Keiyo Line Street2-chome, Chuoko, Chuo-ku --2-chome, Saiwaicho, Mihama-ku
4Lingang PromenadeChuo-ku Chuoko 1-chome --Chuo-ku Shinchiba 1-chome
5Chiba station square main street1-chome, Fujimi, Chuo-ku--2-chome, Fujimi, Chuo-ku
6Suehiro Kaido1-chome, Suehiro, Chuo-ku--3-chome, Minami-cho, Chuo-ku
7Aoba no Mori DoriMiyakomachi, Chuo-ku --2-chome, Minami-cho, Chuo-ku
8Townliner street3-chome, Tsuga, Wakaba-ku --4-chome, Chishirodaiminami, Wakaba-ku
9Kaihin Boulevard7-chome Takahama, Mihama-ku --1- XNUMX-chome Toyosuna, Mihama-ku
10Marina streetMihama Ward Inagekaigan 5-chome-Mihama Ward Isobe 3-chome
11Kaihin Matsukaze Dori1-chome, Takasu, Mihama-ku --6-chome, Takahama, Mihama-ku
12Seaside Park Street1-chome, Takasu, Mihama-ku --3-chome, Takahama, Mihama-ku
13Kojima Koen-dori1-chome, Takasu, Mihama-ku ―― 1-chome, Masago, Mihama-ku
14Keyaki Street1-chome, Saiwaicho, Mihama-ku --2-chome, Saiwaicho, Mihama-ku
15Lily tree streetBenten 4-chome, Chuo-ku-Yayoi-cho, Inage-ku
16Sakusabesaka-dori2-chome, Higashichiba, Chuo-ku-Sakusabe-cho, Inage-ku
17Kotehashidainaka-doriYokodo-cho, Hanamigawa-ku ―― Kotehashidai 1-chome, Hanamigawa-ku
18Mitsuwadai OdoriTonodai-cho, Wakaba-ku-5-chome, Mitsuwadai, Wakaba-ku
19Kokura Ginkgo BoulevardWakamatsucho, Wakaba-ku --2-chome, Oguradai, Wakaba-ku
20Kosakurabashi StreetSakuragicho, Wakaba-ku ―― 1-chome, Chishirodainishi, Wakaba-ku
21Soga Station West Exit Boulevard2-chome, Imai, Chuo-ku
22Omiyadai Suzukake Dori7-chome, Omiyadai, Wakaba-ku--3-chome, Omiyadai, Wakaba-ku
23Oga Has StreetNaniwa-cho, Hanamigawa-ku --Hatamachi, Hanamigawa-ku
24Educational street3-chome, Anagawa, Inage-ku--2-chome, Matsunami, Chuo-ku
25Masagokusunoki Street2-chome, Masago, Mihama-ku-5-chome, Isobe, Mihama-ku
26Chuo Ward Office StreetHonchibacho, Chuo-ku-Chuo 3-chome, Chuo-ku
27Wakaba Kita-doriKaizuka-cho, Wakaba-ku-Wakamatsu-cho, Wakaba-ku
28Ojidai refreshing streetOkido-cho, Midori-ku-Oji-cho, Midori-ku
29University of Tokyo Grand Street5-chome, Kemigawa-cho, Hanamigawa-ku --Hatamachi, Hanamigawa-ku
30Konakadaisaka Street6-chome, Konakadai, Inage-ku--8-chome, Konakadai, Inage-ku
31Miyakochonaka-dori1-chome, Miyako-cho, Chuo-ku-Kasori-cho, Wakaba-ku
32Tsugakurumazaka DoriKaizuka-cho, Wakaba-ku --4-chome, Tsuga, Wakaba-ku
33Kamatori Town Center North StreetMidori-ku Oyumino 3-chome-Midori-ku Oyumino 5-chome
34Center street1-chome, Nakase, Mihama-ku
35Kokusai Boulevard2-chome Nakase, Mihama-ku --2-chome Wakaba, Mihama-ku
36Park boulevard2-chome, Wakaba, Mihama-ku--2-chome, Hibino, Mihama-ku
37Tech street1-chome, Hibino, Mihama-ku --1-chome, Nakase, Mihama-ku
38Messe Boulevard3-chome, Utase, Mihama-ku --2-chome, Nakase, Mihama-ku
39Business street2-chome, Nakase, Mihama-ku --1-chome, Nakase, Mihama-ku
40Hanamigawadori3-chome, Utase, Mihama-ku--2-chome, Wakaba, Mihama-ku
41Park mall2-chome, Nakase, Mihama-ku --1-chome, Nakase, Mihama-ku
42Park NakadoriHibino 2-chome, Mihama-ku --1- Hibino XNUMX-chome, Mihama-ku
43Hamada River Street2-chome, Nakase, Mihama-ku --1-chome, Nakase, Mihama-ku
44Hakuho-dori1-chome, Utase, Mihama-ku
45Utase Kita-doriUtase 3-chome, Mihama-ku --- Utase 1-chome, Mihama-ku
46Utase Higashi DoriUtase 1-chome, Mihama-ku --- Utase 2-chome, Mihama-ku
47Utase Minami DoriUtase 2-chome, Mihama-ku --- Utase 3-chome, Mihama-ku
48Utase Naka-dori2-chome, Utase, Mihama-ku
49Utase Nishi-dori3-chome, Utase, Mihama-ku
50Mihama PromenadeUtase 1-chome, Mihama-ku --- Utase 2-chome, Mihama-ku
51Matsunami Hondori2-chome, Matsunami, Chuo-ku --1-chome, Matsunami, Chuo-ku
52Matsunami Sakura Street2-chome, Matsunami, Chuo-ku
53Contact street2-chome, Matsunami, Chuo-ku --4-chome, Matsunami, Chuo-ku
54Gokoku Shrine Street1-chome, Matsunami, Chuo-ku --4-chome, Matsunami, Chuo-ku
55Park street4-chome, Matsunami, Chuo-ku
56Valentine Street (English name: ValentineWay)Utase 3-chome, Mihama-ku --- Utase 1-chome, Mihama-ku
57Okidodaifureai DoriOkidocho, Midori-ku
58Qiball StreetHonchibacho, Chuo-ku-Chuo 4-chome, Chuo-ku
59Tsubasa Memorial Road2-chome, Saiwaicho, Mihama-ku--5-chome, Inagekaigan, Mihama-ku
Kilometer position
  • November XNUMX, XNUMX Chiba Prefecture Notification No. XNUMX / January XNUMX, XNUMX Chiba Prefecture Notification No. XNUMX
Old town / village nameAddressTargetStatus
Chiba TownSamukawa character Kita Nagasu 989 No. 1 destinationHagoromo ParkExtant
Sogacho262 Imai character Shinmei-maeNoneUnknown
Oihama VillageHamano character Higashimachi 1130Hamano intersectionExtant
Kemigawacho38 Higashikamijuku, KemigawaNoneUnknown
Makuhari Town806 Makaji MinamijiguchiNoneUnknown
Shiina VillageTomioka character flat stand 259 addressNoneUnknown
Honor Tamura291 Noda character KamijukuMoved from Noda Crossroads to Green Civil Engineering OfficeExtant
Shirai VillageNoro character Kitanoya 218 addressShirai Elementary School HasuikeExtant
Sarashina VillageKamiizumi character lower table cultivated land 111Fire brigade equipment storageExtant
Qiancheng Village688 Omiya character MiyanotaniOmiya ShrineExtant
Tocun696 Kasori character TamukaiNoneUnknown
Tsuga Village748 address of Kaname YashikiNoneUnknown
Kotehashi Village24 Naganuma character mansionNoneUnknown
Toke Hongo TownDoki character Baba 1727NoneUnknown


As a passenger ship / pleasure boatChiba Central Port Passenger Ship PierIt is operated from (Chiba Minato Pier).

  • Chiba Minato No. 1 Sanbashi
    • Chiba Port Service: "Arumeria" Chiba Port Tour "Port Tour Course", "Makuhari MesseOffshore sightseeing course "and"Chiba Port"Night view of the factory" cruise departs
  • Chiba Minato No. 2 Sanbashi
    • Shiny View (Nitto Shosen): "Haneda Offshore Runway Airplane Tour Cruise", "Charter Cruise", "Chiba Port"Inner cruise" departs
    • KMC Corporation: Operating vessels: MYII
    • Izu Oshima temporary ship (high-speed jet ship)

In addition, a cool boat at the Makuhari Beach Fireworks Festival (Chiba Citizens Fireworks Festival) also departs for a limited time.

There are also port facilities in the city that have the function of mooring or storing.

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Overlooking Tokyo BayMakuhariIn the district (Mihama Ward), there are Makuhari Messe, a complex convention facility where famous events and conferences are held nationwide, and Chiba Marine Stadium, the home of Chiba Lotte Marines. In recent years, it has been developing its business to establish "Chiba, the City of Flowers" as a city image.

Sights and historic sites

Nearby Tourist Spots

"Chiba City Tourism AssociationSee also

* Famous places excluding the historic sites and cultural facilities mentioned above


Science museum


Festivals and events

Makuhari Messe (Makuhari Event Hall) is one of the leading in AsiaInternational trade fairVenue andMICEMany large-scale events are held as a facility.

The main events that are held every year or every few years are listed below.

MonthEvent nameVenueRemarks
1Tokyo Auto SalonMakuhari MesseWorld's Three Great Custom Car Shows (1999-)[71]
Japan Race Queen AwardAward ceremonySimultaneous holding of Tokyo Auto Salon (2011-)
2Wonder FestivalWinter:World's largestGarage kit(2009 -)[72]
3Sakura Square special opening[73]Sakura SquareUntil around April, 4 Yoshino cherry trees will be lit up, etc.
St. Patrick's Day Parade ChibaMakuhari Seaside Park, etc.Irish Holiday Event
4Nico Nico Chokaigi[74]Makuhari MesseLtd.DwangoOrganizer (2012-)
5Makuhari Messe "Dokidoki" Flea Market[75]Peark presents
Baytown Festival[76]Makuhari Baytown
Red Bull Air Race World SeriesMakuhari Seaside ParkOr implemented in June (6-)
6SATANIC CARNIVALMakuhari MessePIZZA OF DEATH RECORDSOrganized by Indoor Rock Festival (2014-)
7THE MUSIC DAYSponsored by NTV (2013-)
Wonder Festival Summer(2009 -)
Makuhari Beach Fireworks FestaMakuhari beachFormer name: Chiba Fireworks Festival
Marine Stadium Fireworks Night GameChiba Marine StadiumAfter the professional baseball game from July to September
Makuhari Beer GardenMakuhari Techno Garden
Inage Sengen Shrine annual festivalInage Sengen Shrine
8SUMMER SONICMakuhari Messe, Chiba Marine Stadium(2001 -)
Makuhari-style festival[77]Makuhari MesseHeld at Makuhari Messe Front Square
Baytown Summer FestivalMakuhari Baytown
Chiba Parent and Child Third Generation Summer Festival[78]Chiba Central Park
9Tokyo Game ShowMakuhari MesseWorld's Three Great Game Shows (1997-)[79]
10CEATEC JAPANInternational Exhibition of IT Technology and Electronics (1991-)[80]
11Nippon Television Music Festival Best ArtistSponsored by NTV (2010-)
Makuhari Messe Winter IlluminationsConducted until around January
Makuhari Winter Illuminations[81]Makuhari Techno Garden

Hotel Springs

Conducted until around January
AEON MALL Makuhari New City

Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari

Conducted until around January
Mihamaen Light Roh FestivalMakuhari Kaihin Park (Mihamaen)Autumn garden illumination, etc.
Black fridayAEON MALL Makuhari New City

Aeon Makuhari

Costco, etc.

Aeon (major distributor) towing event (2016-)[82]
12Music Station Super LiveMakuhari MesseSponsored by TV Asahi (2005-)
COUNTDOWN JAPANNew Year's Rock J-Pop Festival (2003-)
Christmas displayHotel the Manhattan
monthlyMarine FestaChiba Marine StadiumSponsored by Chiba Lotte MarinesFan appreciation day(2015 -)
Atrium concertMakuhari Techno GardenHeld almost every month[83]
IrregularMakuhari Baytown OrchestraMakuhari Baytown CoreSubscription concert
Baytown Music FestaMakuhari Baytown CoreSubscription Concert (2002-)
Makuhari MarcheMakuhari Seaside ParkSponsored by Makuhari Marche Executive Committee
Bayside Jazz ChibaChiba City Culture Center, etc.

Cultural property

numberTypeNameAddressOwner or administratorDesignated dateRemarks
1Special historical siteKasori Midden141 Sakuragi-cho, Wakaba-ku, etc.Chiba29Mid to late Jomon period.
Japan's largest horseshoe-shaped shell mound.
2Historic siteTsukinoki shell mound289-1 Nitonacho, Chuo-ku, etc.Chiba City, etc.Showa 53 years 3 month 16 Date
Mid to late Jomon period. Horseshoe-shaped shell mound.
3〃Arayashiki shell mound726-1 Kaizuka-cho, Wakaba-ku, etc.Chiba City, etc.Showa 54 years 3 month 13 DateThe first half of the middle Jomon period. Horseshoe-shaped shell mound.
4〃Kotehashi Kaizuka1-18 Satsukigaoka, Hanamigawa WardChibaShowa 56 years 12 month 9 Date-
numberTypeNameAddressOwner or administratorRegistration dateRemarks
1BuildingChiba Citizen's Gallery Inage
(OldKamiya DenbeiInage villa)
1-8-35 Inage, Inage-kuChiba9Completed in 7. Reinforced concrete 2 stories.
2〃Chiba ToyopetHeadquarters (former Kangyō Bank Head Office)4-5-1 Inagekaigan, Mihama-kuChiba Toyopet Co., Ltd.9Completed in June 32. Relocated to the current location in 6. Two-story wooden structure.
3〃Chiba Prefectural Waterworks Bureau Chiba Elevated Water Tank670 Yahagicho, Chuo-ku, Chiba
(Inside the Chiba branch of the Houda Water Supply Station)
Chiba Prefectural Waterworks Bureau19Completed in February 12. A regular dodecagonal water tower. Height 2m, 12 stories.
Civil Engineering Society Selected Civil Engineering Heritage.

Works set in Chiba City


TV drama

Novel/Light Novel

Manga anime

Native celebrity


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注 釈

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  2. ^ Besides,Wakaba ku,Inage DistrictEach part used 0434.
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